Wednesday, June 10, 2009

About Website

TVB Interaction was first created on June 13, 2009. When publishing my first post, I already had much experience with blogging. I opened my first website back in the summer of 2008 on, now called One of the things I liked to do most on my site was blog. After around half a year, to suit my blogging interests more, I switched to Blogger. I created two or three blogs there, one I updated with me and my best friend, and two sites that I just experimented on. During those days, my interest in TVB started to grow more and more. I've always had an opinion on everything, especially in movies and TV series. I loved reading and following TVB blogs. Eventually, in the summer of 2009, I created my first ever blog dedicated to TVB.

I had no knowledge of HTML or photoshop whatsoever at the time, and my knowledge of it currently is still scarce. About three months or so afterward though, TVB Interaction started to go under make overs. With the help of Google, I learned more about HTML and experimented with it on my site. What began as a default banner and layout soon become more personalized to my taste.

Of course, what's most important to me about TVB Interaction is not it's outside looks, but the writing on the inside. A writer myself, I prefer to be original about my posts. I rarely and usually don't re post news articles. I write my own, and think of my own ideas and topics. I do the best I can to make myself different from other TVB bloggers with my personal writing style. This has resulted in detailed articles comparing TVB with real life issues as well as the popular feature In Their Face.

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