Friday, June 12, 2009

Behind My Blogging Life

What is my favorite part about running a blog?

I've had an interest in writing for a long time and teachers have always praised that I'm a good writer. In the last few years, I've started to write my own stuff and not just school related material. Unfortunately, there's never anyone to read it. My blog allows me to reach out to people who actually read and respect my writing style as well as enjoy reading about the topic of TVB. And of course, my other favorite part is meeting people. It's been so great getting to know other fellow bloggers. A majority of times, I feel as though they're easier to talk to than my real life classmates.

How long have I been blogging?

I first experienced with having a website in the summer of 2008, where I opened a free webs (now 'webs') site. As my favorite part about it was blogging, I switched to Blogger several months later and have made it my home since. There, I created a personal/TVB blog that unfortunately never took off due to lack of time and visitors. Another short lived blog was one opened with my best friend as mentioned above. Though I was afraid TVB Interaction would become another one of my 'abandoned' blogs, it has become so much more than just a blog to me.

Why do I love TVB?

I like to think of TVB as a whole world by itself. It's full of artistes, series, rumors, different personalities, and much more. Life can get crazy sometimes, or just become a drag. When I want a breath of fresh air or just relax, I soak myself into the world of TVB. It is something that interests me, but remains as that. It's a world I can escape in and out of. TVB's not like school, fights, or friend/family troubles that can pop out of nowhere and create stress in my life.

What I have to thank TVB for...

Although TVB's quality has rapidly gone downhill in recent years, I'm still thankful for it. Without TVB, there'd be no TVB Interaction. I wouldn't have met all the other amazing TVB bloggers. I also wouldn't have met Liling from TVB Sensations who I now consider a best friend as we have such similar taste and share so many of the same interests whether it's TVB or real life.

What I have to thank TVB Interaction for...

So much! Since creating it back in June, my writing has improved by so much. I have learned to write in many different formats including articles, reviews, and satire. My writing is put to use at least once a week nowadays and I've developed my own unique writing style. Though I'm not a boastful person, I do think my writing has matured a lot, especially when I go back to look at my old material. Also, TVB Interaction is in a way a type of therapy for me. When I'm bored, sad, annoyed, stressed, or just tired of real life, working on my blog always brightens my mood.

Who/What was my inspiration for creating TVB Interaction?

MetalAZNWarrior from TVB Musings, who I consider my 'mentor.' After becoming addicted to TVB, his blog was the first TVB blog I stumbled upon. I loved his wit and unique writing style. To me, TVB Musings is what I call entertaining reading. For a long time, I was simply his silent reader. I don't remember what post and why, but I finally commented on his blog after being a loyal reader of his for months. I mentioned to him about my wish to create a TVB blog, and he encouraged and supported me by being my critic ever since. Although MetalAZNWarrior has officially retired from the TVB blogosphere, he is forever my mentor and the reason why TVB Interaction was finally launched.

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  1. Hi Iris! TVB has also always been a way for me to relieve stress, especially from my tedious school life. I've been a loyal fan of TVB ever since a young child, and I grew up watching the faces of the now popular actors/actresses. I love reading your blog, especially since there are so many unique features :) Keep up the good writing! I can't wait to read more of your upcoming posts!