Friday, June 29, 2012

Vacation time! (Hiatus Notice)

Hello everyone!  Hope everyone's having a great summer and been enjoying the updates on TVB Interaction and AE Experience.

I don't post that frequently anyway, but wanted to just leave a notice so it doesn't look like I disappeared.

I'll be on vacation on/off for the month of July.   I'm leaving tomorrow to go on a cruise to Bermuda for five days.  It should be lots of fun, because besides for going my parents, a close childhood friend of mine and her family is going too!  I'll get back Thursday afternoon.  Expect chapter 2 to be posted sometime after that though, as I've already started it and will have plenty of time on the bus to my port in New Jersey and back, and intend on using some of the time to write.

I'll be back for about a week before going on ANOTHER trip (Woo, busy summer this year! :D).  I'll be visiting my relatives in Montreal, Canada for 8-10 days.  Once again, I'll have plenty of time to write on the train ride there and back (14 hours...).  I tend to have lots of down time there (You gotta learn to be patient and find something to kill time with when you have to wait for almost 10 people to get ready to go to dinner...), so you may see me on to reply to messages and write a bit.  :)  Also, great news.  If you guys read AE Experience (and you SHOULD ;D), you know my partner Niki.  Turns out, she may be going to Montreal too, and at the same time as me!  Cross your fingers we'll get to spend time there together!  Hehe.

I'll be updating through out the month of July on and off, as I'll know I'll have time in between, will get bored, and have the urge to be productive.  Definitely don't expect to hear from me for the next week though, as I'll be too busy chilling down in Bermuda.  :P  You'll definitely still hear from me after though, whether on Twitter or replying to tagboard messages or comments.

Just a very casual (from all the side notes and emoticons) post to let everybody know what I'll be up this month (as if anybody cares?).  Sorry, I ended up rambling a bit.  Oh, and after that, I get to sink myself in summer reading.  Joy.  Anyway, hope you guys are enjoying your summer!

See you soon!

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  1. Montreal!!! If only you went to VAncouver, we could actually meet :P haha anyways, have fun on your vaca Iris!! That's an awesome summer plan you have ahead!