Sunday, April 18, 2010

My Better Half Review

My Better Half returns to TVB's lighthearted and enjoyable yet forgettable type series. Unfortunately, that's all that this series is...
Characters and Performances

Maggie Cheung - "Ko Lai Sum"
Being the actress I respect most, Maggie Cheung actually treats acting as an art, an opinion not very common in artistes nowadays. She hates repeating herself, so all her roles are a challenge, unique, and different. As viewers, people trust that any series she's in will be above average. Unfortunately, both the role and the series didn't meet my expectations. Although I expected it to be good, my expectations weren't even set that high. However, Maggie still portrays Lai Sum's tough side and feminine side flawlessly. Maggie's cuteness comes off extremely natural and seems effortless. In the end, I still ponder why Maggie (who is relatively picky when accepting series) agreed to film this. (That makes her the second fa dan for me to ponder over about their comeback. I'm still scratching my head over Kenix Kwok's acceptance of the role Angie from Born Rich.)

Michael Miu - "Ching Sum"
As a capable actor, Michael M.'s not getting roles to show that. Even if he does look young for his age, I don't want to see him as a henpecked husband who sometimes acts like he's 20. Solid performance and decent amount of chemistry with Maggie despite the age difference. However, I don't think I'm pushing it by saying Michael M. hasn't had a good role since 2005's The Academy.

Michael Tse - "Ching Yee"
I think I have a thing for characters who are womanizers at first but become a loving boyfriend/husband later. Just look at my fondness for Born Rich's Topman. While the role isn't a challenge for him, the role is likable and Michael T. has amazing chemistry with Teresa Lee.

Teresa Lee - "Mau Ling Chi/Gigi"
The role is interesting and unique. A clever person chasing after nothing but money at first, she's later revealed to be a sweet, caring woman who wants love (from a man and family/friends). Unlike her rival in love Yuki, Gigi is tough, genuinely loves and cares for Ching Yee, but can take care of herself. That is why I love her so much. Teresa is adorable and full of charm. She nails the role.

On a side note, I loved the co star chemistry between Maggie, Teresa, and both Michael's. They collaborated very well and their friendship came off real. The scenes where they discuss how to make their mother (in-law) happy are sweet. It was hilarious seeing them figure out how to get a baby.

Mandy Cho - "Yau Ka Lei/Yuki"
If you are a bad actress with a bad character, there's no stopping me from hating you. Yuki is annoying, weak, and incapable of taking care of herself. Mandy shows little improvement and her performance comes off half hearted.

Derek Kwok - "Kong Sun So"
Despite claiming to go green, Kong Sun So is a dirty and sloppy person. He wants to have an affair, yet loves his wife greatly. Derek can portray any type of role, both comedic and dramatic, but this character was just a waste of his talent. There wasn't anything special. It's a bit odd Derek's role here was so small considering he's received many second lead and first supporting roles the last two years.

Mimi Lo - "Poon Lei Sin"
Although this is the third consecutive airing series in a row that Mimi's been in, my adoration for Mimi continues to increase. She has a knack for comedy and is cute and hilarious. Mimi always seems to have these crazy curly hairstyles in series (D.I.E. Again, The Beauty of the Game) but I thought this particular one fitted her and made her look very cute.

Oscar Leung - "Heung Cheuk Shek"
Oscar is cute has shown to be talented with an incredible amount of potential as an actor. He's still terribly under rated, but it appears he has high chances of grabbing the Most Improved Actor award this year. Or at least, that's what we TVB bloggers hope.

Grace Wong - "So Sin Hung"
Grace manages to stand out in the circle of new comers with her passion for the entertainment industry. She takes acting seriously, and obviously knows what she's doing. However, I expected more from her role. I would've liked to see more of her and Oscar too. Their 'getting together' was too rushed.

Zac Kao
Not only is he extremely cute, Zac has an immense amount of comedic talent. He is naturally hilarious and always manages to make me laugh. I was amused that TVB took notice of the fact he and Michael Miu look extremely alike and even had Zac play Michael's look alike. TVB, promote him!

Surprise, Surprise!

Out of nowhere, fellow actress and real life wife of Michael Miu, Jamie Chik makes a cameo in the last episode of My Better Half as a doctor sharing a scene with the cast, with her husband included of course. What a cute surprise!


The cast and acting is nearly perfect (with the exception of Mandy). As always though, acting can not save a bad script. While My Better Half isn't necessarily bad, it was only mediocre. For Maggie Cheung's comeback, it greatly disappointed. It is funny at times, but it's exaggerated and awfully silly humor. If it weren't for Maggie, and the chemistry of Michael T and Teresa, I would've given up on the series.

2 1/2 stars


  1. this is an awful disappointment. i give it 1.5 stars and they are purely for the chemistry between teresa and michael t. other than that, there's nothing in this series worth wasting time for.

  2. queen_owl: Lol, I guess I'm too lenient on rating series then! :P But yeah, this series is totally disappointing. Teresa and Michael T. were still awesome tho. :D

  3. I absolutely have no idea why Maggie would pick this series as her comeback series really is kind of a waste, isn't it? But I always thought it's because before she had to leave the entertainment industry because she got sick, she agreed to film a series with Michael Miu, so I just thought she wanted to film another series with him in it? tsk tsk...what a waste of her talent :(
    LOL! I was stunned when Jamie Chik came out of nowhere, haha, but it was still funny though... looool