Saturday, January 30, 2010

New Series: Don Juan Demercado

English Title: Don Juan Demercado
Chinese Title: ??????
Broadcast Period: February 15, 2010 – Febrary 20, 2010
Genre: Modern Drama
Length: 5 episodes
Producer: Wong Wai Sing
Scriptwriter: Wong Yeung Tat & Poon Man Hung
Cast: Bosco Wong, Kate Tsui, Wong Cho Lam, Kitty Yuen, Christine Kuo

Supposing there was a chocolate that could make you taller, slimmer and more beautiful, would you eat it without demur? Do perfect looks guarantee a perfect life? This hilarious Chinese New Year comedy is going to bring you the sweetest Valentine present ever in six consecutive episodes.

KUNG YAN TUNG (Wong Cho Lam) is beaten in a singing contest, despite his beautiful voice; turned down by his dream lover, YEUNG SIN WAH (Christine Kuo), despite his kind heart. He blames all these on his unattractive appearance. One day, he gets a pack of magical chocolates by chance. He eats one, and transforms into a heartthrob instantly. He changes his name to KAN LIK SHUN (Wong Yeung Tat & Poon Man Hung), and he hits stardom almost overnight. The magical chocolates have a time limit though. His personal assistant, KING CHI KO (Wong Yeung Tat & Poon Man Hung), discovers his secret. Fortunately, instead of disclosing it, she works even harder to help him. SHUN is getting more and more popular, even famous star TSE ON FEI (Kate Tsui) is going after him. There are only a few chocolates left. Then SHUN meets a scientist, who gives him a magical chocolate that has no time limit. If SHUN eats it, TUNG will disappear from the earth for good. Before he makes the decision, he is surprised to find that KO has tried the magical chocolates, too.
Comments: First, the HK entertainment industry was covered in the intriguing The Beauty of the Game. Now, HK's music industry shall be covered, featuring innuendos of popular singers Kay Tse and so on. That is my main reason to watch it, as well as seeing the short but talented Wong Cho Lam and Kitty Yuen finally collaborating. Unfortunately, the synopsis seems cheesy. The fact that Bosco and Kate are in the series make me not so crazy about it as well.


  1. firstly, you are so right that bosco and kate are turn offs. otherwise, i kinda like the storyline, cos i'm a sucker for fantasies! haha...

  2. What I wonder is, if TVB wanted to create a series based off the HK music industry, why pick Bosco and Kate out of all the TVB 'singers'? Then again, there's no way Raymond would film a seemingly 'small fry' and low profile series like this.

    I think this storyline has the potential to be cute and enjoyable. :) Knowing TVB, I'm afraid the potential will be ripped away from it and become cheesy and stupid.

  3. Wanna watch this simply becoz of Cholam~~ kind of miss him in the TV after he left Off Peddar.

  4. Raymond - Have you watched Cho Lam in Beauty of the Game? :)

  5. the show is pretty good.. you guys should watch it.. and i think kate tsui has done a good job here in potraying as a arrogant and yet lonely person