Sunday, April 8, 2012

Patrick Tang talks to me on Weibo!

Today while browsing Weibo, I found out that Patrick had joined the newly formed band "SirV". While I love him as a solo singer, I know that he hasn't been experiencing the greatest success. I hope that being a part of SirV will be a fresh new start for him that grants him better success. To support him, I started following the band's account.

If you guys follow me on Twitter and read my tweets, you know that I'm on spring break and have been sick the last couple of days. On one hand, I'm getting better and happy I've had time to write and relax. On the other, I'm pretty pissed I spent half my spring break sick. After taking a little nap, I woke up to this:

Patrick private messaged me thanking me for following his band's account! Hehe, that made my day. Is he doing so for everyone who is adding the page? :)

This made me even more excited and happy. The above tweet from me is one I directed to Patrick when I first started using Weibo and his album "Links 2 Pat's Trick" was about to release. That's almost 2 years ago (May 2010)! The message is extremely simple, but it just made me smile because he took the time to reply to a message to him from me that was no longer relevant. (By the way, I live in the US. :P)

Well, I can finally say that a celebrity talked to me. Patrick may not be extremely popular, but he's still one of my favorite singers and an artist I have a soft spot for. :)


He replied again!  How sweet of him.  ^__^


  1. Aww!!! Lucky you!!! haha gave me a warm-fuzzy feeling reading this post! x) Very sweet of Patrick ;)

    1. Hehe, yes. This made my day, especially after having been sick for so long. He does seem very sweet. :)