Wednesday, November 10, 2010

TVB 43rd Anniversary Awards Nominations Predictions

This is not the actual nomination list.  The actual nomination list for the anniversary awards will be released tomorrow (November 11th).

Nominations in bold are who I think will win.  Nominations in italics are who I want to win.  Note that these are premature assumptions.

Best Actor

  • Bowie Lam, "Sister of Pearl"

  • Michael Tao, "Sister of Pearl"

  • Steven Ma, "Ghost Writer"

  • Bobby Au Yeung, "A Pillowcase of Mystery II"

  • Wayne Lai, "No Regrets"

  • Kenneth Ma, "A Fistful of Stances"

  • Raymond Lam, "Mysteries of Love"

  • Moses Chan, "Can't Buy Me Love"

  • Felix Wong, "Gun Metal Grey

  • Michael Miu, "Gun Metal Grey

Honorable Mention: Raymond Wong, "When Lanes Merge"

Comments: I've only watched two episodes of "No Regrets" so I can't speak too much of Wayne's performance.  However, I think he is easily the strongest contender.  There's been a lot of buzz about Steven possibly getting the award.  Although he is a versatile actor, I think the role of Po Chung Ling didn't show that.  His performance was solid, but not Best Actor worthy.

Best Actress

  • Liza Wang, "OL Supreme"

  • Myolie Wu, "In the Eye of the Beholder"

  • Sheren Tang, "No Regrets"

  • Yuen Qiu, "A Fistful of Stances"

  • Esther Kwan, "The Season of Fate"

  • Maggie Cheung, "Beauty Knows No Pain"

  • Michelle Yim, "Beauty Knows No Pain"

  • Jessica Hsuan, "Gun Metal Gray"

  • Charmaine Sheh, "Can't Buy Me Love"

  • Tavia Yeung, "Mysteries of Love"

Honorable Mention: Christine Ng, "The Beauty of the Game"

Comments: What I said for Wayne applies here too.  Charmaine is a hot choice, but again, I don't think the performance was Best Actress worthy.  "Can't Buy Me Love" was also crap, so when Charmaine wins this award again, I want it to be for a worthwhile drama.

Best Supporting Actor

  • Chapman To, "OL Supreme"

  • Ron Ng, "OL Supreme"

  • Sunny Chan, "Ghost Writer"

  • Evergreen Mak, "No Regrets"

  • Raymond Wong, "No Regrets"

  • Ngo Ka Nin, "No Regrets"

  • Derek Kwok, "The Season of Fate"

  • Power Chan, "Beauty Knows No Pain"

  • Dominic Lee, "A Fistful of Stances"

  • Bosco Wong, "Every Move You Make"

Honorable Mentions: Johnson Lee, "In the Eye of the Beholder"

Comments: Raymond Wong popularity has exploded this year, and he is also a hot favorite for an award this year.  I support him for this award!  Other than that, Chapman and Power are my two "black horse" nominees.  Chapman may have an exaggerated style of comedy, but he never failed to make me laugh as "Leven."  This really tells you something, as I usually hate exaggerated comedy.  Power was just hilarious in "Beauty Knows No Pain" with his fun personality, random Mandarin, and chemistry with his onscreen friend/later crush/later girlfriend Joyce.  My favorite male performance from the series.

Best Supporting Actress

  • Denise Ho, "OL Supreme"

  • Teresa Lee, "My Better Half"

  • Selena Li, "A Fistful of Stances"

  • Natalie Tong, "A Fistful of Stances"

  • Fala Chen, "Can't Buy Me Love"

  • Joyce Tang, "Beauty Knows No Pain"

  • Elena Kong, "Beauty Knows No Pain"

  • Nancy Wu, "No Regrets" or "Gun Metal Grey"

  • Susan Tse, "No Regrets"

  • Kara Hui, "No Regrets"

Honorable Mentions: N/A

Comments: Fala has improved immensely this year and has received several lovable roles.  She is the top pick for Best Supporting Actress, but her previous premature win back in 2007 may hinder her chances a bit.  As much as I love Fala, I still can't forget Denise's amazing and refreshing performance as "Music."  She was just too fun and hilarious!  I also loved Teresa, who was adorable in "My Better Half" with her clever and cute character.  However, she has zero chances of winning.  Here's to hoping she'll at least get nominated!

My Favorite Male Character

  • Leven (Chapman To), "OL Supreme"

  • Tong Bak Fu (Moses Chan), "In the Eye of the Beholder"

  • Koo Yu Tong (Kenneth Ma), "A Fistful of Stances"

  • Hung Yiu Sang (Michael Tao), "Sister of Pearl"

  • Po Chung Ling (Steven Ma), "Ghost Writer"

  • Kingsley King (Raymond Lam), "Mysteries of Love"

  • Yiu Hok Sum (Bowie Lam), "Every Move You Make"

  • Kam Dor Luk (Moses Chan), "Can't Buy Me Love"

  • Lau Sing (Wayne Lai), "No Regrets"

  • Mai On Ting (Michael Miu), "Gun Metal Grey"

Honorable Mentions: Ling Siu Kei (Ron Ng), "OL Supreme", Ho Ka Bo (Raymond Wong), "When Lanes Merge"

Comments: I've expressed my love for Leven, Koo Yu Tong, and Hung Yiu Sang in my reviews already. :)  I'm puzzled as to who is actually everyone's favorite character though and who's the hot favorite, so I'll just guess Lau Sing/Wayne.

My Favorite Female Character

  • Queen (Liza Wang), "OL Supreme"

  • Music (Denise Ho), "OL Supreme"

  • Chau Heung (Myolie Wu), "In the Eye of the Beholder" or So Fung Nei, "A Chip Off the Old Block"

  • Cheng Kau Miu (Sheren Tang), "No Regrets"

  • Wing Chi Ching (Selena Li), "A Fistful of Stances"

  • Ying Ngan Ming (Natalie Tong), "A Fistful of Stances"

  • Chui Siu Lai (Tavia Yeung), "Mysteries of Love"

  • Kate Tsui (Ko Lai Sum), "When Lanes Merge"

  • Chiu Yeung (Charmaine Sheh), "Can't Buy Me Love"

  • Szeto Ngan Ping (Fala Chen), "Can't Buy Me Love"

  • Kim Hui (Jessica Hsuan), "Gun Metal Grey"

Honorable Mentions: Miu Ling Chi (Teresa Lee), "My Better Half"

Comments: Same about Lau Sing/Wayne applies to Kau Miu/Sheren.  I don't actually think they'll both take home double awards.  I loved Ko Lai Sum/Kate while watching "When Lanes Merge", but the chances are extremely unlikely.  I've stated my love for Music several times.  I'm fond of Ngan Ping too, but not as much as Music.

Most Improved Actor

  • Oscar Leung

  • Him Law

  • Stephen Huynh

  • Vincent Wong

  • Lai Lok Yi

Comments: It's been a slow year for the Most Improved categories this year!  Oscar Leung is the most deserving and will probably win.  Typically people nominated for this award have been in several series that year but since Koni was nominated for a three episode guest appearance, I figured "what the heck, just nominate Him."  Stephen Huynh's been in a lot of series lately and his acting has improved.  I've heard Vincent is doing well in "Gun Metal Grey" and has a decent character.  As for Lai Lok Yi, he's just a filler.  He did decently in "Every Move You Make".

Most Improved Actress

  • Elaine Yiu

  • Natalie Tong

  • Mandy Wong

  • Selena Li

  • Sharon Chan

Comments: Mandy may still be considered a newcomer depending on your point of view but I think she's a great young actress.  Natalie gained popularity for her role and performance in "A Fistful of Stances" so she has the highest chances.  Elaine has been improving lately too.  I feel like Selena is nominated every stinkin' year (and never wins), so I thought TVB would probably just nominate her again. Poor Sharon will probably be nominated and dumped again.

Best Drama

  • No Regrets

Comments: It's not rocket science folks.  Superb acting and script.  I haven't watched it, but it's been getting overwhelmingly positive response.  Unless TVB acts stupid again and gives it to "Can't Buy Me Love", "No Regrets" is very likely to take "Best Drama" home.


  1. i remember u did something like this last yr too. FUN. so here's my 2 cents worth : -

    1) Best Actor
    - I feel Wayne shouldn't win again this yr. I don't see any 'break through' from his acting in his show from last year's which he had already won best actor. So why should he win again?
    - 'Cos a lot of bad productions this yr, it's hard for me be impressed with any actor. But if I have to choose, I would choose Steven Ma. His emotional scenes were pretty good. If Bowie were to be nominated for Pearl of Sisters instead of EMYM, I'd hope for him to win it cos his psychotic expressions were so good it scared me a little sometimes.

    2) Best Actress
    - For me, Sheren deserves this, again. At least her characters and the way she portrays them are totally different between No Regret and her Sei Nai Nai win (what's the title of that show??).
    - Although I think the other good contender is Myolie (as much as I don't like her). She did pretty well in Chip. The disadvantage is that the show was shown too long ago that people forget about. If I didn't see the actual Nomination List, I forgot abt that too.

    3) Best Supporting Actor
    - Having seen like 15 eps of No Regrets, Raymond's screen time and character so far don't give him room to show what he has to offer. Considering Evergreen Mak's sudden rise to popularity, TVB may give this award to him.
    - Totally agree with u on Power! He's a child actor and I saw him grow up on TV. He's certainly a very good actor. I'll be v happy if he wins.
    - What about Ngo Ka Nin? He had pretty good screen time and performance in the beginning of No Regrets.

    4) Best Supporting Actress
    - I think Natalie Tong would win this.
    - I support Elena Kong in Beauty too.

    5) Fav Male Character
    - From the actual nomination: what's louis yuen of CBML doing in there?!?! ridiculous!
    - Who's tsui wing from Some Day?
    - I thought really hard. I don't have one actually. But I wouldn't mind Chapman to win. He gave me delight in watching him portray that character.

    6) Fav Female Character
    - I don't have a fav too. This yr's shows aren't good enough to make me feel passionate enough for any characters.

  2. queen_owl -
    1) After watching the first 5 episodes of NR, I agree. Wayne has a likable character and gives a solid performance as always, but it's not Best Actor worthy so he definitely should not win again. However, without him, there's no competition. I'll be writing another post about the nominations list when I can tho I'm pretty much hiding under all my Biology work and other classes right now. Unfortunately, Bowie was nominated for EMYM. If he had been nominated for SOP, I definitely would've supported him. So I really don't know who to support right now. Steven is most likely to win. Felix is a top 5 candidate, but I doubt he'd win.
    2) Yes, yes! Sheren definitely should win again. I love how her characters in Rosy Business (Forgetting names again? :P) and NR are so different. She's superb at giving those evil glares!
    Aw, I never knew you had bias against Myolie. Yeah, that's the disadvantage of shows that aired so long ago. They end up being the weakest contenders for awards. Myolie's performance in Chip is definitely worthy tho.
    3) I believe Raymond Wong is most likely to win Most Improved Actor as he didn't have much to do in NR or CBML. He did great in When Lanes Merge, but he was lead there. My only complaint about this is that Raymond has been acting too long and has too much experience that giving him this award feels silly and delayed. I think it's mostly Evergreen vs. Ngo Ka Nin but honestly I don't care too much for both, lol. I just wish either Power or Chapman got this award, but Chapman didn't even get nominated.
    4) I think Natalie should win Most Improved instead if anything, and it's more likely. There's still decent competition for this award. Natalie improved, but I don't think she's a fantastic actress yet.
    5) LOL, I agree. What's Louis doing here??? I don't know, I'm not watching Some Day. I believe he was in Off Peddar too.
    I agree with you about this year's characters. It's not like last year where I was rooting for Mak Tai Song and Lam Miu Miu like crazy, haha.

  3. 1) Best Actor: Moses Chan
    Though having received the Best Actor back in 2007, i think Moses deserves to get it once again for his hilarious performance as Kam Dor Lok in CBML.

    2) Best Actress: Charmaine Sheh:
    Just like Moses, Charmaine had got her Best Actress in 2006, but I simply love Chiu Yeung alot. Actually I would really want Fala to win this award, as I love Siu Chui in Ghost Writer. She was simply amazing. But I would think that Fala is still premature to win this award yet, so I would give this to Charmaine, who gave quite a good performance and she has quite good acting skills.

    3) Best Supporting Actor: Dominic Lam
    He's awesome! Dominic's role as Wing Tak was a huge success. He potrayed it very well and it was impossible for people not to look at him when he's on screen! he deserves this!

    4) Best Supporting Actress: Fala Chen
    It would be good if Fala was nominated for her role as Siu Chui instead of Qing Qing. I love Siu Chui much more than Qing Qing. But maybe Fala was sharing the lead with Linda in GW thats why she didnt get nominated for her role in GW for Best Supporting. But Fala potrayed Qing Qing quite well too. I would really love Selena to win this because her role in AFOS was simply lovable and I adore her chemistry with Kenneth. But this year's competition is tough, so I don't think she stand has much chances in winning Best Supporting this year, but maybe in the years to come, yes.

    5) My Fav Male Character: Kenneth Ma
    It definitely impossible not to give this to Koo Yu Tong. Koo Yu Tong was definitely amazing. Kenneth caught my attention as soon as he got onto the TV. And his character was so lovable! I adore Kenneth-Selena pairing. They're so sweet.

    6) My Fav Female Character: Fala Chen
    I would Fala to win too. But Selena and Natalie is nominated for fav female too? I thought they weree only nominated for Best Supporting and Most Improved? But if it's really true. I would root for Selena!

    7) Most Improved Male: Raymond Wong
    He did improved alot. And this year was a good year for him. TVB gave him alot of exposure. He's beginning to get promoted, taking on heavy roles. I was shocked that Ruco Chan wasn't nominated.

    8) Most Improved Female: Selena Li
    Definitely Selena Li! She deserves this!! And i just don't understand why, TVB keeps on nominating her but not giving her the award. Almost every year she gets nominated. And she should get this long ago. It's like giving someone hope then pushing her down again. There's decent competition this year. Like Natalie Tong anf Elaine Yiu both did very well. I'm both fans of Elaine and Selena. Like Natalie but not really a fan of her. I reckon Natalie did well in AFOS but i think its only one show that u can see the drastic improvement. But for Elaine, I could her improvement in JCL. But I was shocked she wasn't nominated for that. For Selena, I support her even more, cause i think she really deserves this as she has been improving since her role in Just Love and she got nominated since. So you can see her improvement. And almost every show she gives a new feeling.

  4. Thanks for sharing your thoughts ABC!

    1) While funny at times, I personally don't think Moses should win for his performance as Kam Dor Luk. I'm not a fan of slapstick comedy or exaggerated comedy either. Then again, I may be bias as I simply was not a fan of CBML, haha. I had been hoping he'd be nominated for his performance as Tong Bak Fu in Beholder.
    2) Charmaine is always adorable and knows how to deliver a strong performance, but it's not Best Actress worthy IMHO. I think Sheren deserves to win again as she did a great job of portraying a character the complete opposite of "Sei Nai Nai". However, it's unlikely that she'll win again, especially since she's not a "biological daughter." On a side note, have you watched the sales presentation yet? "Colorful World of Sister Fa" is one of my most anticipated series! It looks hilarious and Charmaine was so darn cute! Can't wait to see her performance.
    3) Evergreen Mak is the hot favorite for this award but I just find "Fei Fan Gor" annoying, lol. Maybe I'm becoming too critical. But I agree with you on Dominic's performance. Simply fantastic!
    4) I loved Siu Chui too, but was disappointed when the character lost her innocence in the end as a result of sloppy writing. She really should be nominated in the Supporting category, not Best Actress. You're right, it's too early for her to win TV Queen. Ironically, second female leads are usually put in supporting. I had really hoped Fala been nominated for her performance as Ngan Ping in CBML. Her chances would be much higher then. Ching Ching was a more minor character. Sigh, I still loved Denise tho.
    5) I love Koo Yu Tong! I can't believe Kenneth wasn't even nominated for ANY AWARD for his performance in AFOS.
    6) Fala definitely has my vote. :)
    7) Lol, Raymond definitely deserves this, but at the same time I think his acting+experience is beyond this award. What a shame he wasn't nominated for his work in When Lanes Merge. Yes, I'm glad someone finally shares the same view as me! I was shocked Ruco wasn't nominated as well. Maybe next year as he's finally getting promoted. Poor Oscar was snubbed.
    8) Definitely Selena. Natalie improved, but I don't think very vastly. She was lucky to land a likable character the audience felt sympathetic towards. I'm pleased and happy I was right about Elaine getting nominated. She's definitely improved and became a much better actress. If Selena had won this award years ago like she deserved, I'd support Elaine. Mimi's a great comedic actress, but her experience is beyond this award as well.

  5. tvb has acted stupid and given the best drama award to can't buy me love. gosh... really can't stand it!