Friday, January 9, 2015

Recasting: "How I Met Your Mother"

While American shows and actors are no doubt vastly different from TVB's, I always thought it'd be fun to do a "recasting" of American shows with TVB actors.

Here is my recast of one of my favorite shows, "How I Met Your Mother"...

Ted Mosby: Raymond Lam before 2008 or Edwin Siu
I have two choices for of which requires a time machine. Since "Moonlight Resonance" and becoming an idol, Raymond Lam seems to have gotten the interesting sucked out of him. However, in his earlier series, he was such a fun and charismatic actor who had a good amount of comedic talent. He's played several more sensitive characters before and does it well. This makes him a good match for Ted, a hopeless romantic looking for the right girl. While I can see him playing such a character now too, I think the Raymond of yesteryear would have been able to portray Ted with the appropriate humor and quirkiness, but would just seem like a lovesick puppy playing him today.

As for an actor who could play Ted today, Edwin Siu could play the role as well. I can also see him as the sensitive and romantic but goofy guy. In fact, with his comedic timing, he could probably better bring out Ted's quirks and silliness.  

Tracy McConnell - Ella Koon
To play the infamous "Mother" Ted eventually marries, I would cast Ella Koon. While I think Cristin Milioti is in her own league of charming and adorable, Ella can also be very cute and sweet. She has that affability about her that could make viewers fall in love with her, much like viewers did with Cristin. Plus, she and Raymond have shown they share chemistry, even though "Highs and Lows" wasted her character. 

Robin Sherbatsky: Myolie Wu
Myolie is the best young TVB actress at playing the strong and independent career-minded woman. As Robin is an ambitious reporter who is always putting career before love, Myolie is an obvious choice for Robin. However, she would also be able to portray Robin's weaknesses and vulnerabilities.

Raymond and Myolie have already shown they have great chemistry in "Survivor's Law," so playing lovers would not be a problem, though I'm not sure how she would fare with Edwin.

Lily Aldrin: Selena Li
Lily is the more feminine one and a very sweet person, but don't let that mislead you, because she can also be incredibly intimidating with her surprising manipulativeness, which makes her a delight to watch. This makes Selena a very fitting choice for Lily. She is plenty sweet and feminine, but has also shown she can transition to look and act more manipulative, such as in "Slow Boat Home." I think she could portray this with the cute mischievousness Lily usually tends to do, which makes her appear "scary" to the guys. It would be incredibly fun to see Selena in such a role.

Marshall Eriksen: Ruco Chan
Marshall is my favorite character on HIMYM, and honestly, unlike the other characters, I can't think of anyone who feels really right and spot on for the character. Marshall is the most naive and homely of all the guys, but often the most grounded. I think Ruco could portray that, while also doing well in portraying his aspirations to be an environmental lawyer that saves the world (yet for many years, failing to do so). A few fan videos with clips of Ruco from his drama series and variety shows I recently saw reminded me he can be lighthearted and quite funny, particularly with his facial expressions. However, Marshall is arguably the character who can be the quirkiest and goofiest, and I highly doubt Ruco can pull it off with the hilarity Jason Segel does. Also, as Niki told me while I was telling her about this post, "I can't really see Ruco telling Big Fudge jokes."

The actors who play Lily and Marshall have to have a ton of chemistry, as they're the stable and "model" couple of the group. Ruco typically keeps his distance from his female co-stars, but his chemistry with Selena was off the charts in "Slow Boat Home," even though the series itself was bad. They were incredibly cute in the flashback scenes, much like how Lily and Marshall are. I can see them being that stable yet lovey dovey and sweet couple.  

Barney Stinson: Louis Cheung
I saved my favorite casting for last! The first character I casted, Louis almost immediately popped into my head for Barney. He is one of those few TVB actors who can pull off more flamboyant characters, which is definitely needed for a character like Barney Stinson, who is at times almost like a caricature whose larger than life. Louis' suaveness and charm would make him completely believable as a playboy, and he can really wear a suit. He'd be hilarious with his comedic timing, and I think he's also capable of giving Barney that lovable quality and heart that Neil Patrick Harris does, which keeps Barney from seeming like a one-dimensional cartoon. Lastly, I can easily imagine Louis getting up and saying "It's going to be legen - wait for it - dary!" 

While Myolie and Louis have not paired up before and don't look very compatible physically, I think the two talented and comedic actors would be able to hold their own against each other as love interests, particularly in the scenes where they bicker and poke fun at each other (with love of course).

Do you agree with these casting decisions? Who would you cast for the "How I Met Your Mother" gang?


  1. Really interesting post, though I didn't watch HIMYM so I can't comment on your choices.