Wednesday, February 17, 2010

New Feature : Typecast : Myolie Wu

New feature again everyone! This feature will instead of being divided into three artistes, will put the spotlight on one. Specifically, an artiste who has been 'type casted' lately. What is a typecast you may ask? It is when one gets stuck with only one type of role and is forced to portray that one type of role constantly. Typecast will put the spotlight on artistes who despite knowing how to act, are always stuck with the same boring thing.

Myolie Wu

At the age of 20, a woman named Myolie Wu Hang Yee entered the 1999 Miss Hong Kong pageant. She became the 2nd runner up, taking home the Most Energetic award. Whether you like it or not, fast foward 10 years later she has become one of our rising fa dans. Like any other rising fa dan, she's had her bumps on the road...

Her first series was 2001's Colorful Life. She later also appeared in Legal Entanglement, The Awakening Story, and At Point Blank. Although they were all small roles, all the series were released in the same year. She had a strong start in little time, which meant she would be able to rise fast. By 2002, she received more major roles in Eternal Happiness, Doomed to Oblivion, and The Family Man, all successful productions. Myolie ended the year with a bang in Golden Faith, which brought Myolie her first breakthrough. Playing the role of Yan Yan, a mental patient, the actress brought home the Most Improved Actress award that same year.

Myolie was quickly becoming a success. Right after her first breakthrough performance, she received a second. In 2003's Survivor's Law, Myolie portrayed Ling Ling, a tough, strong, but emotional lawyer. Her performance was fantastic, and she nailed all her emotional scenes. To this day, Ling Ling is Myolie's favorite role, and a huge fan favorite.

Although the roles she portrayed in the following years afterward weren't as nearly great as Ling Ling, Myolie filmed many series and developed a loyal fan base. Things brightened up even more for her...sort of.

2005's War of In Laws made Myolie one of the top 5 nominees for Best Actress that year. This unfortunately planted a vision into the series' producer Kwan Wing Chung. He loved using Myolie in his productions, and was determined to make Myolie become Best Actress. Now that could've been a good thing...too bad he gave her a bunch of crappy roles.

Producer Kwan's To Grow With Love was his first effort in his 'mission.' Myolie's role required her to gain 50 pounds. She had to gain the weight herself instead of wearing a fat suit as Producer Kwan wanted it to be as realistic as possible (which makes him one of my least favored producers, if not the one I hate the most). For the sake of her job, Myolie 'sacrificed' herself.

The sacrifice turned out to be a waste. To Grow With Love was panned by netizens and audiences. People didn't pay attention at the hard work and sacrifice Myolie put into her performance. They only thought 'this sucks.' Somehow, Myolie once again became one of the top 5 nominees for Best Actress that year. In the end though, she didn't receive the recognition she deserved.

It was after To Grow With Love that Myolie's typecast as the weak, nice girl began. When that typecast continued to live on, netizens grew tired of Myolie. They called her 'annoying' and a 'bad actress.' They were too close minded to realize that Myolie was not a bad actress, she was just getting bad roles.

In War and Destiny, The Drive of Life, War of In Laws II, The Master of Tai Chi, When a Dog Loves a Cat and Burning Flame 3, Myolie portrayed weak characters, making people annoyed with her. (Although as far as weak roles go, War of In Laws II's Chow Lai Man was one of the better. I found her cute and her emotional scenes were well done yet reasonable.) Seven similar and annoying roles made a huge negative impact in her career. She was no longer well liked. Of course, she still had her true fans and supporters by her side. They were the true fans and supporters who awaited for another breakthrough in Myolie's acting career...

2009's A Chip Off the Old Block brought Myolie her awaited breakthrough. The best part was that it was unexpected, and came out of the blue. People were surprised at Myolie's fantastic performance as So Fung Nei, a swindler who does anything for money, but only out of the care she has for her mother. The role was refreshing, hilarious, and Myolie's most unique role ever. A Chip Off the Old Block was an unexpected moderate success, and a majority of it was thanks to the portrayal of So Fung Nei.
*Credits to EverStar for character image

Myolie has always been the actress I had a lot of faith in, and I truly believe she'll have a long term career as a actress (and singer) with a big shot at becoming the next fa dan. She is one of the most versatile of her generation and has a lovable ambitious and hardworking personality. I'm even more confident with her skills after watching her performance in Chip. It had saddened me to hear that viewers were incapable of looking behind Myolie's roles and seeing the talented actress. It's relieving and reassuring to hear that Myolie has gained back a favorable impression from everyone. She has a bright future ahead of her. :)


  1. Yea, Myolie seemed to be forever stuck in these boring weak roles that only works once in a while. Fortunately there's Poon Ka Tak =P Thanks for sharing!

  2. Blame Producer Kwan. :P Other than Lee Tim Sing, Poon Ka Tak is another one of my fav producers. :) Kudos to him to giving Myolie such a refreshing role! Thanks for reading, glad you enjoyed it. :)

  3. In a way, 'thanks' to Miss Lok too. Myolie mentioned during the Astro Awards last year that it was Miss Lok who recommended her to take up the Fei Tin character (I think Myolie wasn't the first candidate to be considered for this role). Oh well, at least To Grow With Love won her an award outside of TVB at the Asian TV Awards a few years ago, (thankfully).

  4. Good reviews on Myolie. She is a great actress. She really delves deeply into the characters that she plays. I truly believe that she will be well-known and recognised in this century's Chinese movieland. May the best man win your heart and your love. Love you, Myolie.

    1. Thank you for the comment, ongrosemary! She definitely is a great actress that gives her all into the characters she plays. She's growing and becoming more recognized in Mainland, and I wish her the best.