Monday, March 22, 2010

Suspects of Love

English Title: Suspects in Love
Chinese Title: ????
Cantonese Title: Sau Ha Lau Ching
Broadcast Period: April 5, 2010 – April 30, 2010
Genre: Modern Romance
Length: 20 episodes
Producer: Poon Ka Tak
Scriptwriter: N/A
Cast: Flora Chan, Joe Ma, Sharon Chan, Him Law, Louis Yuen, Shek Sau, Rain Lau, Power Chan, Mandy Wong


In order to rescue her best friend COCO KAM (Rain Lau), masseuse CHENG SIU-YAN (Flora Chan) is embroiled in a triad murder case. Misconceiving that she has killed someone, YAN hides away from the police and gangsters by reluctantly returning to her long-separated father CHENG TSUN-CHEONG (Shek Sau). CHEONG opens a Chinese herbal tea shop but the business is failing. YAN drags through the days stressfully until NG CHUNG-MING (Joe Ma) comes into her life. MING claims to have a secret prescription for making Chinese herbal tea but he is actually an undercover police. By investigating YAN’s case, MING hopes to get promoted and marry his inspector girlfriend CHEUNG SZ-MAN (Sharon Chan) at the end. MING’s supervisor CHEUNG SZ-CHAI (Power Chan) used to oppress him a lot and MING is losing confidence at work. However, ever since he meets the cheerful YAN, MING begins to develop his self-esteem and find his life path. His delicate relationship with YAN also starts to grow.

MING’s younger brother NG CHUNG-HONG (Him Law) meets YAN’s younger sister CHENG SIU-MAN (Mandy Wong) and love grows spontaneously. However, YAN finds out MING’s identity and she believes that the two brothers are making use of them to carry out investigation. On the other hand, MING learns that YAN’s cousin LEUNG KING-HO (Louis Yuen) is just released from jail and he is familiar with the gang leader, and YAN is considered in connection with the case. Their blossoming relationship is thrown into turmoil as they get closer to the truth.

Comments: No fan of Flora and without a doubt she is the least versatile out of TVB's top four fa dans. I've realized I can like Joe and enjoy his performance, but only with a good character (Topman in Born Rich). Sharon does not look the part of an inspector at all so I'm doubtful. At the moment the only thing that interests me right now about the series is seeing Him Law and Mandy Wong. Two of my new favs! :)


  1. I'm a fan of Flora, but the previews for this series don't look very appealing for some reason. Why do I feel like everytime an actor makes a comeback at TVB they always get mediocre roles/dramas?

  2. Annie - You're not the only one who feels that way. Comebacks are very weak these days. It's either a bad role, or a bad script. That's where the inspiration for my Comeback feature originated from, haha. Take Maggie Cheung's comeback for example. Versatile actress, but the series My Better Half was only mediocre and the role wasn't anything too special.