Friday, November 11, 2011

TVB 44th Anniversary Awards: My Voting Ballot

Although the nominations list was quite surprising, disappointing, and odd, I can't change anything about it.  That is why I've made my decision on who to support this year and have cast my votes on!

Best Actor: Ruco Chan
After lots of discussion, debate, and "TVB politics", an obvious winner is yet to emerge.  Will it be Ruco, Kevin, Michael Tse, Steven, or Chilam?  Either way, I will always support Ruco.  He was not nominated for Most Improved Actor, so at least TVB also acknowledges he's extremely overqualified for the award.  I keep hope that he still does have a chance of winning Best Actor as he truly deserves it.  

Best Actress: Maggie Cheung
Although this role isn't too much of new territory for the incredibly versatile Maggie, it is the first role I've genuinely enjoyed her in since her comeback to TVB.  I can finally say welcome back, Maggie!

 Best Supporting Actor: Patrick Tang
Black horse candidates rule!  And even though Patrick has no chance of winning, I can still say I supported this surprisingly hilarious and adorable underrated actor.

 Best Supporting Actress: Sharon Chan
It was a tough choice between Sharon and Nancy.  I chose Sharon because after all her hard work these years without recognition, I think the time has finally come for her to shine!  

 My Favorite Male Actor: Ruco Chan/"Lau Sze Kit/Keith"
Need I once again state why I love this character (and Ruco) so much?

 My Favorite Female Character: "Wong Sze Fu/Kris"
Witty, intelligent, professional, and adorable.  My favorite character of Myolie's...her whole career!

 Most Improved Actor: Jazz Lam
Jazz used to be an over the top actor, and while he still exaggerates at times, he has toned it down and improved.  His role in "Ghetto Justice" could've been a huge miscast, yet he pulled off the role well.

 Most Improved Actress: Mandy Wong
With so much potential and true talent, nobody deserves to win more than Mandy.  She has proved her ability in both comedy and drama, while Sire Ma still struggles in emotional scenes.

 Best Drama: Ghetto Justice
Hands down the drama with the best and most refreshing script, characters, and acting all year.

TVB Weibo Popularity Award: Ruco Chan
Who did you think I was going to vote for?  After experiencing a huge increase in followers on Weibo and skyrocketing to the #1 position on during the airing of "The Other Truth", Ruco will most likely take home this award.

Who's on your voting ballot?  Who do you support, and who do you think will win?  Share your opinion with me! :)


  1. I don't want to reveal too much on here, but I will post mine soon!

    I know you love reading comments, so I decide to leave one here instead of Twitter. :)

  2. Ok, here's my PREDICTION on who might win (NOT who I will vote for, cos my personal vote was stated in the comments of your previous post already). Although my prediction always proved to be inaccurate in previous years! Haha, but this is fun.

    Best Actor
    I think at this point, Ruco has no "chips" in hands in "exchange" for this major award from tvb. at least not yet. because he's only beginning to "rise" and does not have much value / demand in the mainland markets. so the risk of him leaving is low (unless he goes to the other new tv station that's starting soon) when he's just starting to be promoted by tvb. plus his contract doesn't seem to be up soon, so quite unlikely. but personally I hope he wins this too. as for my prediction, basing on what tvb can "milk" out of it, as with previous yrs' wins, maybe it'll be Julian Cheung or Michael Tse. Michael has commercial value cos his Laughing Gor movie did well and a sequel is coming up, so this win for him could help push his new movie's popularity.

    Best Actress
    Again, my vote is the same as yours, Maggie Cheung. Yet, again, I feel TVB wouldn't gain much from her for giving her the award. Maybe this could finally be Myolie's year, if the show she's nominated in does not do too badly in ratings by December. If the ratings' bad, then Kate / Fala / Linda could reap from it. Now, if that happens, I would be really fed-up with TVB that they would rather give the award to Kate/Fala/Linda rather than a much more deserved Maggie. ;P

    Best Supporting Actor
    No idea. Don't and no interest.

    Best Supporting Actress
    Sharon Chan!!! If not, then maybe Aimee Chan, although I can't even remember what role she played in TOT.

    Fav Male Character
    My prediction: If Julian didn't win best actor, then maybe he will get this. Otherwise, they are as likely to award this to Kevin Cheng as Ruco Chan. Ok I'm cheating with my prediction by having so many choices, but since I'm always wrong in my prediction, I'm widening my base. LOL.

    Fave Female Character
    If Myolie doesn't get the best actress, she might be given this. Well, actually she might even get both awards. My other prediction is Linda Chung.

    Best Drama
    Ghetto Justice.

  3. Chriselle - Aw, thanks for the post. Looking forward to your post. :)

    Queen_owl - Sadly, what you said about Ruco is true. He just signed a contract with TVB and starting to get promoting him heavily so there's no worry about him leaving yet. Michael and Julian are the top contenders, but I'm still rooting for Ruco.

    If Kate were to get any award, it should be Best Supporting another year or My Favorite Female Character this year. Definitely not Best Actress. Myolie will most likely win, but people will probably support her for GJ more.

    Whoa, definitely not Aimee please! She had a 3 episode guest appearance in TOT and her performance was mediocre.

    I wouldn't mind Fav Male Character going to any of the guys you mentioned tho I still hope it's Ruco.

    I'm going with Myolie or Linda as well.

  4. Our thoughts are pretty much the same :) I'm a little bit for indecisive though x) So I chose a couple of people for each catergorie lols.

    Haha for Best Supporting Actress/ was kind of disappointing for me because two people I really wanted to win in those two categories were not nominated in there :( Damian Lau for his role in The Rippling Blossom and Elena Kong in River of Wine :)

    I also got my thoughts up at my blog :D

  5. LynneD. - Hey Lynne! :) Been a while since I've replied to a comment from you. I'm also incredibly disappointed Damian Lau did not get nominated for TRB and puzzled Elena was nominated for Best Actress for River of Wine instead of supporting.

    I read your post and saw that you don't think TOT was outstanding. I agree. The series was only a standout for me because it gave Ruco the chance to shine and I liked Ruco, Tavia, and Raymond. Tavia's character was too flat and uninteresting though. Overall, it was a mediocre series but still addictive and good in terms of TVB's recent standards. I'll be posting a much delayed review of it soon, so I won't go on anymore. :)

  6. Yah it's been a very long time!! :D I know right! Damien did so well in that role D: but yet no nomination!

    Yah TOT was good overall but not great. Ghetto is much better ;) I'm excited to see the return of LA and Kris in Ghetto 2. But the downside to it is adding Christine Kuo and creating a triangle. Not a big fan of triangles.

  7. LynneD. - Not a fan of triangles or Christine Kuo. :( It's weird that they're writing in an ex-wife for LA too considering it was never mentioned. A wife wouldn't have fit into LA's past as told in the original, and there's no way he would hide that from Kris.

  8. I am a big fan of Ruco so no matter what, his dramas are the best and don't compare Ghetto Justice with TOT cuz TOT story line/cases are way more my opinion. Support Ruco all the way