Monday, January 4, 2010

The Season of Fate

English Title: The Season of Fate
Chinese Title: ????
Broadcast Period: January 11, 2009 – February 12, 2009
Genre: Period Drama
Length: 20 episodes
Producer: Cheung Kin Man
Scriptwriter: Wong Kwok Fai & Yip Sai Hong
Cast: Roger Kwok, Esther Kwan, Michelle Yim, Derek Kwok, Ng Wai Kwok, Oscar Leung, Vivien Yeo, Regen Cheung, Elena Kong


Poor LIN SHEUNG CHUN (Esther Kwan) is sold to KWAN’s family as a concubine but her husband passes away accidentally. Losing husband has caused the first wife WONG YEUK LAM (Michelle Yim) erratic behavior. CHUN has no choice but to take up all family responsibilities including operation of the family’s bistro. During the time, MA WING CHING (Roger Kwok) and LEI SHI MUI (Regen Cheung) are swindling around, their schemes get unveiled by CHUN. However, LAM mistakenly recognizes CHING as her senior apprentice and she runs after him all the time. CHING seizes the chance to swindle money by working at the bistro. After a series of incidents, CHUN and CHING unexpectedly have crush on each other. CHUN feels caught in the middle between CHING and her childhood friend LEUNG GAU MUI (Derek Kwok). All of a sudden, LAM’s second senior apprentice YAM FEI YEUNG (Ng Wai Kwok) returns home with his foster son YAM SHING TIN (Oscar Leung). YEUNG hopes to get LAM’s heart back to him but CHUN believes that he has intentions behind it. Coming as a surprise, she discovers the secret of CHING…
Comments: So this series is supposed to be a drama/semi comedy? Eh, we'll see how this works out. Though I'm not sure the food theme will be interesting as it's been used several times. I'm hesitant of how the plot will turn out (surprise, surprise) but the synopsis seems intriguing. Although I'm tired of the 'love triangle' I love all three artistes (Esther, Roger, and Derek) so maybe I'll actually enjoy it. It's great to see Esther back and she's a great comedic actress. Hopefully by now, you'll realize that Derek's my all time favorite supporting actor too. He'll probably never get the chance to lead, but I'm psyched he's getting another 'second male lead' role. It looks like Oscar has a bigger role than usual too, so I'm looking forward to that. He's starting to grow on me and he's improved a lot.

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