Saturday, July 3, 2010

Farewell, TVB Sensations

I meant to put this post up a while ago when Liling decided to say goodbye to blogging for TVB Sensations, which was on June 23, 2010.  I didn't get the chance to until now...

Many TVB bloggers have said their goodbyes, and Liling of TVB Sensations is the latest to do so.  Ironically enough (or not), all TVB bloggers "retire" for the same reason: lack of interest.  Liling is of no exception.  The passion she used to hold in TVB and updating her blog is of no more.  For the last few months, when she updated, it was because she felt obliged to, not because she truly wanted to.

Liling is a great writer.  Some of her best pieces include her satires and features.  With each crappy series that releases though, Liling's love for TVB decreases.  As a result, that disinterest is reflected in her latest posts.  Try comparing her older reviews to her more recent ones.  They're much shorter and less detailed.  She's lost her creative "edge" in her posts.

Don't get me wrong.  I'm not saying her writing is getting worse.  Naturally, when you write about something you're not passionate about, you simply can't get your best work out of it.  That's why despite feeling sad, I support Liling's decision in discontinuing TVB blogging.  Her full writing potential won't be fulfilled if she blogs about TVB.

Rest assured, Liling won't disappear.  She still actively tweets on Twitter (and some tweets are of her thoughts on TVB series).  Follow her if you haven't already here.  I've also told her that I know she will miss writing and blogging.  We really do know each other far too well, because not long after telling her did she actually start to miss writing and blogging, two of her favorite hobbies.  While I don't want to get anyone's hopes up, I wouldn't be surprised if Liling returns with a new blog.

This is the end of yet another TVB blog, but I also see a new beginning.  Even if I'm proven to be wrong, I'm happy I'm still best friends with Liling and still keep in very close contact with her.  :)

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  1. I agree... I'm also a blogger who is slowly losing interest in TVB (adding to that I've got a real busy life to live in the real world) I'm trying not to let go and give up on but it's really requiring a lot of effort from my side..

    I really need TVB to produce good series to make this happen~ for both my posts, and for readers who are interested in reading... Glad you're still here Iris! There's not that many of us bloggers left..