Friday, June 29, 2012

Vacation time! (Hiatus Notice)

Hello everyone!  Hope everyone's having a great summer and been enjoying the updates on TVB Interaction and AE Experience.

I don't post that frequently anyway, but wanted to just leave a notice so it doesn't look like I disappeared.

I'll be on vacation on/off for the month of July.   I'm leaving tomorrow to go on a cruise to Bermuda for five days.  It should be lots of fun, because besides for going my parents, a close childhood friend of mine and her family is going too!  I'll get back Thursday afternoon.  Expect chapter 2 to be posted sometime after that though, as I've already started it and will have plenty of time on the bus to my port in New Jersey and back, and intend on using some of the time to write.

I'll be back for about a week before going on ANOTHER trip (Woo, busy summer this year! :D).  I'll be visiting my relatives in Montreal, Canada for 8-10 days.  Once again, I'll have plenty of time to write on the train ride there and back (14 hours...).  I tend to have lots of down time there (You gotta learn to be patient and find something to kill time with when you have to wait for almost 10 people to get ready to go to dinner...), so you may see me on to reply to messages and write a bit.  :)  Also, great news.  If you guys read AE Experience (and you SHOULD ;D), you know my partner Niki.  Turns out, she may be going to Montreal too, and at the same time as me!  Cross your fingers we'll get to spend time there together!  Hehe.

I'll be updating through out the month of July on and off, as I'll know I'll have time in between, will get bored, and have the urge to be productive.  Definitely don't expect to hear from me for the next week though, as I'll be too busy chilling down in Bermuda.  :P  You'll definitely still hear from me after though, whether on Twitter or replying to tagboard messages or comments.

Just a very casual (from all the side notes and emoticons) post to let everybody know what I'll be up this month (as if anybody cares?).  Sorry, I ended up rambling a bit.  Oh, and after that, I get to sink myself in summer reading.  Joy.  Anyway, hope you guys are enjoying your summer!

See you soon!

Monday, June 25, 2012

"Till the World Ends": Episode 1

Myolie was scampering around the apartment trying to make everything perfect for the special day as her friends Kate, Fala, Ella, and Ron watched in amusement from the couch.  She came over and started yelling at them.  "Why are you just sitting there!  Get up and help prepare!" she cried.

Her roommate and best friend Kate looked at her and replied, "There's nothing left to do.  Just sit down and relax until Raymond gets here".  Myolie, a perfectionist that didn't know how to sit still, did not look satisfied with that answer.

"Go clean!" she told her.

Kate glanced around the apartment and wrinkled her eyebrows.  "Myo, are you kidding me?  You cleaned this whole place spotless before I could even find the broom!" she joked.

Myolie faked a laugh.  "Hahaha, when'd you get so funny?" she asked, sarcastically. Kate shrugged and gave her a taunting smile.

Bosco, Myolie's boyfriend of seven years, walked into the room and started massaging her shoulders.  "Sweetie, Kate's right.  It's time for you to sit down and take a breather", he said gently with a smile.  Myolie could act so antsy sometimes.

"But Raymond's finally back from his tour in the US!  It'll be the first time us friends will all be together in almost two months!" Myolie said, anxiously.

"Yes, and if I didn't know any better, the way you're acting would make me think Raymond is your boyfriend", Bosco playfully replied as he finally got her to sit down.

"There you go. Breathe in, breathe out", Ron teased her from the recliner chair. Myolie made a face at him.

The door bell rang, and Myolie shot back up from the couch and ran over to the door.  "Raymond!" she cried, happily.  Edwin stood at the door, surprised.

"It's just you!  What were you doing?" Myolie interrogated him.  He held up a bag.  "You told me to go buy hot sauce..." he answered.

"Oh, I forgot...thanks, just put it on the counter", she replied.

"Hello to you too", Edwin laughed as he obeyed her. These large dinners with the whole gang never occurred without a Myolie scurrying around.

Edwin came to join everyone else, and plopped down next to his "big sister" Kate on the couch. "She overexcited again?" he asked.

"Mhm", she replied.

Ron leaned down in his chair to get right next to Fala, who was sitting on the ground near him typing away on her laptop and working on an article, completely oblivious.  "Hi", he simply said into her ear, which was enough to make her jump.

Fala whacked him on the head, and he made a funny face exaggerating the pain.  "You ruined my concentration!" she said.

"Ray's about to come, stop working!" he replied.  With an annoyed face, she shut off her laptop.

He looked over at Ella, who was also busy drawing a sketch in her notebook.  "You too, pretty girl.  Time to put away all work", he said in a mock tone of authority.

Ella looked up, smiled shyly, and obliged the request.  Fala rolled her eyes in amusement.  "You know when to stop working, but not when to stop playing", she smirked.  To her displeasure, Ron ruffled her hair in response.

The door bell rang again, and this time everybody ran over to the door.  Bosco peered through the peep hole to make sure it was Raymond.  Sure enough, their old friend was standing there.  Bosco opened the door and everyone erupted into greetings like "Welcome back!" and "We missed you!" as each person gave Raymond a big hug.

"Good to see you guys again", he said, smiling widely.  He was ecstatic to be reunited with his favorite people in the world.

"How was your first US tour?" Ella asked as she gave him a hug.  Raymond could feel himself blushing a bit at seeing his pretty and sweet friend again.

"It was great, a lot of fun" he replied.

"Hey, did you get me the phone numbers of any pretty fan girls?" Ron asked, playfully.

"You rascal!  Why would I do that, the girls would be so disappointed to see who called them!" Raymond teased him as he whacked him on the head.  Fala burst out laughing.

Bosco tapped Raymond on the shoulder.  "By the way, I think you and I were unknowingly sharing a girlfriend just now", he whispered jokingly, and Raymond gave him a confused look.  Myolie punched her real boyfriend, and shoo-ed everybody over to the dining table for the big hot pot dinner she prepared.

The eight friends sat down and dug into the hot pot feast as everyone broke into chatter.  "Everybody, I have great news", Raymond announced as they settled down.  Everybody quieted down and stared at him intently.

"Did you get a 'gwai mui' girlfriend?" Ron, who was sitting next to Fala, asked.  He quickly put up his hands in self defense before Fala could take another whack at him.

"No, I...", Raymond trailed off.  He turned to Fala and asked "I thought you're supposed to keep him under control?"

"This is Ron under control, my friend", Fala said to him.

" manager gave me a call this morning, and she told me...I'm going to be performing at the HK Colesium!" he announced, excitedly.  Everybody started cheering and congratulating him.

"That's amazing news, we're so happy for you!" Ella exclaimed.

"You've made it, Ray!" Edwin said.  Everybody started applauding.  Raymond felt flattered.  His friends, no matter how dysfunctional at times, never failed to support him in his music career.

After all the congratulations were over, they started bombarding Raymond with questions.  "Will we get tickets?" Fala asked.

"I will try my best to get you all tickets", Raymond answered.  Fala pumped her first into the air.  "Yes, tickets to see Hong Kong's rising superstar!  I'll get to exclusively cover it!" the journalist said eagerly.

 "Hey...HK Colesium concerts usually have some bold and outrageous costumes.  Are you worried what they're going to give you to wear?" Bosco asked with curiosity.

"I haven't thought about that", he answered.

"They're going to make you wear something that will make girls go crazy over you", Ron teased.

Everybody continued happily chatting and catching up until way past dinner, and it wasn't until after midnight that everyone went home.

It was Monday again, and that meant the start of another work week.  Myolie and Kate went to work at their PR firm like always.  Myolie was still feeling bubbly and content from the weekend get together.  Whoever tried to upset her good mood ways going to pay.

"Wu!  What are you smiling about?" her boss, Rachel, demanded.  Unless of course, that person was her boss.  Cold, stubborn, uptight, and unreasonable, Rachel was irritating and unpleasant to have as a boss.  Oh, and she seemed to hate smiling, laughter, and anything to do with happiness, much to Myolie and Kate's dismay.

"What, I can't smile, boss?" Myolie replied, cheekily.

Rachel glared at her.  "No, but the problem is you look like an idiot, like a stupid and naive little teenage girl in love", she replied.

Kate looked up from her desk after hearing Rachel's last remark.  The two were engaged in a dead lock stare with each other.  She froze.  This was not going to slide with Myo very well.

"Hey, what's going on here?" she asked casually as she came over and put her arms around the two women.  The two didn't seem to acknowledge her.

"You're calling me a stupid, naive little girl in love, eh?" Myolie answered, clearly ticked off, but trying to retain her composure.

Kate, still calm, tried to play the mediator.  "No, I'm sure she didn't mean that.  She just didn't want us to get distracted from our work", she stated.

Without even glancing at Kate, Rachel sneered at Myolie.  "Yes, that's what I'm calling you!" Rachel replied.

Kate looked up in annoyance.  Who was she to call her best friend a stupid little girl?  A little out if it at times, sure, but not stupid!  Kate was the more level headed girl of the group, but she wasn't going to let someone call Myolie stupid.  And from someone who's supposed to be a superior and professional figure no less, how immature!

"Oh, you're resorting to name calling now?" Kate asked Rachel, cooly.  "Well, I think that you're just someone who's lacking happiness in her own life, so she takes it out on her subordinates.  Is that really necessary though?  You could be so much more professional than that.  It's quite disappointing actually", she said in an aloof tone.

Rachel looked horrified at what her subordinate just said.  "Excuse me?" she asked.

Myolie looked at Kate in admiration.  She had managed to stand up to someone the whole firm had wanted to for the longest time, and without losing her composure for one second.  It was time for her to take a jab at her pinhead of a boss.  What was the perfect jab?  Next thing she knew, something very foolish slipped out of her mouth.

"You heard what she said, you pinhead of a boss!" she said.  As soon as the words came out, she froze.  What did she just do?!  At the same time, something about it felt very sweet.  Evilly sweet.

The office became dead silent.  Even Kate looked shocked at what Myolie said.  Rachel was furious.  "Pinhead?!" she raised her voice.  "That's it, you two are fired!" she screamed.

Myolie wasn't going to stop now, she was just getting started.  She felt an odd sense of satisfaction and relief.  "You want to fire us, fine!  You take pleasure out of people's misery and can't stand to see people enjoying life just the tiniest bit.  I'm tired of working for such a witch!  And you know what, I'm not going to anymore!  We quit!"

Rachel's eyes looked like they were about to bulge out of her head.  Kate stood there motionless, unable to comprehend what just happened.   Did she just lose her job?  Because her friend called their boss a pinhead?

Myolie, not quite realizing what she had just did, took Kate's hand and started pulling her away.  "See you suckers!" she yelled to everyone with a feeling of triumph.

"You know you can't quit after you've been fired right..", is all Kate managed to mutter to Myolie as they left the work building.  Oh well.  What just happened would sink into Myolie's head.  And when it was going to be a disaster.


Comments: First episode!  Rather long, since I wanted to introduce everybody and at least have them each say a couple lines.  As opposed to jumping straight into one individual's story, I wanted to have all the friends together and mix.  I hope Myolie doesn't seem crazy!  She's just supposed to be eccentric and slightly obsessive compulsive.  I can imagine her playing this character very well and being funny, as opposed to annoying.  Second episode coming soon!  Feedback please!  :)

Sunday, June 24, 2012

"Till the World Ends": Forewords + Character Descriptions

Synopsis: In the prime of their life, 8 young adults in their mid 20s are all leading different career and life paths. However, this large group of individuals all are bound by a strong friendship: one full of trust, understanding, laughs, and quirks. No matter where life takes them, they'll always be there for each other, until the world ends. "Till the World Ends" follows the lives, adventures, and situations these young adults face in what should be a fun and humorous sitcom.

Genre: Sitcom, Comedy, Drama, Friendship, Romance

Cast: Raymond Lam, Ella Koon, Myolie Wu, Bosco Wong, Ron Ng, Fala Chen, Kate Tsui, Edwin Siu

Character Descriptions

Raymond Lam
Career: Singer
He started off as a talented and acclaimed rising musician, whose popularity made him become Hong Kong's #1 idol. He loses control of his career and starts to feel like a joke. His friends constantly poke fun and make jokes of what he has become. He is charming and laid back but humble and easily feels awkward, particularly with his idol image. (Parody of himself)

Ella Koon
Career: Interior designer
A shy yet sweet, thoughtful, but intelligent and creative girl whose hidden talent is music. Through their mutual interest in music, she sparks Raymond's passion for it again.

Bosco Wong
Career: Businessman.
An easy going and calm guy. He leads a less structured life and goes with the flow, often winging things as he goes along. He and Myolie are the stable and long term couple of the group.

Myolie Wu
Career: Works at PR firm before opening a pastry shop with Kate.  Smart, organized, bold, and eccentric individual but can be rather anxious and antsy. In contrast to Bosco, she is a very structured person.

Ron Ng
Career: Personal Trainer.
A playful, flirty, silly, and oddball guy who is very loyal and caring when it comes down to it. He is always there for his friends, particularly Fala.

Fala Chen
Career: Journalist, writes for a lifestyle and entertainment magazine.
A straightforward, blunt, sarcastic, and ambitious writer. She can be rather moody, but means well. She often has to put a rein on Ron's behavior.

Edwin Siu
Career: Web designer.
The youngest and "little brother" of the group. He is bright, quirky, shy, and quite a romantic. He and Kate have a brother and sister-like friendship, and are always looking out for another like real siblings.

Kate Tsui
Career: Works at PR firm before opening a pastry shop with Myolie.
An independent, level headed, but fierce and confident individual. Men are attracted to her, but are also often intimidated by her. She treats Edwin like her little brother.


Comments: Time for another go at writing a fiction! I hope to do a lot of writing this summer. My previous fiction "Finding Life's Sweetness" is on hold as I'm a bit stuck on that. My favorite part about writing fiction is writing the dialogue and character interactions, so I thought I'd try a sitcom like format. It will have an episodic format, with some stand alone episodes and some story arcs. I'm also going to include lots of pop culture references and satirical commentary, particularly with Raymond's character. Hope everyone will read, support, and give feedback!

Happy (Belated) 3rd Anniversary to TVB Interaction!

Happy belated anniversary to TVB Interaction!  I can't believe I've been running this blog/site for 3 years (about 2 years actively, haha).  The actual anniversary is June 13th, but I didn't get a chance to write a post until now.  I hope everyone likes the anniversary layout, which features some of my favorite artists.

I'll keep this short and sweet.  I'm happy that after several attempts, I finally made a successful comeback as the web mistress of this blog.  I may not be updating as often as I did before, but I will not abandon it, no matter how hard I try to actually have a social life (har har) and also run AE Experience.

What to Expect Next...

  • REVIEWS.  I rarely get through finishing a whole TVB series nowadays.  However, whenever I manage to finish a series though, I will write a review.  Drama reviews are an integral part of this site that are not going anywhere.
  • SATIRE.  This is something I particularly enjoy writing, but don't often do because it requires a lot of inspiration.  However, I have a new satire feature in mind.  ;)
  • FICTION.  With all the free time I have this summer, I want to develop my weakest writing skill: fiction writing.  "Finding Life's Sweetness" is on hold for now, but I will revisit it.  I have come up with a new fiction though, and this will take on a more sitcom-like format.  I'm very excited to start writing it.  Stay tuned!
For the hundredth time, once again, thanks everyone for continuing to read and support!  Here's to another 3 years on the web!