Tuesday, December 28, 2010

TVB 43rd Anniversary Results + Comments

I know this post is almost a month late, sorry for the delay...

Best ActorFelix Wong, Gun Metal Grey
Moses Chan, Can't Buy Me Love
Raymond Lam, Mysteries of Love
Steven Ma, Ghost Writer
Wayne Lai, No Regrets
Yay for Wayne!  I was starting to expect that Steven would win, but Wayne winning again was a pleasant surprise.  It was hilarious when Sandra Ng presented this award.  Throwing the results aside, she went on to say it was a no brainer and that Lau Sing was of course the winner.  As everyone started cheering and hugging Wayne, Sandra screams "Wah, everyone believes me?"  TVB is so predictable I predicted every top 5 nominee correctly.

Best ActressCharmaine Sheh, Can't Buy Me Love
Linda Chung, Ghost Writer
Maggie Cheung, Beauty Knows No Pain

Sheren Tang, No RegretsTavia Yeung, Mysteries of Love

What a relief that TVB decides to be fair and give Sheren this award!  Very deserving.  Charmaine is a wonderful actress, but the role of Chiu Yeung did not do anything to showcase her acting any further.  It was extremely cute when Sheren told the presenter Dik Leung did not hand her the award yet.  What is up with Linda getting into the top 5 of every award she is nominated in?

Best Supporting ActorDominic Lam, A Fistful of Stances
Evergreen Mak, No RegretsPierre Ngo, No Regrets
Raymond Wong, No Regrets
Ron Ng, OL Supreme

After years of being a loyal supporting actor to TVB, Evergreen finally gets recognition.  Although I find "Fei Fan Gor" annoying, Evergreen never fails to deliver a solid performance.  I'm surprised Ron got into the top 5, but thrilled OL Supreme managed to achieve something at the awards. 


Best Supporting Actress
Elena Kong, Beauty Knows No Pain
Fala Chen, No RegretsKara Hui, A Fistful of Stances
Nancy Wu, Gun Metal Grey
Susanna Kwan, Can't Buy Me Love

While I still believe Fala was nominated (and won) for the wrong role, she is definitely deserving.  She's proved this year she can be versatile.  Her roles this year don't rely on her sexiness.  She's portrayed innocent, adorable, weak, and tough characters.  Without a doubt, Fala is the young TVB actress with the most potential. 


My Favorite Male Character
Kenneth Ma, Koo Yu Tong, A Fistful of Stances
Moses Chan, Kam Dor Luk, Can't Buy Me Love
Raymond Lam, Kingsley King, Mysteries of Love
Steven Ma, Chow Yung Kung, A Watchdog's Tale
Wayne Lai, Lau Sing, No Regrets

TVB might as well rename this the "Raymond Lam Award For Every Year He's Nominated For Best Actor But Doesn't Win".  Phew, what a mouthful.  However, it's true.  With the roles he's been getting lately, Raymond (Lam anyway) won't be winning Best Actor anytime soon.  What I hate about TVB is they feel the need to compensate artistes with an additional, more minor award when they are unable to give them the award they want.  This year, they do it again.  Kingsley King was a bore, and I had really been crossing my fingers that Kenneth would win.

My Favorite Female Character
Charmaine Sheh, Chiu Yeung, Can't Buy Me LoveLinda Chung, Ng Sei Tak, Can't Buy Me Love
Sheren Tang, Cheng Kau Miu, No Regrets
Tavia Yeung, Tsui Siu Lai, Mysteries of Love
Teresa Mo, Tsang Kiu, Someday

No surprise here once again.  The favorite character awards are quickly becoming the compensation awards.  I'm turning a blind eye to TVB on this one though, because I actually quite liked Chiu Yeung.  Charmaine really knows how to be adorable. :)


Most Improved Actor
Him Law
Jazz Lam
Joel Chan
King Kong
Raymond Wong

Of course. :D

Most Improved ActressElaine Yiu
Mimi Lo
Natalie Tong
Selena Li
Skye Chan

Selena has once again lost out, but Natalie deserved it.  Her speech was touching, especially with how she started crying and dedicating her speech to her mother.

Best Professional Performance AwardMoses Chan
Technically, this is compensation.  However, I agree that Moses is very professional.

tvb.com's Popularity Award
Raymond Lam
No surprise here.

Best Drama

A Chip Off the Old Block
Can't Buy Me Love
Every Move You Make
No Regrets
The Mysteries of Love

I smell compensation.

Lifetime Achievement Award
Louise Lee

I guess we expected Lee Heung Kam to win?  Louise Lee is definitely younger than past winners.  Congrats to her though!

Congratulations to this year's winners!  Although they were rather predictable, (most) of the winners were deserving.  This is just a short post to share my brief thoughts so sorry for disappointing some of you guys.  I plan on writing a post on the fashions at awards show and some other posts soon.

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