Sunday, March 14, 2010

Not Saying Goodbye, But Not Saying Hello

The peak of TVB Interaction has ended. Although I still get a moderate amount of page views, I rarely get tags or comments. This is a result of me not updating nearly as much as before. I was one of the TVB bloggers that updated most frequently. (Ironically, even with one new post averaging every two to three weeks, I still kinda am one of the bloggers who update most frequently.) While each blog will always have a few loyal readers, people forget fast. I don't resent that, as I am honestly one of those people too. When there is nothing new, there is no need or want to visit.

During the second half of 2009, I followed a 'one post per week' rule. Posts included reviews, articles, satires, or the increasing variety of features. Since 2010 started, I've slowly fallen out of that system.

If you were to take a look at my whole 'home' page which houses my most recent posts, you'll see there are only three 'real' posts. The rest of the page is taken up by several series infos. It's been over three weeks since my last actual post. Although I initially felt bad for not updating like I promised to do so, the feeling is slowly fading.

I had sincerely hoped that 2010 would be a better year for TVB. Some of TVB's most decent series nowadays are the lighthearted series that are enjoyable but quite forgettable. Many have been released over the last few years. I wouldn't have minded too much if 2010 continued to do so until the more promising series (Righteous Series of Heroic Love, Cops, Mysteries of Love, etc) hit the air. What disappoints me is that the TVB series this year (so far) are not enjoyable, but rather crappy. Cupid Stupid holds my record of being one of the worst series ever and by far the worst series of this year. It is truly a stupid series as the title suggests it is. The Season of Fate had an extremely mediocre plot and I wouldn't have struggled to watch to the end if it weren't for the adorable Esther and my favorite Derek. I could go on and on, but this is not a rant post.

My point is, as TVB's series get worse and worse, my interest in TVB goes plummeting down. It has been doing so for over two months. I have not thoroughly enjoyed a series since A Chip Off the Old Block and The Beauty of the Game, which have wrapped up airing since shortly after the year began. As a result, I have no motivation, no inspiration, and no wish to continue blogging about something I have no interest in.

You can be relieved though, because TVB Interaction will not be disappearing off the web. I am not abandoning it, nor am I putting it on hiatus. Instead, I will continue to leave it up and update with serie infos. Whenever I feel like it, I will update with real posts. This can be once a week, once every 3 weeks, or once a month. The time range is a mystery even to me. I myself can not predict it, so I will not be making any promises that I can't keep. It is the end of me updating, just for the sake of it.

You'll be seeing a new post soon, sometime next week. I love the idea of it and am proud of the concept. How it'll turn out with my own writing, I'm not sure. I seem to be having trouble putting it into words. Look out for it! After that, I'm unsure of when the next post will be.

Thanks for understanding and reading everyone. I hope that you will continue to visit, and feel free to leave me messages. They make my day. You will hear from me again...sometime in the future.

This is neither a goodbye, or a hello.


  1. totally agree! after tweeting with u, i stopped cupid stupid at ep 10 and fast forwarded to the last epi. this is worse than that silly winter melon show last year! tvb is good at breaking their own "worst" record every year.

  2. i'm actually pretty shocked by your post!! wow, i can understand how disappointed you are at TVB's series. but i guess you can review them regardless of whether they're good or not.
    well... but on second thoughts, you wouldn't be very inspired to write about a series which was a disaster, so...
    well speaking from my own experience, when you feel it's a chore to update your site, stop. take a break.
    find other distractions; inspiration will come back sooner or later (:

    looking forward to your next post!!

  3. queen_owl - I never want to relive the 'horror' that is Cupid Stupid. ;)

    kRysTaL~ - I don't mind reviewing series I didn't enjoy if I can find a way to poke fun at it. :D But I just don't get as much inspiration as before. I'd rather not update at all than update with stuff of low quality.

    Thanks! :)

  4. haha yup understand (:
    no problem, hope you get your inspiration back soon!

  5. hey i just wanna let you know that this is the first time i've ever visited ur blog page. and i just wanna say i love it so far, so keep up the good work

  6. An - Thanks for the kind words! Hope to see you around more often. :) Updates on the way...