Wednesday, November 23, 2011

TVB's Best Young Singers (Male Edition)

Practically every TVB artiste, particularly the younger generation, gets the opportunity to sing in at least one point.  Most are decent, but aren't exactly professionals.  However, some surprisingly possess a great amount of talent in singing, whether they pursue it as simply an interest or a career.  This is a list of my personal favorite young male singers in TVB in no particular order.

Ruco Chan

*Ruco Chan singing the theme song of "The Other Truth" live

Ruco originally entered the entertainment industry as both a singer and actor.  He was noted as having a lot of potential, signed by PolyGram, and dubbed a young Andy Lau.  This should've guaranteed him a successful career.  Unfortunately, when Polygram merged with another record company, he was dropped from the label.  As an actor at ATV, he sang several themes, most notably the theme song of "Love in a Miracle" with Amy Chan.  His newfound popularity have allowed him to sing at many live functions.  He has a strong and powerful voice but also shows very good voice control.  Unlike many other TVB singers, Ruco gives off a fun and lively atmosphere when singing live, making him very enjoyable to watch perform.

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Sammul Chan

*Sammul Chan singing the theme song to "Triumph in the Skies" in Cantonese and Mandarin live

Although Sammul has left TVB (boo hoo!), he was formerly of TVB.  Strong, soothing, with a good range?  Sammul's singing contains all of these elements, making him a great singer.  He can be gentle, but also more powerful.  He sings with a lot of emotion, making him that much more lovely to listen to.  Sadly, he was never able to sing a theme song himself for TVB before leaving.  However, it is fun to "stalk" him on YouTube for new live performances.

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Edwin Siu

*Edwin Siu performing on "The Voice"

Edwin experienced success and popularity as a singer a few years back, but subsequently disappeared from the music scene.  TVB currently has plans to promote Edwin, which will allow him to gain more exposure as both a singer and an actor.  Unlike Ruco and Sammul, who sing more for interest, I can see Edwin pursuing both a singing and acting career.  I sure hope so too, because his voice is soothing and has great range and emotion.  His recent performance on "The Voice" was fantastic and showcased his talent.  Of all the guys listed here, Edwin's singing is probably my favorite (as much as I've been a long time fan of Patrick).

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Patrick Tang

*Patrick Tang singing "好" live

Patrick is an underrated actor, and an even more underrated singer.  He released several successful songs, but has since faded in popularity.  This has nothing to do with lack of talent, but because of the record company he's signed to.  Signed under Universal are some of the most popular singers in Hong Kong, most notably Hacken Lee and Kay Tse.  As a result, Patrick has been neglected and lacks the promotion needed for success.  In my opinion, he'd be much better off in a smaller label where he could get more promotion and become a "big brother" of the company.  He has a deeper and stronger voice than others, but could work on controlling his voice.  His main setbacks are that he can get carried away with longer notes (but I appreciate his enthusiasm) and his struggles a bit with higher notes because of his deep voice.  Even so, I've always had a soft spot for Patrick, especially as a singer.  He puts an immense amount of emotion into singing his songs, especially his ballads.  He's also tried his hand at composing and songwriting, having written his song "難分難解". 

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Vincent Wong

*Vincent Wong singing the subtheme to "Gun Metal Grey" live

Vincent pursued a singing career a couple years back but did not enjoy too much success.  He used to be a bit flat, but his vocals have since vastly improved.  He doesn't have as much range or strength as the other guys on this list, but his soft yet strong voice is easy and pleasing to the ears making him still enjoyable to listen to.  I loved Vincent's live performance of the subtheme to "Gun Metal Grey" more than the original.  He put more emotion into the song and his voice was tender and soothing.  Although he still sings at functions, it seems he's another artiste who has decided to put his music career behind him.

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Zac Kao

*Zac Kao singing "時間停頓" Live

Although not a TVB signed artiste, Zac films a series every now and then.  He first caught my attention in the cool and savvy Ko Choi Sang in "D.I.E. Again", and I wondered why I didn't see him very often.  I found out that he is actually an accomplished songwriter and music composer, but has also released one solo album titled "Singing Sincerely", making him very musically talented.  He has a nice voice that has a sweet charm to it, and his songs tend to be well polished since they're his own product.  Would like to see him act more often and release more solo material.

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These are the male artistes of TVB whose singing I enjoy most.  There are others too, but these six are my personal favorites.  Hope you enjoy all the links I've provided, maybe you'll become a fan of one of these young talented men as well?  And of course, share your favorites with me as well!


  1. Hiya!! I've been following your blog for a while now and I actually follow you on Twitter hahaha. I almost like every singer/artiste here you listed in this post! I recently found Sammul a good singer because I coincidentally was listening to The Four themesong and when I heard his line in the song, I was thinking.. He can actually sing, can't he? Haaha .. Zac's 不要驚動愛情 is quite popular.. I think Sammi's sang it before too .. I luv Ruco of course haha, his acting and his singing. I hope he gets the chance to sing a tvb themesong or something. I wanna watch Edwin on the voice soon .. Maybe he'll be like Ella and get popular after guest starring in it heehee. Vincent recently got married right? Congrats to him and Yoyo ^_^

  2. Hi nikikaka! Oh yes, I remember you on my followers list. I've sent you a follow request as well. :) Sammul has taken part in many TVB themes, but they're always with other people! Hm, did not realize Sammi sang it too. Maybe he wrote it for her and decided to sing it himself too? Big fan of Ruco right here, but if you've been following my blog I'm sure you know that. ;) I was actually thinking the exact same thing about Edwin! Ella finally got the recognition she deserved after performing on "The Voice", hoping that performance will make some noise for Edwin. Yes, Vincent recently got married. :) Thanks for commenting nikikaka!

  3. Oh wow..I have to take a look at all teh song links there!!! The only one I've heard before is teh one of Sammul's Child Let Me Love and I LOVED it!!! Sound so sad :(

    I've never paid much attention to the musics, so this post is really interesting to read. Thanks for such a wonderful post Iris!!! *going to look at all the links now* :)

  4. LynneD. - You're welcome! I put a lot of links together so everyone could listen. Glad everyone is appreciating them. :) Definitely listen to these artistes! They're all very talented. Enjoy watching and listening!