Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sammul Chan Transforms Into an Ancient 'Beauty'

Sammul Chan's new series "A Bride for a Ride" will release tomorrow, and we all know that Sammul will be playing two characters, one of which he'll have to disguise as a female. Apparently, Chin Ka Lok's character will be attracted to the female Sammul and 'snatches' him (or should I say her) home. For fun's sake, I've decided to post the pics of him in his female costume, before we actually get to see him onscreen.

That's some heavy make up. ^_^ He even has the fan to complete the look. His costume is definitely a big deal to the series, which was why they had to give him his own costume fitting.
A smile! :) He's got the hand motions down I see. Haha, he sure looks like a girl. Ancient beauty? Not really. But he's a pretty dang convincing girl..
There are more out there, but these are what I can find and quickly post. I'm hoping I'll be able to get more updates up soon using my actual signature writing, and not just quick posts about upcoming series and such and such. In the meantime, I hope these pictures of Sammul brought a smile to your face. Make sure you watch him in 'A Bride for a Ride'! :)

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