Saturday, January 7, 2012

Introducing Asian Entertainment Experience!

A close friend of mine, Niki, recently came up with the wonderful idea of creating a collaborative blog/website about Asian entertainment called Asian Entertainment Experience.  The site will be run by her, a couple of our friends, and I.

The site, also referred to in short as AE-Experience, will cover all types of Asian entertainment.  It will focus on Korean and Hong Kong dramas and music.  The site will offer reviews, fan fiction, satire, general discussion, and other unique features.

I am the web manager of the blog (I'm in charge of the layout/design and will promote the site) and one of the head writers along with Niki.  I will be contributing some of my pieces from TVB Interaction to the site as well as writing exclusive content that won't be posted here.  There, I will also write about TVB as well as C-Pop and other things relating to HK entertainment.  Please support my friends, TVB Interaction, and I by visiting!

Blog URL:
Twitter Page:!/AEExperience

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