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Past Banners

August 3 - September 5, 2009
Love Can't Always Be Simple - Featuring Elaine Yiu and Stephen Wong

September 5 - October 25, 2009
Smile! - Featuring Selena Li, Aimee Chan, Leila Tong, and Fala Chen

October 25 - November 24, 2009
Macy Chan

November 24, 2009 - February 17, 2010
Missing Our Favorite Fung's - Featuring Sammul Chan and Raymond Lam

February 17, 2010 - April 4, 2010
Beautiful Inside & Out - Featuring Fala Chen

April 4, 2010 - August 2010
Wanted: Suspects in Love - Featuring Him Law and Mandy Wong

August 2010 - January 2011

January 26, 2011 - November 27, 2011
Vincent & Nancy

November 27, 2011 - February 12, 2012
TVB Interaction's Favorite Artiste - Ruco Chan

February 12, 2012 - March 16, 2012
First Breakthroughs of 2012 : Mandy Wong & Oscar Leung

March 16, 2012 - April 27, 2012
Goodbye Steven Ma

April 27, 2012 - June 24, 2012
Modern Women - featuring Myolie Wu, Kate Tsui, and Fala Chen

June 24, 2012 - January 7, 2013
TVB Interaction's 3rd Anniversary - featuring Ruco Chan, Kate Tsui, Myolie Wu, Raymond Wong, Mandy Wong, Edwin Siu, Ron Ng, and Nancy Wu

January 7, 2013 - December 25, 2014
Matthew Ko's STEPSTAGE

December 25, 2014 - Present
Life's more fun with a partner in crime - featuring Priscilla Wong and Tony Hung

Overworking Artistes?

It's always good to be hardworking and put your best effort into everything you do. Even a little stress can be good at times, as it can make you determined. Overworking yourself is another thing. It can lead to poor health and exhaustion. It can affect your mentality and happiness . Here's a short list of the recent TVB artistes who have overworked or been overworking...

Linda Chung

At the beginning of her entertainment career, Linda was often depressed and would often cry. Who could blame her with all that was suddenly being thrown at her? She was all alone in Hong Kong, with no friends or family beside her. Eventually she grew more popular, leading her to work more and more. During the filming of A Journey Called Life, she broke down. She was stressed and tired from filming two series and a movie. All of her energy was all gone, and her mentality was not in very good shape either. Recently, those days have started to returned. By then, she had started to get insomnia, and lost much sleep. Due to lack of sleep, she was unable to perform her best as well, and Linda deeply regrets that.

Linda's problem lied more with herself and the stress she was getting than from overworking. She was getting too much thrown at her at once and it overwhelmed her. I'm sad to hear that she had gone through such a dark period in her life and that the dark period is coming back. This proves that the entertainment industry isn't just fame and fortune. It is also definitely not the 'easy life.' I'm glad that Linda has gotten a lot of rest this year though, and I'm looking forward to seeing her in A Watchdog's Tale.

Kate Tsui

Kate has recently been going down the 'fighter girl' path. After neglecting her health for 3 months though, she finally collapsed in early August. Kate at the time was working hard on a Mainland movie that was to be filmed in a 3 month period as well. When going to work everyday to film the movie, Kate would have to fight everyday. She would fly up into the air numerous times to do difficult fighting scenes, resulting in numerous bruises. After the movie's filming wrapped up and Kate returned to HK, she felt dizzy and had a fever. Kate's album release and filming of her MV 'Hit Me' was postponed for her to get some rest.

Perhaps the news of Kate working so hard to the point she collapsed was what subdued my dislike for her. While I think she's not a good actress, and mediocre at best, I can't deny her 'fighter girl' attitude. No, I'm not referring to her latest movie. I'm referring more towards how she's battled all the criticism and rumors she's gotten from people and how she just keeps going with what she's doing. Besides, what other pageant winner would've agreed to cut their hair and play a tomboy like Kate did in On the First Beat? The news about Kate collapsing from working made me think about Kate in a new light. I hope she learns to work at a reasonable amount and leave time for her to relax.

Natalie Tong

Natalie is the most recent TVB artiste that I've read about overworking, with the article about it releasing just two weeks ago. Her family is in a lot of debt, and to pay it off, Natalie has been working herself extra hard and accepting as many job opportunities as possible. She has most recently accepted a fighting movie . To earn the money, she has to film many kung fu scenes, leaving Natalie all bruised up with minor injuries.

Natalie is one of my favorite TVB artistes, and I was saddened when reading this. She's suddenly become the breadwinner of her family! This sounds like another family of someone from the entertainment industry spending lots of money because they believe that their family member is 'rich.' In that case, Natalie's family first used her hard earned money, and now Natalie has to earn it back? Poor Natalie, as if she wasn't skinny enough? What's overworking and a kung fu movie going to do to her health and figure?

Ella Koon

Ella has recently received a boost in popularity after an amazing performance of Endless Love. This has led to a chance for her to record an English song with Japanese rapper NYCCA called 'Dare to Be.' As a result, this is leading her to a new high point in her career as a singer, which hasn't been so bright despite having a wonderful voice. However, not long after reaching her career high, Ella has lost her voice. After a hard day of recording in the studio for 12 hours, Ella strained her voice. Her doctor has told her to go easy and rest her voice for 3 months, or else she'll damage her vocal cord. Ella has become worried about her health, and has rejected a couple jobs so that she can heal quickly and continue to sing.
I'm so happy that Ella has been getting more positive exposure and that her singing career has brightened. I was sad to hear that Ella had so quickly started to do more than she could handle. I'm glad that Ella is concerned about her health and is willing to take a rest so that she can be back and better than ever when she recovers!

Now we know that there are artistes that actually take their work seriously, or at least have a heart and conscience. Unfortunately, this has led to quite a scare. Like Bosco said in Burning Flame 3: "No one dies from starvation in Hong Kong. They die from overworking." While that quote was said in a light tone, it is somewhat true. I don't believe that these artistes have overworked themselves to the point their life is in danger, but it still has given everyone quite a scare. This is definitely not the way to work. Above all, health has to be most important. If you aren't healthy, then you can't do anything.

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Banner #3: Featuring Macy Chan

The new banner is HERE! This time, featuring Macy Chan. I've always hated looking for pictures, it's so hard to look for the right one. Then comes picking the pictures that look good together. While searching around on Google Images though, I found some pretty pictures of Macy Chan. The backgrounds were just a simple white and gray, making them match well. Out of the four pictures, Macy is wearing two white outfits and two black outfits. I thought these four pictures of her were beautiful and would go together nicely.

Macy Chan is quickly becoming one of my favorite newcomers. She is a much better actress than the pageant participants. She proved to us she can take on a mature role in Last One Standing and a youthful role in D.I.E. Again. I hope to see more of Macy soon!

First blue, then pink, now a fresh and sunny yellow! I made the tabs yellow to match as well. Recently, I've started to really like the color yellow. It feels like such a happy and optimistic color.

You probably noticed that this banner is a lot smaller this time too. Haha, that wasn't intentional, it just turned out small. I decided against making it larger since I knew it'd affect the quality of the pictures. As it was, the pictures were already a small size.

I didn't spend too much time on this banner. I tend to get tired of looking at things, so I wanted a banner change. I did the banner completely on Picnik this time, and I think it looks nice. Nothing complicated, since I don't have the time to learn to use Photoshop. Maybe when winter vacation comes around?

I like the yellow of my banner and tabs. :)

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New Feature: TVB In Court

TVB Interaction introduces its second feature, and first satire feature: TVB in Court. Why such a random name? It's because TVB is going to court. Ok, fine, not really. However, what if they did? What kinds of lawsuits would they face? TVB Interaction takes a sarcastic and amusing look at what could possibly happen...

Case #1

Lawsuit- A TVB viewer, Kristen Lee, complains that TVB gives newbies who can't act no proper training and hands them main and first supporting roles.

Kristen Lee - Plaintiff
Producer - Defendant

Judge: Please state your case Ms. Lee.
Kristen: There's something wrong with TVB! They give these pretty-faced pageant winners with no acting experience main and first supporting roles! And they don't even get proper training! Ever heard of acting school? You know, where Tavia Yeung came from?
Judge: Interesting. Defendant, what do you have to say to that?
Producer: It's called on job training, miss.
Kristen: [yells] On job training?!

Judge: No yelling in the court please.
Producer: *smirks* Yes. After all, the best way of learning to do something is putting yourself out there, and doing it. Don't you think, Ms. Lee? [smug expression]
Kristen: *grumbles* Tell that to all the Kate Tsui haters.

Producer: *starts to get annoyed* Every actor or actress is bound to have 'haters.' Not everyone likes Tavia Yeung.
Kristen: At least her haters don't hate her because her acting sucks! You know why? She's a trained actress!
Producer: It's not our fault! Practically none of our artistes have gone to college! You think they'll want to go to an acting school?

Judge: *thinking* They're so loud. Argh, the only reason I decided to become a judge for entertainment related cases was because I thought it'd be easier on me. You don't need half a brain for it. Who would've thought I'd find myself with a headache instead?
Kristen: Then why won't you give more opportunities to those who are trained?
Producer: Like who?! Tavia Yeung?

Kristen: Yeah! And not ten years after they've joined TVB! You didn't even give a second glance at the girl before then!
Producer: Well, she doesn't stand out.

Kristen: Why not? Because she doesn't have a bunch of rumors around her? She doesn't reveal her skin? Doesn't have rumors about dating co-stars?
Producer: Enough about Tavia!

Judge: *clears throat* Again, please no yelling in court.
Kristen: Fine! Then what about the ones that have actually gone to university? Like Mandy Cho? She joined TVB after participating in the pageant and received main roles then left a while after to get a college degree. When she came back a couples years later after graduating, she's only received small supporting roles!
Producer: I believe you're getting off topic.

Kristen: How so?
Producer: You filed a complaint against us because we're supposedly giving main and first supporting roles to pageant winners without giving them proper training. Mandy Cho has taken part in a pageant. Isn't that right, your honor? [smug]

Judge: *moves uncomfortably in seat* Um, yes. That's right.
Kristen: Well while I'm being 'off topic' I'd like to point out that the pageant winners are getting worse and worse each year. What's so special about Leanne Li? She's pretty, but Fala is beautiful! And Tracey Ip? Come on! All these ladies are pretty, but not Miss Hong Kong or Miss Chinese International material.
Producer: *nervously and unsure of what to say* It's what's on the inside that counts?
Judge: *thinking* That's the stupidest excuse I've ever heard.

Kristen: What's on the inside that counts?! What more phonier reason could you give? If it's what's on the inside that counts, then why would you hold pageants every year and judge ladies based on their appearance?
Judge: *thinking* She took the words out of my mouth.
Producer: Well...*stutters*
Judge: *thinking* This guy's an idiot. If I wasn't a judge and have to maintain my attitude, I'd give him a piece of my mind. Or make HIM go to college. But he wouldn't make it in.
Kristen: Speechless, eh?
Judge: *rubs temples* Owie.
Producer: *bursts and starts yelling* Well, what do you expect?! It's more expensive to pay the veterans! It's cheaper to hire the newbies!
Kristen: So you're cheap?
Producer: Course I'm not! TVB's not cheap either! But you gotta do what you gotta do! Everyone's suffering from the poor economy and so are we!
Judge: *thinking* If it were up to me I'd just lay off you.

Kristen: Not necessarily, everyone. If I was suffering from the poor economy as well, how would I have enough money to battle you in this court? [smug face]
Judge: *glances at watch* Speaking of which, your time is almost up. [lying]
Kristen: There's a time limit?
Judge: Um, yeah. New regulation...we haven't added it to the paperwork yet.
Kristen: Well...ok. Do you have a verdict, your honor?
Judge: Uh...yeah.
Producer: *plays with hands silently*
Judge: There is no verdict. This case is ridiculous. *leaves court room without letting Kristen or the producer a chance to reply*

****10 minutes later***
Judge: Boss?

Boss: Yes?
Judge: I quit.

Ok, not the best. Not very funny either. It didn't turn out the way I had hoped. I'm working on trying out different writing styles though. I'll let you guys decide on whether this is good or not. :)

Randomness (1)

There have been many things I wanted to say about TVB that I felt didn't fit into any specific post. That's why I was inspired by MetalAZNWarrior's 'randomness' posts. Remember reading those? So here we go...

Beyond the Realm of Conscience and Born Rich are out!

Initially the wait for these two grand productions felt endless. Now that it's finally here, it feels like just yesterday when we first watched the sales presentation clips for the two series! I know that I'll get addicted to these two series. I also like to watch a lot in one sitting as opposed to an episode or two a night. That's why, I'm going to wait another week or two before I start to watch. That is...if I manage to wait that long.

During the time Beyond and Born Rich were filming, I felt myself anticipate Beyond more. I couldn't wait to watch Tavia portray a villain for the first time, and I loved the female cast. As to Born Rich, I was simply looking forward to it as it was a grand production with a great cast. In the couple weeks before the release though, I felt myself anticipating Born Rich more. I don't know why, I just did. Was it the intense looking trailers? Or the addictive theme song?

Almost Done With Watching The Stew of Life

Recently, the only series I've been watching properly is The Stew of Life. It's a mediocre series and something you'd watch to past the time. I found myself enjoying it though. The first episode is very boring, as it is too 'simple.' Eventually though, I started to chuckle. Cheung King Fai is hilarious with all of his amusing lines! Lee Sze Kei's character is very different from that of Hor Ma from Moonlight Resonance. She is much more 'loose' and sweet in this series, making her enjoyable to watch. I'm still not convinced of her versatility though. 30 episodes is too long for a series like this though. It started to drag towards the middle, and at that point, I was only interested in Fala and Timmy's storyline. Ah, Fala and Timmy! They seem like a random couple, but it turns out they have great chemistry! They make the cutest couple, and I loved the development of their relationship as it's different from the usual 'rival haters' plot. I love Fala more with each series I watch. She has great potential, and I'm so glad she's been given a lead role. Christine looks great in this series! While her character is another example of the 'HK material girl,' she is still fun to watch. However, I felt myself getting annoyed at her for her superficiality at times. Her plot with Ken Wong was boring too.

The Stew of Life is getting pushed down my playlist though. One, I haven't finished downloading it. Silly me. Two, like I said, it's getting draggy. I'll definitely finish it sometime though, because I hear Timmy proposes to Fala!

Fala's 'Bra' Scene

Lately, there's been a lot of discussion over Fala's 'bra' scene. Actually, it's more of a bunch of unreasonable angry viewers complaining again. As usual, I think they're overexaggerating something that's not a big deal. The 'bra' scene ties into the plot of Fala thinking Timmy is gay, meaning he wouldn't care if she changed in front of him. It is part of the plot, as well as part of generating laughter. It really isn't that big of a deal. If the viewers think so, then obviously they haven't been watching American primetime TV.

Ella Koon's Performance of 'Endless Love'

Lately, Ella's been gaining attention and praise for her amazing performance of 'Endless Love.' I couldn't be more happier for her. I've always thought she was a great singer with a beautiful voice. Unfortunately, her chance of getting majorly popular was blocked by all the rumors around her. Ella has everything it takes to be an entertainment queen: She's beautiful, she can act, and she can sing. All to a high degree too! She is a very beautiful model. Despite being a singer turned actress, she can act better than half of today's pageant winners. As for her voice, it's a great thing to listen to. She's had more than her fair share of rumors though. The TVB sexual harassment case that surrounded TVB a couple months ago also affected her. Quite frankly, I'm by her side on this. She had said everything she said not because she was a big mouth, but because she wanted to raise awareness. Also, she's had that incident where she was taken advantage of when a fan grabbed her and kissed her at an event. It's no surprise that she's sensitive and outspoken on the subject of sexual harassment. Best wishes to Ella and I hope she'll gain success!

Sammul Chan and Natalie Tong--The Next Cute Couple?

About a week ago, this picture surfaced on the web accompanied by a short article, and I am officially in love with it. The picture is from the filming of The Comeback Family. Initially, I wasn't looking forward to the series except to see Sammul again. (By the way, I miss him dearly!) Now, I can't wait to see it. Sammul will be paired with Natalie Tong in the series. They sound like another 'random' couple, and their outer appearances don't match that well. However, I get this 'sweet' feeling from them. Also, they seem to have a good friendship off screen. Natalie complains that Sammul always tries to prank her, such as one time where he didn't like her hair and go up to her and say 'your hair....' then run off in a flash. Aw, that sounds adorable! Speaking of which, Sammul looks adorable in that bunny suit! Can't wait to see their relationship!

So that's my first 'randomness' post. Haha, that was a fun way to get out all my thoughts! I'll probably use this method a lot in the future. :) Hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I did writing it!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

TVB 42nd Anniversary Awards: My Choice, The Right Choice, and TVB's Choice

TVB's 42nd Anniversary is just around the corner, but the nominations list has yet to be released. 2009 has been a pretty weak year for TVB, with some highlights though. This post predicts who will win this year, and get into the top 5. After I watch the awards show, I will go back to reflect on whether I was wrong or right. I'll also express who I want to win as well as who deserves to win.

Best Series

Predicted Top 5: E.U., Rosy Business, You're Hired, Beyond the Realm of Conscience, and Born Rich.
What I Want to Win: You're Hired
While it doesn't have the best script, You're Hired is the most enjoyable and unique comedy of the year. It is my choice for best series. However, my vote may shift to either Beyond or Born Rich as I start to watch it in the next couple weeks.
What Should Win: You're Hired, Beyond, or Born Rich
You're Hired deserves to win, but Beyond and Born Rich deserve to win if it turns out that both series are as good as it was hyped up to be.
What Will Win: Beyond or Born Rich
So much promotion was given to these two grand productions, it's obvious TVB has faith in them. I have a gut feeling that Beyond will take home the award though.
Additional Comments: It's a battle between Beyond and Born Rich this year! :)

Best Actor

Predicted Top 5: Dayo Wong for You're Hired, Wayne Lai for Rosy Business, Gallen Lo for Born Rich (I'm coming up blank for the last two finalists though...I hope Moses and Kevin don't get into the top 5 for Beyond though.)
Who I Want to Win: Dayo Wong
Truly the comedy king, he brings Mak Tai Song to life. He portrays the many sides of the character flawlessly. Since he's not contracted to TVB though, he doesn't have a chance of winning. Hope he gets into the top 5 though!
Who Should Win: Wayne Lai
Wayne has been working hard for over 20 years, and finally recieved recognition last year by taking home the Best Supporting Actor award. I believe that no one else could've played the role of Chai Kau, a stubborn man who started from the bottom to the top so well.
Who Will Win: ???
While Wayne is finally getting some second looks from TVB, it is still a question on whether TVB will agree to give him the Best Actor Award. Gallen, while he will most likely get into the top 5, will not win. He's won three times already and he's no longer contracted to TVB, so his chances are slim. Plus, it's time for someone else to win.
Additional Comments: I'm pretty sure Roger is being for The Threshold of a Persona. I would much prefer that he was nominated for D.I.E. Again this year and nominated last year for his villain role in Last One Standing as opposed to D.I.E.

Best Actress

Predicted Top 5: Sheren Tang for Rosy Business, Tavia Yeung for Beyond, Charmaine Sheh for Beyond, Kenix Kwok for Born Rich (I've got no 5th choice...I have a feeling Jamie and Anita won't get into the top for some reason.)
Who I Want to Win: Without any hesitation, Sheren Tang for Best Actress! She is the Fourth Mistress inside and out with her amazing and realistic portrayal. She deserved this award many years ago!
Who Should Win: Sheren Tang! Reason above!
Who Will Win: Tavia Yeung for Beyond
Two years ago, TVB didn't give a second glance at Tavia. Since winning best supporting actress, she has been promoted a lot. They are even overdoing it at this point, as they're pushing her to be the next TV Queen with her villain role.
Additional Comments: As much as I love Tavia, I don't believe it's her time yet. It also feels ridiculous that Tavia would recieve the award before Sheren. I believe that she will win the Best Actress award eventually, just not one year after winning Best Supporting.

Best Supporting Actor

Predicted Top 5: Michael Tse in E.U., Derek Kwok in D.I.E. Again, Pierre Ngo in Rosy Business, N/A, N/A
Who I Want to Win: Derek Kwok in D.I.E. Again
I know I'll go nuts when I see that Derek doesn't win this award. He is more than just a supporting actor, he's amazing! He can portray any emotion and any expression. Cheung Ching Yee was such a sweet and cute character as well. Derek should've won long ago! What a joke he was nominated for Most Improved Actor last year!
Who Should Win: Derek Kwok in D.I.E. Again
Who Will Win: Michael Tse in E.U.
I still don't get the hype over Laughing Gor, but I have to admit Michael's performance in the series was superb. TVB is definitely standing by his side too since Laughing Gor was the first positive thing to happen to TVB in the horrid year of 2009.
Additional Comments: It's funny how just in February, everyone was already placing Michael in the Best Supporting section of the 'Who I Want to Win in This Year's Anniversary Awards' list in their heads. I'd still prefer much more for Derek to win.

Best Supporting Actress

This year has been a weak one for all the supporting actresses. There is no one in particular that I actually want to win. Instead, I just have a list of ladies I don't mind winning.
Predicted Top 5: Linda Chung in The Gem of Life, Elanne Kong in E.U., Nancy Wu in D.I.E. Again, Selena Li in Beyond, ---Insert possible supporting actress from Born Rich here---
Who I Don't Mind Winning: Natalie Tong in The Threshold of a Persona, Nancy Wu in D.I.E. Again, Selena Li in Beyond
Natalie's refreshing role as the smart and headstrong single mother On-Yee was one of the few merits of Threshold. She has improved immensly and I like her even more than before after watching. Nancy was adorable in D.I.E. Again and her chemistry with Derek was sweet, so I don't mind either of these two winning. It's too early to judge Selena's performance in Beyond, as we don't even know about her character yet. However, Selena is definitely becoming Best Supporting material.
Who Should Win: N/A
Who Will Win: N/A
Additional Comments: This award is definitely leaving me puzzled. I wonder who will win?

My Favorite Male Character

Predicted Top 5: Dayo Wong's Mak Tai Song in You're Hired, Michael Tse's Laughing Gor in E.U., Wayne Lai's Chai Kau in Rosy Business, Derek Kwok's Cheung Ching Yee in D.I.E. Again, ---Insert male character from Born Rich here---
Who I Want to Win:
Mak Tai Song
Such a witty, intelligent, and unique character!
Who Should Win:
Mak Tai Song
Who Will Win:
Laughing Gor
I don't believe there's an explaination needed. See above.
Additional Comments: If Michael doesn't win Best Supporting, which I find unlikely, he's almost guaranteed to win this award. Mak Tai Song please!

My Favorite Female Character

Predicted Top 5:
Charmaine Sheh's Lam Miu Miu/Lau Sam Ho in You're Hired/Beyond, Jessie Shum's Icy in D.I.E. Again, Sheren Tang's Fourth Mistress in Rosy Business, --Insert Beyond or Born Rich female character here--
Who I Want to Win: Charmaine Sheh's
Lam Miu Miu
Lam Miu Miu
is representative of the material girl. However, she is adorable and you will quickly grow to love her. You'll fall in love with her tough attitude and soft interior. She soon becomes a caring and intelligent person thanks to her lover Mak Tai Song.
Who Should Win: Charmaine Sheh's
Lam Miu Miu
Who Will Win: Charmaine Sheh's
Lau Sam Ho
TVB is most likely going to hand Charmaine this award for her character in Beyond. I feel that Lau Sam Ho is going to turn out to be an unreastically good character so while I'll probably enjoy watching her, I'm shying away from her being my favorite character. I don't mind her winning though.
Additional Comments: Charmaine vs. Charmaine? LOL! I couldn't help including Icy from D.I.E. Again feels so right! :)

Most Improved Actor

Predicted Top 5:
Patrick Tang, Him Law, Raymond Wong, Chan Chin Pang, Edwin Siu
Who I Want to Win: All five guys above have improved this year and I like them a lot. It's a hard decision. My vote would have to go to Raymond Wong. He did an amazing job in Sweetness in the Salt and was cute in A Great Way to Care. With A Great Way to Care being warehoused and Sweetness in the Salt doing only a mediocre job after being released from the warehouse though, Raymond has next to no chance of winning.
Who Should Win: Raymond Wong
Who Will Win: Patrick Tang
I don't mind Patrick winning if that's what decided. He has had improvements and different characters this year. However, I'd prefer for him to not win since I know that people will complain and hate Patrick even more. I can tell he's put in a lot of effort this year and doesn't need the hatred. Personally, I wish Patrick would just focus on his music career.
Additional Comments: I would love Chan Chin Pang to win as well as he's portrayed such different roles in one year. Then again, he just returned to TVB so they probably don't want him to win yet. Actually, Chin Pang is beyond 'Most Improved' and more like 'Best Supporting' being in the entertainment industry for over 10 years. Him Law is one of my favorite newcomers but since he only has one series under his belt this year, his chances of winning are slim as well. Oddly enough, this is one of the awards I'm most anxious to see the results of.

Most Improved Actress

Predicted Top 5: Selena Li, Aimee Chan, Mandy Cho, Natalie Tong, Toby Leung
Who I Want to Win: Selena Li
She deserved this award years ago. Selena has quickly become one of my favorites with her beauty and sweet image. She has portrayed various roles very well and has what it takes to be a future fa dan.
Who Should Win: Selena Li
Who Will Win: ???
Additional Comments: By the way, just because I've put people into my top 5 doesn't mean I like them or think they deserve to win. I think Aimee is a great newcommer with a lot of potential, she just needs to improve her fluency in Cantonese. While Mandy has supposedly improved, I hope she doesn't win. Natalie Tong should've won this award by now, I love watching her. The only reason Toby is here because I feel like she's nominated every single year despite having little improvement.

So that's TVB 42nd Anniversary Awards: My Choice, The Right Choice, and TVB's Choice. What are your predictions? Who do you want to win? Who do you think deserves to win? Are there anyone you think should win but I didn't include? Please feel free to comment or leave a message on the tagboard telling me your thoughts!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

'D.I.E. Again' Review

When first hearing news about a sequel D.I.E. last year, I was thrilled. I enjoyed the original and the sequel became one of my most anticipated series of 2009. A couple weeks before airing though, I started to doubt the sequel's quality. I was disappointed with the departure of Margie and Kenneth's characters and was turned off by the theme video. The theme video made me start to dread how it would turn out, because it looked extremely cheesy. After finishing though, I can say I was pleasantly surprised. As far as sequels go, D.I.E. Again is an above average one. I can't judge on whether or not I like the original or the sequel better though, because I hardly remember anything about the first one. I can say that D.I.E. Again is enjoyable and addicting though. While the series had many unrealistic and silly elements, it was still something you could sit back and smile while watching.

Cast Performances

Roger Kwok - After a disappointing performance/character from Roger Kwok in Threshold, it's great to see him back as the witty and intelligent guy. Roger has managed to make me his fan again with the sweet and amusing 'Chi-Long.'

Sonija Kwok - While Sonija has definitely improved, I felt as though this specific performance was below average. She was often stiff. Sonija speaks her lines nicely, but her body just seems to stay there. She stood like a piece of wood sometimes although she delivered her lines decently. I think Sonija is really pretty, but she didn't look very attractive here. I do have to give Sonija some credit though as she doesn't look all that bad for someone who is somewhat of a 'tomboy.'

Derek Kwok - What a shame that 2009 has Michael Tse's Laughing Gor so Derek's chances of winning 'Best Supporting Actor' are slim. While I liked 'Ching-Yee' in D.I.E., the sequel made me love him even more. Ching Yee is such a sweet and caring person, and Derek portrays him perfectly. I've always loved Derek. Whenever I think of him, I immediately think about all the facial expressions he makes. From heartbroken to creeped out, Derek can act out any emotion flawlessly. Also, despite the age difference, he makes the sweetest couple with Nancy. I liked Derek/Margie, but I think I like him with Nancy even more.

Nancy Wu - The not very flattering mushroom hair Nancy had to sport managed to not hurt her cuteness one bit. Nancy was adorable in the role of Pui Pui. The spirit and youthfulness of her character was enjoyable watching. She and Derek are the only couple of TVB that can pull off great chemistry despite an age gap.

Macy Chan - She's been catching every one's eyes ever since Forensic Heroes II. She caught my eye in her mature yet geeky role in Last One Standing. Macy once again catches our attention with D.I.E. Again. Macy was convincing and cute as Pat. Not to mention, she looks adorable with braids.

Him Law - I already felt potential in Him when I saw him in Your Class Or Mine with all his emotional scenes. He proves here though that he can be funny and hilarious as well. From his obsession with X-Files and anything supernatural to his suspicions of Law Sir, 'Jim Shu Bong/James Bond' is sure to make you laugh.

Zac Kao - Normally, I hate arrogant characters, but Ko Choi Sang was just too hilarious to hate. Zac portrays him perfectly, proving he's one talented comedic actor. I especially loved the scenes where he was taking people's statements and how he'd always start an argument with them.

Mimi Lo - She was hilarious and entertaining to watch as 'Beauty.' The facial expressions she made were priceless and made me laugh out loud, particularly the scene where she was watching Icy pole dance.

Stephen Huynh- How he always starts talking in French is rather amusing, especially when it starts driving Yue Sir nuts. Despite his influency in Cantonese, he gave a good performance. Pierre is the best character Stephen has been able to play so far.

Samuel Kwok - I warmed up to this hilarious boss with his cute interactions with Silly B and how he eventually started to care for the D.I.E. team. It was amusing to then look back at how he used to hate working with D.I.E. and thought that they brought him down.

Rain Lau - I always enjoy watching Rain since she's so hilarious to watch, not to mention cute. It was great to see 'SaYi' finally get a better job than working at the matchmaking company. What kind of job is that anyway?

Jessie Shum - Jessie certainly caught people's attention with her role 'Icy.' Cool at work, and yet wild outside, the name 'Icy' is definitely symbolic of her. I was surprised that Icy never eventually developed a crush on Chi Long. I hope to see more of Jessie soon.

Kitty Yuen - Most of us were tricked into thinking that So Bik was a reincarnated version of Siu Yee, but it turned out the two characters had no relation whatsoever. Whoever said that you don't realize how much you love something until they're gone was right. I never realized how much I had grown to love Siu Yee until the scene of her saying goodbye to Chi Long kept replaying. Siu Yee's intentions were all innocent and kind because they had all been done for her love for Long Long. Meanwhile, So Bik usually did things for herself or for money. I still enjoyed watching Kitty though, as I always do.

The Cases (For Info such as episodes and list of guest stars go to, Liling's site)

The Case of the Missing Corpse: A strong start to the series as this was one of the more unpredictable cases. The wig Stephen Wong wore look horrible however, but I see why he had to wear it. Stephen's appearance doesn't make him look 'bad boy' like his character is supposed to be.

The Case of the Cat Demon: While initially interesting, the case ended on an unexciting note. The murderer turned out to be a disappointment as well. The case can be remembered though since it was the case Him made his hilarious first appearance.

The Case of the Dream: Unrealistic, yet interesting. I really hope no one actually does that in real life though. It is true about not being able to recollect a dream after you woke up though.

The Case of the Threatening Letter: Probably my favorite case. Anything revolving around the entertainment circle is interesting, as well as how everyone views it. The reason for the murder was definitely a surprise. Griselda looked very pretty here by the way.

The Case of the Fruit Murders: This has got to be the most bizarre case ever. Do fruits really have the capability to kill when frozen? A durian maybe, considering it's so sharp, but a banana?

The Case of the Abusing Husband: This case wasn't the best, nor does it leave an impact. The reason for killing was reasonable though, and she was pitiable. Boy, would you hate to find out that your first love/good friend grows up to be a murderer though.

The Case of the Flying Ghost: All I have to say is....what a cruel and unusual way to kill someone.

The Case of the Multiple Personality Disorder Patient: Jose ended up becoming a character I pitied. It was funny when Siu Fung had asked which side of Jose would have to appear in court. It's too bad the mental state of Jose was so bad, because I actually thought he would've made a cute couple with Anastasia despite the age gap.

The Case of the Anti-social Dissociative Disorder Patient: A good way to end the series. Even with his mental disorder, some of the things Yan Heung Wah surprised me. He must've felt terrible after finding out he took revenge for the wrong person though. I'd like to see Eric in a good role though because he's a pretty good actor.


D.I.E. Again is a great sequel. It is probably the only sequel where it's new cast members (Macy, Him, Samuel, Zac, etc) steal the spotlight away from the leads. Without them, I wouldn't have enjoyed the sequel nearly as much. Approach with an open mind and realize it's in the supernatural drama, and you should have a good time watching the series.

Rating: 4 stars

Saturday, October 10, 2009

'You're Hired' Review

You're Hired is truly an amazing and memorable series that it recommended and should be watched by everyone. There is no reason for you to pass it up. 2009 has been a slow and not so great year for TVB, with the only highlights being EU and Rosy Business, both of which were in the drama genre. While TVB has managed to release a couple of enjoyable comedies, they are forgettable and unmemorable. You're Hired is the greatest comedy and series that TVB has whipped up in not just in 2009, but for years. It is a breath of fresh air from the usual 'comedy' because it's witty and full of amusing dialogue instead of overexaggeration. With comedy king Dayo Wong and top TV queen and favorite Charmaine Sheh, you can't go wrong.

Dayo Wong - Mak Tai Song

Ah Song is hands down my favorite male character of the year. He is very intelligent and educated about business, despite his outer appearance, which makes him look 'cheap.' His outfit of a garbage resembling coat, red and black checkered shirt, white t-shirt, and gray pants is one I'll never forget. To this day, I immediately think of Mak Tai Song when I see a red and black checkered shirt.

Dayo is truly the 'TV comedy king.' My favorite type of comedy is not exaggerated lines and actions, but witty dialogue. Dayo satisfies what I've been missing for so long. He has his own style of getting laughs. When he makes you laugh, he'll make you laugh out loud. Some of the jokes he cracks may even cause stomach aches. His talent for comedy is irreplaceable. Mak Tai Song is a hilarious and yet at the same time a sensitive person. Having a sad childhood, being abandoned by his mother, and never experimenting 'love', his love plot with Miu Miu was touching and sweet. Dayo portrays the different sides of Ah Song perfectly, and I can't think of any way he could've done better. It's a shame he is not signed with TVB, for I'd love to see more of him. It'll also mean he'll never be able to get the 'Best Actor' award, despite his performance being 'Best Actor' worthy.

Charmaine Sheh - Lam Miu Miu

My opinion t
owards Charmaine was always just ok. Sometimes I liked her, and sometimes I didn't, but that was because of the characters she was playing. Since watching this series though, I can say that I LOVE Charmaine! She plays the role of a materialistic girl perfectly. The scenes where she was working as a debt collector was hilarious! With her tough attitude, I failed to see how she wasn't any different from a loan shark. Plus, it was hilarious how while people found the other 'big but brainless' debt collectors scary, the other debt collectors were scared of Miu Miu! Personally, I think Charmaine fits lighthearted roles better. She was so cute and realistic in this series. My favorite female character of the year!

Teresa Lee - Sheh Mo Lin

Despite no longer being extremely young or pretty, I feel as though she possesses a cute and young charm. While I find the tone of her voice unusual, I also like it at the same time. It makes her sound so innocent and sweet, just like her character is. Theresa also has flawless English, and I loved hearing her the few times she spoke it. The character of Mo-Lin really grew on me, and I missed her a lot when she was absent towards the middle of the series. Why su
ch an innocent and sweet woman would marry a scoundrel like Martin in the first place remains a mystery to me. Why she didn't divorce him even after founding out all the bad things he did is another mystery. Teresa did a good job and her performance was natural and likable.

Michael Tse - Johnny

I was tricked into believing that Michael would be the second male lead of the series. Then again, besides for Dayo and Charmaine, no cast member held the title of 'secondary lead' or 'supporting' for the whole series. While his character brings some laughs, it is rather a disappointment after the success of Michael's Laughing Gor. I expected more from the role. Nevertheless, I enjoyed watching how he matured and slowly gained interest and knowledge of the family business.

Queenie Chu - Ngon Sum Po

Queenie is one of the few 20 something actresses that has a more sophisticated look. That was why she was able to pass for Michael's older sister, despite being much younger than him. She's still rather wooden though, and she was incapable of expressing emotions. Then again, the role was supposed to be a 'no nonsense' and serious type of character, so Queenie didn't have much to work with in the first place. I do have to mention that her look for the series was disappointing. I like Queenie's sophisticated pretty look, but You're Hired didn't do the best job of showing that off. She looked much more attractive in

Power Chan - Sam

ower is such a versatile and convincing actor that it's a shame TVB gave him such a 'useless' role. Arrogant, greedy, and selfish, I would've hated 'Sam' for sure if it hadn't been played by Power. One of these days he'll get a good supporting role in a series that actually has buzz about it. (He made an amazing villain in The Building Blocks of Life, but the series itself was too 'plain' for people to actually take notice of him.)

Mandy Cho - Wah Kiu

From reading the character description released before You're Hired started airing, I was interested in watching 'Wah Kiu.' The character turned out to be nothing special and didn't even have much screen time. Mandy's performance was just ok, but there's something about her voice that annoys me. She was pretty and I liked her wardrobe though, but she was out shined in both aspects by Charmaine.

Benz Hui - Tong Kat

Even though Benz is old and not handsome, he has a certain charisma that makes him so enjoyable to watch. He is one of my favorite supporting actors, and is always so humo
rous. Benz delivered a great performance, but the character wasn't that interesting. One thing about Tong Kat I found funny though was that his character is supposed to be around 60 years old. That means he is about 5 years from retirement age, and yet still doesn't know a thing about working. No wonder his dad has to work like crazy, despite being almost 80 years old!

Koni Lui - Vivian

I was really looking forward to watching Koni as I loved her in Catch Me Now. I was disappointed that she was simply just part of a subplot that only lasted about three episodes. Maybe three was enough though, because the story of her, JJ Jia, and Tong Kat was the least appealing storyline.

You're Hired
had 5 main story lines: Miu Miu's dad's small noodle business Chai Kei, the mess with Benz, Koni, and JJ Jia and the unification of the kindergarten and retirement home, the big rice business with Michael and Queenie, and the ending storyline about the return of Martin. My favorite storyline was the first one. I liked the dealing of the small business much more, probably because it was more creative. I found the beginning most hilarious too. The rest of the series was of course still superb, but the beginning was when I laughed out loud till I got a stomach ache. The other story lines, although still funny, were more focused on the business. The business aspect of the series was very interesting and informative though. It got me wondering about all the business theories and techniques.

What was unusual about You're Hired was that there was never a 'second lead' or 'supporting' role that stuck around for the whole entire series. Cast members whom we originally thought were playing a supporting part, like Michael Tse, Joel Chan, and Koni Lui only appeared in a couple episodes. They were not ever mentioned again. These three and a couple others felt like simply guest appearances. Even Teresa Lee didn't appear throughout the whole series, as she was absent for almost the whole rice business subplot.

The Dayo-Charmaine pairing is the cutest and most refreshing couple this year. They're now my all time favorite pair of rival lovers. Their love plot started too late into the series though. The writers had them hating each other for too long. The uniqueness and sweetness of their relationship when they finally fell in love with each other made up for it though. I would've loved to see more of them, they share the cutest chemistry!

There were two things that bothered me in the series though. Why did Ah Song betray Martin for Hunter in the first place? If I recall right, Martin wasn't always selfish and greedy. This point was never cleared and it bothered me even after finishing the series. The other was the wrap up of the plot with Ah Song and his mom and step siblings, Johnny and Sum Po. There was never a proper conclusion to their story. Johnny and Sum Po never found out that Ah Song was their older half brother. While it's possible to keep it from them, they should've been told after all misunderstandings between them were cleared. If I heard right as well, there was a scene where Sum Po was in the kitchen with her mom. In the scene, her mom says that she wished she had never given birth to Ah Song. Did Sum Po not hear right? Why didn't she even say anything about it, as if she didn't even hear her? Why did she go on to say that her mom had soft hands and started questioning how she got them so soft?

Overrall Thoughts

You're Hired is the best series TVB has produced in years. There won't be another series as funny and witty for a long time. I actually think that it'll probably be in another at least two years or so, when Dayo comes back to film another series. It doesn't have the best script, considering the two goofs I mentioned above, but it is the most refreshing and has the most original story. I will definitely be re watching this in the future. This is a series that won't fade from my mind anytime soon. Even if I start forgetting the little things, I'll always remember Mak Tai Song's trademark outfit, his wit and intelligence, Miu Miu's enormous wardrobe (did Charmaine even wear any outfit twice?), and the two's sweet relationship and chemistry. I recommend it to everyone, and I mean absolutely everyone.

Rating : 4 3/4 stars

Bye Bye TJ

The two reasons I wanted to go to TJ were selfish reasons. One reason was that I wanted it to look good on my college application. The other reason was that I was trying to run away. TJ is a school of science, and a genuine interest in science and desire to pursue a career in the science field was absent from my list of why I wanted to go to TJ. That's why, I've decided not to apply for Thomas Jefferson School of Science and Technology.

Two Selfish Reasons

I always thought that going to TJ would make me noticed right away, and it would 'stand out' on my college application. Of course there are other ways to get noticed. I'd rather prove my own ability and talent now. It may be harder, but I'm willing to put in the extra effort.

'Running away' refers to my social personality. While I'm not an outcast or 'outsider' in school, I'm not the most social person ever. Unfortunately, I can be quite biased and close minded at times. Certain types of people get under my skin. I've always hated the stereotypical aspect of going to school. I hated those who didn't care about school or anything. One of my biggest pet peeves is someone who usually talk and gossip nonstop in class. Then, when they teacher asks them a question, they're all silent and confused. They shut up immediately, because they have no clue. My wish was that I could run away from the aggravation of that and go to a school where people actually cared. I realized though, that running away never helps. I'll never get anywhere in my life if I constantly try to run away. My best way of reassuring myself and keep myself from yelling at those types of people: I remind myself that in 10 years from now, if I keep putting my best effort into everything, I'll be a successful person. Meanwhile, the people who don't care now will be nowhere and stuck with some dead end job 10 years from now.

Little Interest in Science

Science is more important than anything in TJ. When reading the booklet, I was disappointed to see that English was so unimportant in compassion, and is integrated with Social Studies. While I'm ok with science, it's not my favorite. I honestly don't have that much interest in science itself. I still don't know what I wish to be when I grow up, but I do have a couple ideas. Going to TJ wouldn't really help me reach those aspirations because the jobs I wish to be do not have much to do with science.

I hope everybody knows where I'm coming from with this and think I made the right decision.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

TVB's Message: Cell Phones Can Be Dangerous

Regardless of whether it was on purpose or not, TVB sent viewers the message of the danger that cell phones can bring. In 2007's The Building Blocks of Life and 2009's Burning Flame 3, two kind and wise grandmothers met their demise when they both were hit by a car. The people who were supposed to be by their side though were coincidentally occupied doing the same thing--talking away on a cell phone.

The Building Blocks of Life Cell Phone Death Summary

Ah Da (Tavia Yeung) and her grandma are on the sidewalk waiting to catch a bus. Ah Da's cell phone rings and she walks further away to talk to Ah Keung (Alex Fong). She is at this point completely emerged in her conversation, and oblivious of everything else around her. A bus arrives across the street, and after failing to get Ah Da's attention, her grandma walks across the street herself. A speeding car roams down the road, hitting the grandma in the process. This results in her death, and a teary and depressed granddaughter.

Burning Flame 3 Cell Phone Death Summary

Ah Nam (Stephen Wong Ka Lok) was walking down the street with his "3rd grandma." His friend calls him and Ah Nam walks ahead of his 3rd grandma to continue talking to him. His 3rd grandma is left alone by herself. A car whizzes by and kills her, but not immediately. Unlike in The Building Blocks of Life, she is allowed a final few words.

A Bit Off-Topic...The Effects of the Death

This article is supposed to be about the dangers of cell phones, but I felt the need to add this. Death has different effects on people. Death also comes upon different people (no matter how good they are), at different times (no matter how young), and in different scenarios (besides old age). . Normally, when someone close to a person dies, and they happened to be with them at the time of their death, they will blame it on their selves. Both characters, Ah Da and Ah Nam, were no different. After getting past this stage though, the deaths leave different impacts on the two characters. Ah Da went through a long period of sadness from losing her only relative, and the one who rose her. She becomes very depressed. Her state of depression often ended up getting her in trouble, as she mostly used Ah Keung as her shoulder to cry on. On the other hand, the death of his grandma was a 'wake up call' to Ah Nam. The situation makes Ah Nam turn a complete 360. He matures into a better, more responsible person. Word of his grandma afterward though are rare, and while I don't believe she was 'forgotten', she definitely wasn't mentioned.


Both deaths were caused by someone's negligence. Both Ah Da and Ah Nam were irresponsible for paying attention to a phone call with someone instead of the person at their side. While the fault in both situations partly lied in the speeding drivers, the deaths could've been prevented. Then again, everyone makes mistakes so....*shrugs.*

What Cell Phones Have Done to Our Society

Cell phones have become much more advanced over the years. As they do, people start to use them more. And more. And more. What are one of the most common places to talk on a cell phone these days? In the car while driving. In recent years, many car accidents have occurred due to people talking on cell phones while driving. When they do, they will usually struggle to keep the phone by their ear and not letting it fall. More recently though, we've been able to talk 'hands-free' with earphones. What we didn't realize though that the problem didn't lie in the struggle with keeping the phone in place. It lied in the conversation itself. When one is busy having a conversation, they can often divert their attention to just that. They'll pay less attention to the road, and that's when disaster strikes. It's not just while driving when people talk on cell phones. People talk wherever they go. Like I said above, the conversations tend to distract people. It makes them oblivious to something important happening around them. Many people talk while walking down the streets (like Ah Da and Ah Nam). Streets are always busy and hectic. Pedestrians and cars aren't exactly a pleasant mix. All people aren't good drivers either. You've got your reckless drivers, and your drunk drivers. Talking on a cell phone while walking down the street only increases your chance of getting hit by one.

While I love cell phones, and the convenience they bring, they've definitely started to take 'control' of people's lives. People talk way too much on them (just look at the average American teen's phone bill). I really wish people would tone it down a bit. The sight of someone talking on a cell phone while driving is one of the sights that drives me nuts most. Whenever I see that, I see disaster. Laws have been made prohibiting people to do so in some states, but that doesn't stop them.

Applauding TVB

TVB sometimes manages to send out an important message. My question is whether or not it is on purpose, or they do it inadvertently. Death is the worth case scenario of practically every scenario. I hope that people took notice of this, and I hope people will realize what the consequences are of doing such things that at the time seem like 'no big deal.'