Friday, March 20, 2015

FILMART 2015 Commentary

FILMART was today, and you can watch the clips now on Casual TVB! Keep reading for the thoughts that went through my head as I watched the clips...

"Vampire": Uh... If I want to watch a vampire drama, I think I'll just rewatch the first two seasons of "The Vampire Diaries" before the show started going downhill. I like Kevin and Kay, but this looks cheesy and like there is way too much going on here. Joel's look here is very creepy.

"Brother's Keeper II": For the sake of supporting Edwin and Kristal, I'll probably at least give this a try when it comes out. However, a sequel, even if it is indirect, seems redundant and bound to flop. Looks like it'll be another drama claiming to be full of business wars to end up becoming underwhelming ala "Overachievers." Grace's scenes provide a strange contrast to the clips of Edwin and Kristal. 

"Limelight Years": I like veteran actors Damien and Liza, but this looks like another cheesy family drama and none of the rest of the cast draws me in. Don't have anything against Alex Fong, but his incorporation of English lines already has me cringing as well as his and Linda's messy looking relationship. The only thing that looks refreshing is the filming of the series. It looks like they did a lot of outdoor and location shooting.

"Lord of Shanghai": I've never liked premodern dramas and probably never will, save for a few exceptions ("Bottled Passion" and "A Fistful of Stances" come to mind). It has a good male veteran cast but uh...Anthony Wong and Myolie Wu?  I'm also not interested in seeing Wayne Lai in another screaming match.

"Captain of Destiny": Oh Tony... I love you, but still don't think you're ready for a leading role, never mind in a role like this (maybe in a lighthearted modern series). If I watch this series, it'll be a constant struggle for me to not laugh out loud at his mustache and pirate get up. This clip does nothing to further sell me on the series. Grace appears in three out of six of these clips. And the year of getting her shoved down our throats continues...

"Under the Veil": It's amusing how I'm seeing this clip now, as Niki and I were just talking the other day about TVB hasn't done a mythical/fantasy ancient series since 2008's "Legend of the Demigods." I feel like this series will remind me of why... But hey, Sonija's back and she's looking lovely.

Side note: I hope fans will start subbing TVB series again soon. While I understand enough to still follow the plot without subtitles, they're helpful and let me pay more attention to the story as opposed to comprehending the words.  Ancient series are also much harder to understand, so I usually skip them altogether if there are no subs.

Most anticipated: None.

Least anticipated: Pretty much all of them.

This is a time TVB gets HK audiences excited for what series are coming. So did TVB pick the worst of the crop or is just telling of how bleak the future is looking for them?


  1. You're right, none of these clips actually make me anticipate a series more. While you're laughing at Tony's moustache in Captain of Destiny, I think I'll be laughing at the cheap CGI for most of that series. There should be a few more clips coming out next week when the actual FILMART takes place, so hopefully something better is still in store.

  2. I agree with miriamfanz....geez, the CGI was making me cringe. I couldn't even stand it in Three Kingdoms...and now they're back again =.= It isn't only that one though. The same applies to Kevin's vampire series...I don't like the effects xD

  3. My mind was operating under the assumption that the CGI in the actual series would be better since most of the clip for Captain Destiny looks like it was filmed for FILMART. So now I'm even more worried. :P The effects for Vampire looks very bad too, a huge cry from how far American supernatural shows' effects have come.