Wednesday, August 12, 2015

"Ghost of Relativity" Review

Although "Ghost of Relativity" is appropriately paced, it also felt aimless at the same time and I was left not quite knowing what exactly went on to fill up 28 episodes.

Female leads Kristal Tin and Nancy Wu are the driving force of the series, generating consistent laughs and enjoyable entertainment. They are the saving grace in an otherwise incredibly poor ensemble. They work well together and are a very fun duo to watch, especially in the earlier episodes when Kristal has to repeat everything Nancy says. Combined with people not being able to see Nancy, there were many moments of hilarity that ensued from their interactions.

Kristal is probably one of TVB's best comedic leading actresses because she is much more loose and fluid compared to her peers, making her acting and comedic moments very natural. Nancy in contrast plays the uptight and professional Gin well, to no surprise.

However, besides the two leading ladies, "Ghost" has nothing else to offer. The cast does have some good supporting actors such as Ngo Ka Nin and Raymond Chiu, but with such unlikable and irritating characters it just didn't matter, especially in the former's case. I much prefer Vivien Yeo playing cool and aloof characters in action series than doing whatever it was she was doing here. She succeeds in being an annoying seductress, but that doesn't make her entertaining to watch. Male lead Moses Chan has little to do and plays an awkward and geeky character that fails to be funny or interesting.

Watching the employees at the GSZ firm was beyond irritating, from the incompetent HR department to the air headed sales department, as they never got any work done. Gossiping was their real full-time job! Also, why does an architecture firm only have one licensed architect? And given that Moses' "The tilt that never falls" project had been delayed time and time again, how did the firm not go bankrupt? Perhaps the intention was for "Ghost of Relativity" to be an office comedy with a supernatural twist, but it failed because I wanted to forward any scenes that did not involve Kristal or Nancy (and often did). The episodes where the entire firm is scared out of their minds with the prospect of there being a ghost in the office were the most lame and hard to watch.

By the last few episodes, the main story line starts to become less fun to watch as well due to Nancy's character becoming more spiteful, constantly calling Kristal cheap, and writing off Kristal's genuine feelings for Moses. She does realize she has misunderstood Kristal and redeems herself in the end by finally letting go.

Kristal and Nancy are looking over the horizon to see if there are any better TVB series in sight.

There are laugh out loud moments throughout the whole series, but they are almost exclusively provided by Kristal and Nancy. Everything else was lame or unfunny. Fans of the two leading ladies will enjoy their scenes, but other than that, it's forgettable and not worth the time unless you have too much of it on your hands or have your mouse cursor always hovering over the forward button. "Ghost of Relativity" may feel refreshing initially since it was the first TVB production to air in a while, but if you look at it objectively, it is still another sub par series.

Rating: 2 stars


  1. I managed to finish this as well and like you said, the only thing good about it is Kristal and Nancy. The whole office sabotaging plans etc dragged the series out sooooo much. I ended up skipping to the end haha

    1. Yes, the office stuff was so stupid. I watched until the end, but seriously should stop wasting my time like that. xD

    2. lol it is good to have time to waste...I miss those days xD You'll miss them too when things get busy again haha

  2. the last 15 eps of this series are terrible. of these last 15 eps, i suffered through 7 eps and completely gave up on watching the last 8 eps. all i can say is i dun even wanna watch the last ep just to have a conclusion. good riddance, GOR! 1 star for this series from me. eek!

    i'll be starting on The Fixer soon. hehe...