A Double Dose of Natalie Tong A look at Natalie's annoying character 'On-Kiu' in 2007's The Building Blocks of Life' and her two wonderful and unique characters in 2009's Just Love II and The Threshold of a Persona, which aired back to back respectively. Also tells how much a bad role can damage people's views about that actor or actress.

Overworking Artistes It's always good to be hardworking, but overworking is another thing. Which artistes have been doing more than they can handle?

"The Gem of Life" A Thorough Look at the Anticipation, Star-Studded Cast, and Eventual Disappointment 2008-09's grand production "The Gem of Life" had everything needed to make it into a sure success, but things don't always go as you plan. Let's take a look back at what happened

The Next Top Fa Dan Who has what it takes to be the next top actress in TVB?  An analyzation of the young actresses today with the most potential.

TVB's Message : Cell Phones Can Be Dangerous Cell Phones have become much more technologically advanced and convinent. In recent years though, disasters have occured over the ever growing fad. In The Building Blocks of Life and Burning Flame III, TVB reminds us of this.


#1 Michael Miu, Idy Chan, Margie Tsang

#2 (Born Rich Special) Gallen Lo, Anita Yuen, Ray Lui, Kenix Kwok, Jamie Chik

In Their Face

#1 Tavia Yeung, Selena Li, and Kate Tsui

#2 Linda Chung, Sammul Chan, and Kenneth Ma

#3 Bernice Liu, Steven Ma, and Patrick Tang

#4 Fala Chen, Nancy Wu, and Charmaine Sheh



"How I Met Your Mother"


7 Days in Life
A Change of Heart
A Chip Off the Old Block 
Aqua Heroes
A Fistful of Stances
A Fist Within Four Walls
Between Love and Desire
Beyond the Realm of Conscience 
Bottled Passion
Burning Flame 3
Daddy Good Deeds
Dead Wrong
D.I.E. Again 
Eye in the Sky
Fashion War
Forensic Heroes 3
Captain of Destiny
Ghetto Justice 2
Ghost of Relativity
Ghost Writer
Gun Metal Grey
House of Spirits
In the Eye of the Beholder 
Madam Cutie on Duty
Master of Destiny
Momentary Lapse of Reason
My Better Half 
Officer Geomancer
O.L. Supreme
Presumed Accidents
Raising the Bar
Sister of Pearl
Slow Boat Home
Survivor's Law 
The Beauty of the Game 
The Fixer
The Mysteries of Love
The Stew of Life 
The Other Truth
The Threshold of a Persona 
Tiger Cubs
Two Steps From Heaven
War of the Genders
When Rules Turn Loose
Will Power
Wish and Switch
You're Hired 


Behind the Making of the Nominee List for Best Actor and Actress (2009) What were these two executive producers thinking when putting together this list? Take a look at their hilarious conversation. Also find out the surprisingly simple reason why they increased it to 15 nominations this year.

Best Supporting Actor Satire Although I had supposedly abandoned writing this satire feature, I decided to present you a 'never before seen post' when I found this satire lying around my unpublished drafts!

Guide to Creating a TVB Series If you're interested in writing for TVB, without needing to put forth any extra/unneeded effort, this is the guide for you!

Guide to Becoming a Successful HK Singer Even If You Don't Have Talent Scoring a recording contract has never been easier with TVB Interaction's guide! Such an easy guide to follow, it's no wonder the HK music industry is dying!

How to be a Fan Learn how to be a hardcore fan of your favorite idol!

TVB Anniversary Awards Coverage

Predictions and Picks
42nd Anniversary: The Predicted Top 5  
42nd Anniversary 
42nd Anniversary: Voting Ballot 
43rd Anniversary: Nominations Predictions
43rd Anniversary: My Predictions
44th Anniversary: My Nominations
44th Anniversary: Voting Ballot
45th Anniversary
46th Anniversary
48th Anniversary (47th)
48th Anniversary
50th Anniversary

Results and Comments
42nd Anniversary 
43rd Anniversary
44th Anniversary
45th Anniversary
46th Anniversary
48th Anniversary (47th)
48th Anniversary
50th Anniversary

Fashion Critiques
44th Anniversary
48th Anniversary (w/ Niki from AE Experience)

*Please note TVB skipped their 47th anniversary in awards promotions, instead promoting it as their 48th anniversary.

TVB Interaction Awards
1st TVB Interaction Awards

TVB 2010 Sales Presentation Clips 2009 was a disappointing year for TVB with only a few highlights. Looking from this sales presentation though, 2010 looks like it'll be a very promising year!

TVB's Best Young Singers: Male Edition 

TVB Year in Review (2009) There were good series, (mostly) mediocre series, and bad series. In my opinion, which one is which.