Monday, January 7, 2013

New banner and layout! Featuring Matthew Ko and STEPSTAGE

After having my 3 year anniversary layout gracing TVB Interaction since, well, my 3 year anniversary back in June, I thought it was time for a new look!

This time I featured Matthew Ko and his recently opened performing arts school "STEPSTAGE". For those who don't know, during the downtime Matthew had from his leg injury, he took the time to make a dream he had come true: start a performing arts training school for young children. This made me like and respect him a lot more as an artist and a person. He seems very bright and ambitious, and looks so adorable and comfortable around the children. I found a lot of cute pictures lying around, so I decided to make a banner out of them! The phrase "The arts are meant to be passed down..." is supposed to show how Matthew thinks of the arts as enrichment and should be exposed to children at a young age. Since the banner revolves around a youthful theme with Matthew and the little students, I decided to pick more fun and whimsical fonts and colors to go with it.

For the first time I'm using one of the new Blogger templates for a change. It looks refreshing, in my opinion. If I still prefer my old template though, I have the HTML code of it saved. What do you guys think?

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