Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Ruco Chan & Grace Wong Perform @ Citywalk

First off, happy belated Chinese New Year to all my wonderful readers!  You can find my wishes for everyone here.  Normally, I don't share videos or do short posts, but wanted to for this occasion.

For this year's Citywalk event, Ruco Chan and Grace Wong performed a dance to Ne-Yo's "Closer".

I've always enjoyed Grace's dancing and was excited to see Ruco dance for the first time.  The outcome was fantastic, especially considering Ruco said they had to do it so last minute and squeeze it into their schedules.

Grace looked stunning and is such a talented dancer.  She wasn't too showy, but still showed her abilities.

Ruco did much better than I expected he would.  He nailed all the moves and transitioned well.  Even when he got on the floor, he didn't fall behind and continued on smoothly.

The two were very in sync the whole time and appeared very into it.  They looked great and performed great as well.  They created chemistry and overall did wonderfully.  Great job, Ruco and Grace!

*Clap clap clap clap* :D


  1. Kudos should be given to Ruco for breaking out of his acting sphere and giving a public dancing performance for his first time? (Not sure if it is, but this is my first time seeing him dance. I know he is a decent singer as well.)

    I was slightly scared for Ruco while watching his performance perhaps because it's the first time and I was glad he didn't make any mistakes. However, perhaps because Grace is a professional dancer, I felt she was given more dancing moves. Grace's dancing is very smooth and nearly flawless.

    Overall Ruco did a fine job although a few nervous/stiff moves (around 4:35-4:40) made me laugh a bit.

  2. Chriselle - Ruco said this was his first public dance performance, yes. Now we know he can act, sing, and dance. :)

    I was a little nervous at first too, but impressed to see he was pretty smooth and didn't make any mistakes. The professional dancer will always get more moves than the less experienced partner, it only makes sense. In this case though, I felt it was divided pretty evenly and Ruco got the chance to do many moves as well. The part where he's on the floor and they both put up their fingers was really cute.