Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Patrick Tang : 3 Great MV's

TVB actor Patrick Tang has been working with TVB for 9 years, but he has yet to gain a very large fan base. This year, he has been featured in 3 series back to back, which is getting viewers very annoyed and sick of him. (The King of Snooker, Just Love ll, and The Threshold of a Persona) I've watched all 3 now, just not in order. In his defense, it's unlikely he filmed all these series back to back. It was just TVB's decision to air those series in that order, which is probably their method of promoting him. Of course, the purpose of promoting someone to become more popular is somewhat ruined when they just complain about his presence on TV for so long. I actually think he's not that bad of an actor, maybe not as good as siu sangs Raymond Lam and Sammul Chan, but not horrid. I don't mind watching him, and I think I quite like him. He exaggerates at times which makes you able to easily tell he's acting though.

For those who still think he's a bad actor, you have to admit he's a good singer. Patrick is probably better off with a career mainly focused in singing. He has a very nice and low voice which is better than all the TVB actors turned singers. As I searched on YouTube for his music today (with no knowledge of whether he has released any MV's or songs not linked to TVB), I managed to find most of his MV's. I have only watched a couple, and I liked the ideas/plots of the them. Hong Kong music videos seem to running on a low budget lately, thus most videos are nothing special and rather plain. That's why his videos seem to stand out to me so much. They can be either explained as : creative, meaningful, or unique and unused. I've chosen to point out 3 of his MV's.

A Creative Video

This is my personal favorite. The video is about how Patrick is a smoker and has a girlfriend who hates people who smokes, and wants him to quit. She tries to get him to stop, but he can't. He uses many methods to cover up smoking, such as simply throwing out the cigarette when he sees her coming hiding it in places likes his shirt collar, sleeve, and pants; and eating lots of mints and spraying himself with perfume. Throughout the video, his girlfriend gets close to him various times to either kiss or hug him, only to notice he's been smoking by his scent. We also see both of them holding anti-smoking signs.

I find this video very creative, because not only is it nicely done, it also boosts the message that you shouldn't smoke. It shows how someone is addicted to smoking and just can't stop, and all the things he does to hide it from his girlfriend. I love this video because it's so creative and just very cute.

A Meaningful Video

This video features Tavia Yeung as his lover, who suffers from an illness and will die soon. She uses a voice recorder to record her thoughts during her last days which Patrick soon receives. Patrick is seen several times passing her hospital room outside, giving her flowers. He carries Tavia outside so she can enjoy the world one last time. The video then switches to Patrick running to the hospital as fast as he can with flowers in his hand, knowing Tavia is about to take her last breath. Just as he reaches her hospital bed and is about to put the flowers on her bed, she passes away, without being able to see Patrick one last time. The video ends with Patrick recording a message on Tavia's voice recorder, saying he will always remember her.

Although not my absolute favorite, I still really love it. It is really meaningful and at the same time so sad. The whole video is only 4 minutes, but plays out like a tragic love story. A music video most of the time will just feature the singer lip syncing to the lyrics, and although they exist not that many play out as a story.

A Unique and Unused Video

(For some reason, there is no embed code for this video, so below I've posted a direct link.)

Featuring Natalie Tong.
The video starts out seemingly like a decent MV, with Patrick and his girlfriend. Natalie is seen starring at them from afar. You'd think that she is jealous of Patrick's girlfriend as she is in love with him. If you keep watching, you realize it is the exact opposite. Patrick's girlfriend and Natalie are in fact bisexual, and share a relationship which they hide from Patrick. Natalie becomes jealous of Patrick whenever he is with her 'lover.' One of the scenes feature Patrick waiting outside the ladies' room waiting for the two to come out, thinking they are just taking a long time. We see that the two are inside being intimate, clearly showing they're bisexual. When Patrick and his girlfriend get in their car, she tells him about her relationship with Natalie. The MV ends with her taking Natalie's hand.

Hong Kong is definitely less daring than the U.S. when it comes to working gay, lesbian, and bisexual statuses and relationships into their productions. This is what makes this video more unique as the theme is much less used in HK. The portrayal wasn't too explicit or strong either, which makes it less awkward for the general public to watch while still getting the message out there that not everyone is 'straight.'

Me discovering this MV came at a good time as I'm watching The Threshold of a Persona, which features Patrick and Natalie in a love triangle/quadrangle with Toby Leung and Benny Chan.

As I've said before, Patrick is not the best actor, but he's improving and I like watching him. However, I fully support him in his singing career. I hope he will release another album soon. He sings better than any other TVB actor, so I don't care what you say about his acting.

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