Sunday, July 12, 2009

New Series: A Bride for a Ride

Episodes: 21

Genre: Costume Action

Producer: Poon Ka Tak

Cast: Chin Kar Lok, Sammul Chan, Louisa So, Nancy Wu, Lee Kwok Lun, Rain Lau, Gigi Wong, Cheung Kwok Keung, Chun Wong, Mimi Chu, Macy Chan, Nicky Law, Natalie Wong


Foolhardy Tiger Wong (Chin Kar Lok) is annoyed with his mother Lau Bing Tai (Gigi Wong) for consistently pressuring him to get married. He therefore snatches Chow Man Bun (Sammul Chan) who is in female disguise to be his bride and arranges for Bun to stay at his younger sister Wong Sau Ying (Nancy Wu)’s chamber for the night. After this, Tiger has no choice but to marry Ying to Bun while setting up strict rules to torture Bun in the house. Clever Bun makes use of the chivalrous woman Mo Sam Leung (Louisa So) to control Tiger and misleads Leung that Tiger is her long lost rescuer. Using tricks to upset Tiger, he makes Tiger marry Leung. Since then, Leung tries every means to domesticate her husband and that almost drives him insane. Bun is relieved to escape from Tiger’s manipulation but he carelessly causes lots of troubles elsewhere. “A Bride for A Ride” brings you a modern perspective of this traditional tale and you’ll surely be surprised with its astonishing approach.

The plot doesn't seem very appealing and the silliness of it all is a bit of a turnoff. However, I think it will be funny, even if its the ridiculous and crazy type of funny. Previously seeing Chin Ka Lok in The Academy, I'm excited to see him in a lead role as he is humorous. It'll be great to see Nancy Wu again, I think she looks very pretty in ancient series, and her acting never disappoints. My #1 reason to watch this though would be to see my favorite TVB actor Sammul Chan act as a girl. Most of us have heard this by now, AND seen the pictures. I'm sure it'll be hilarious. Sammul is one of the most versatile younger TVB actors, so acting as a girl will be nothing but a challenge that he can easily overcome.
On a side note...I really don't like the poster. >.<

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