Thursday, December 25, 2014

New banner and layout! Featuring Priscilla Wong and Tony Hung

Merry Christmas and happy holidays, everyone! I've unintentionally kept the same banner and layout for almost, not one, but two years and thought I would change it up before the new year. I wanted to do something fun, and Priscilla and Tony quickly came to mind. I love the silly and close friendship these two have and how they play off each other so well, especially after watching them host the "Pilgrimage of Wealth" series. As much as I love watching travel shows to see the sights, I ended up being more drawn to watching for their bickering and funny interactions. Their platonic but awesome friendship never fails to make me smile and laugh out loud, which is why I chose pictures where they're being silly and well, themselves. The orange and coral color scheme is something I haven't done before that I think matches the banner and the people in it well.

P.S. Edwin, don't be jealous. They're just friends. ;)

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