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TVB 2010 Sales Presentation Clips

This year's sales presentation fair much better than last year. Of course, there are the great ones, the decent ones, and the 'oh this looks like crap' ones. Will 2010 be a better year for TVB? With many promising series (and ridiculous, trashy ones in between), I'm looking forward to what TVB has to offer in the next year! Just looking at these sales clips, it seems that 2010 will be a better year for TVB...

Most Anticipating!

Righteous Sea of Heroric Love

With a flawless cast and a new time period, this sequel has the potential to be even better than the first. It seems to offer all the good stuff: suspense, drama, and romance. I'm interested in Sheren and Wayne's love story and the different roles they're getting this time around. Adding Raymond Wong and Fala to the reunited cast seems like a great decision to me as well. This is the series I will be waiting most anxiously for next year!


Boosting the comeback of Felix Wong, and just the right mix of veterans and newcomers, this is another promising series. The dark feel and camera angles look awesome. Dying to watch another intriguing case solving series full of action, this appears to be the perfect thing to satisfy that. Filming wraps up soon, so I hope to see it in mid 2010. Also, we've always had those 'family' grand productions. This is the first cop series I've heard that is a grand production, so I am definitely looking forward to how it'll turn out...

Mysteries of Love

I've never seen the couple FungYi, and I'm waiting patiently to see Raymond and Tavia reunite onscreen. I already think they look very compatible and sweet. I'm looking forward to seeing Kenneth and Bernice as well. Kenneth's playboy role is something totally new for him. Although not the best actress, I greatly welcome back the bubbly and beautiful Bernice. I also think the physics theme will be interesting. Overall, I can't wait!

Looking Forward

Twilight Investigation
Linda looks adorable! The reference to Raymond Lam was hilarious! Though it looks extremely cheesy, I'll watch for the cases. I wonder how Linda and Wong He's chemistry will work out? Anyway, I'm glad to see that I'll have Raymond Wong and Johnson Lee as supporting characters. They are always enjoyable to watch, especially Johnson.

The Legend of Pu Song Ling
I never thought that this would be a tragic series! From the sales clip, the series looks beautiful. Steven's theme sounds great too, so I'll be waiting to hear the full song. However, I'm a little hesitant about it as it's still a mythical series. And we know that these series aren't always very well done, don't we?

We'll See

Quarantined 7-Day Love

I'm surprised that response for this proposed series has been so good. Honestly, the comedy is a bit over the top and lame to me. I have to admit though that using H1N1 as a plot is clever and refreshing on TVB's part. I'll be watching this series to see how it turns out. If the comedy is funny but a bit toned down, I think I'll enjoy it. The cast is near perfection, and I'm hoping it remains the same. Since a majority of them are A-listers, that's unlikely. We can always hope.

Five Flavors of Life

Although I'm thrilled to see Esther Kwan's comeback, I'm not so sure about the series. It doesn't look too promising, though I am surprised at the dramatic tone of the sales clip despite the fact it's a comedy. Even if the series disappoints, I'll watch for the cute and hilarious Esther and my forever favorite supporting actor, Derek.

Growing Through Life
A shorter version of The Drive of Life? The family problems theme is nothing new and way over used. I'm tired of ridiculous arguments. Although I'm biased against Bosco, I'm hoping his villain role will make my opinion of him neutral. The two reasons for me to watch this though would be for Damien and Raymond. Hm, it seems as though the male cast for this is relatively strong. The female cast? Pff, crap.

Here Comes the Princess

I'm still standing by my opinion that Beyond the Realm of Conscience was disappointing and didn't deserve the record breaking ratings. I can't believe they're doing two sequels, an ancient comedy and a modern one! If I had to pick which I'd prefer more though, it'd be the modern one. The ancient comedy has long become dead and from the looks of it, Here Comes the Princess is just going to join the 'exaggerated comedy' category. However, I'll still give it a try with the strong female cast.

I Think I'll Pass

Wu Jie Monk

Another bad attempt to make TVB more 'westernized' with the violence, blood, and sex scene? Both leads (Bosco and Kate) do not tempt me to watch this whatsoever. The ancient series only gets worse and worse these days as well. In short, this has huge chances of being the rare series I pass. On a side note, I find it ironic how this series is about a monk and yet this sales clip is full of violence and blood. Perhaps, I'll give it a try for Sunny Chan.

Female Fist
It's interesting that a kung fu champion gets a chance to lead a TVB series. The girl's so great at kung fu, but what about acting? The cast for this looks pretty bad. John Chiang's a good actor, but his roles are becoming more and more boring. Right now, I'm thinking I'll skip this. Hey, maybe I'll watch it for the kung fu. Since the female lead's a kung fu champion, we actually get to see real kung fu!

Are You Kidding Me?

Forensic Heroes III

Oh, TVB, I'll definitely skip this series if it turns out Kevin will be the new lead. And Mandy and Leanne as the female cast? No thank you. The reason Forensic Heroes is so loved is because of the original team of Bobby, Yoyo, and Frankie. If you're seriously going to replace them with only Kevin and not even Charmaine, I'm skipping you for sure. Not to mention I'll find a way to complain to you directly.

Sorry that this post is so overdue, I don't seem to have much time to blog these days as I'd like. To make this post different from everyone else's, here's a little bonus:

TVB Interaction's 2009 Sales Presentation Awards

Most Well Done Sales Clip: Righteous Sea of Heroric Love
Most Badly Done Sales Clip: Forensic Heroes III (Come on TVB, all you did was put a bunch of scenes from the first two together!)
Sales Clip You're Most Likely to Say 'Ick' to: Wu Jie Monk
Most Overrated Sales Clip: Quarantined 7-Day Love
Cheesiest But Still Cute Sales Clip: Twilight Investigation

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