Monday, July 20, 2009

New Series: You're Hired

Airing - August 10 - September 4

Episodes: 22
Genre: Modern Comedy
Producer: Cheung Kin Man
Cast: Dayo Wong, Charmaine Sheh, Michael Tse, Teresa Lee, Benz Hui, Power Chan, Mandy Cho, Bak Biao, Cheung Kwok Keung, Joel Chan, Queenie Chu, Koni Lui

High-flier MAK TAI SONG (Dayo Wong Tze Wah) has dissociated himself from the business world by showing deep regret to the suicide of his mentor. Later, he learns that his mentor’s wife SHE MO LIN (Theresa Lee) is in great debt and he starts selling “business tactics” to the trader TONG KAT (Benz Hui Shiu Hung) for LIN’s debt recovery. Deadbeat SONG refuses to take a full time job and that makes his income change from day to day. A tough collection agent, LAM MIU MIU (Charmaine Sheh), tries every means to push him into a corner. They keep playing tricks on each other and finally become a pair of rival lovers.
By chance, SONG meets his uterine brother ON CHO LIN (Michael Tse Tin Wah). He thereby recalls the tragic memories of the past when his mother deserted him and his father. This triggers the hatred hidden deep inside his heart and leads him to seek revenge against ON’s family. SONG’s abrupt change has left MIU feeling confused.

I'm definitely watching this series. I think it'll be a laugh out loud comedy, because Dayo's in it. I haven't seen any of his series, but he's a comedian and his series are audience favorites. I'm glad I'll finally have the chance to see his comedy. It's obvious that this series will be a comedy, but I wouldn't know that based off the synopsis. The synopsis does not show any hint of comedy, and makes it seem more of a modern drama. Then again, it's probably just not a very good synopsis.

I'm neutral when it comes to Charmaine. Sometimes I'll like her and sometimes I won't, it just depends on her role and performance. She seems a little stiff and bored when she plays professional roles, like in Forensic Heroes ll. A more sweet and lighthearted role would probably fit her better. I'm looking forward to seeing her love hate relationship with Dayo. She looks pretty in the poster and costume fitting pictures too.

Michael Tse is back after the popular Laughing Gor! I can't wait to see him again! Although I never really found the big deal of Laughing and thought he was overrated, I can't deny Michael did an amazing job portraying him. He really gave the role his all and it hardly looks like acting. I'll gladly welcome him back to the TV screen. :)

Of course, it'll be great to see Benz again too. There's no reason to explain why, he's hilarious and charming despite his age! You can't help but enjoy it when he's onscreen!

This is going to be a great series. Oh, no, I'm getting high expectations again! XD Don't let me down TVB!

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