Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Warehoused Series: A Great Way To Care

Cast: Alex Fong, Kate Tsui, Raymond Wong, Elliot Yue, Timmy Hung, Pierre Ngo


KO LAP YAN (Fong Chung Sun), Senior Psychiatrist of Yan Wo Hospital, is a competent and kind-hearted doctor who specializes in severe schizophrenia and even minor mental illness. YAN cures his patients by not only medication but also by psychological analysis. He diagnoses the cause with reference to the symptoms. The plot is interesting, intricate and extraordinary. The Psychiatrist LIN CHI SUM (Cheung Chi Kwong) and the nurse LI YING CHUN (Wong Ho Yin) are both good friends of YAN. SUM is keen on helping people. He has cured a patient suffering from binge eating disorder SUEN KA PIK (Yeo Vivien). They have overcome a lot of difficulties and become a couple. YAN is a divorced single father with a daughter. After the failed marriage, he did not long for love affairs until he chanced upon an Inspector of Serious Crime Unit MOK MAN YEE (Tsui Tsz Shan, Kate). They have gradually developed their relationship through business contact. However, in order to avoid recurrence of genetic mental disease, YEE detaches her feeling from YAN.

*This series is warehoused because TVB has decided to air previously warehoused series Sweetness in the Salt due to the success of Rosy Business.*

This series does not appeal to me much and I do not plan on watching it, but may anyway just to past the time as my mom intends to watch it soon. The supporting cast is pretty solid and likable, but it is the two main leads that throw me off.

The following below is only MY own opinion, and I do not intend on hurting any 'hypersensitive' fans about my following views of the cast and series.

Unlikable Lead #1:

Alex Fong

I have watched The Building Blocks of Life, and although I do not think of it as a great series, it wasn't as bad as I expected it to be. However, many of the characters annoyed me, and I couldn't 'connect' with any of them. Alex Fong was among the few that annoyed me. I have not seen Alex before, so I will not judge his acting too strongly. However, his performance was frequently dull and boring. Overrall, I do not enjoy watching him on screen.

Unlikable Lead #2:

Kate Tsui

First thing that you learn about me on this blog, is that I do not like Kate. I don't hate her as a person, I do not know about her to do so, but I'm just not fond of her acting. I find that when she is playing a 'good' role, she tries to hard to be cute, and uses a baby voice that annoys me. On the other hand, when she is playing a 'bad' role, she just drives me crazy with how evil her role is. Kate is showing improvements, and I think she'll become a better actress along the way, but I think TVB should not be giving her lead roles so soon. Her first lead role in Speech of Silence had been outshined by the improvements of supporting actress Elaine Yiu. As far as I know, this year, Kate will be main female lead in this series, and overrall main lead in the upcomming The Beauty of the Game. I'm also not sure if she will be able to handle a character that suffers from genetic mental disorder.
TVB is definitely trying to cover every topic and profession in their productions, first immigration, and now mental disorders. This concept can be interesting, depending on how TVB chose to handle it. I hope that the mental disorder concept will not be handled ridiculously, not realistic enough, or overexaggerated. (If it's even possible to 'overexaggerate' being mental...)

I may give this series a chance to see how the story and mental patient plots turn out.

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