Sunday, December 6, 2009

TVB 42nd Anniversary Awards: Winners & Comments Most Popular Artiste

Winner: Wayne Lai

It was so unexpected that Wayne would win! I don't think he was ever in the top 10 on either. I think we all figured that with Raymond and Yoyo out of the competition, Tavia would win for sure. It was definitely a surprise that Wayne won the award, but it's definitely deserved. Who else has gained so much popularity since last year? :)

Most Improved Actress

Winner: Aimee Chan

Top 5: Aimee Chan, Sharon Chan, Queenie Chiu, Catherine Chau, and Koni Lui

I was afraid it was going to happpen, and it happened. Aimee was probably the only undeserving winner of the night. This year has confirmed that Sharon has joined the circle of artises (along with Selena Li, Bernice Liu, Natalie Tong, etc) who will never win this award. While she's good for a newcomer, I think she's simply that: a newcomer. Being a newcomer, you can't say she 'improved' as she's still so new. I pity Sharon, who has improved so much more and has so much more experience. The night would've been perfect if Sharon won.

Most Improved Actor

Winner: Pierre Ngo Ka Nin

Top 5: Ngo Ka Nin, Raymond Wong, Johnson Lee, Raymond Chiu, and Jim Tang

So there is justice in this world! After working hard for TVB in kelefe and supporting roles for almost 10 years, Ngo Ka Nin finally gets the recognition he deserves. His performance in Rosy Business was truly awesome! He's always been a great actor (and singer) so I'm looking forward to seeing more of him in the future.

My Favorite Female Character

Winner: Tavia Yeung

Top 5: Tavia Yeung, Charmaine Sheh (for both Lam Miu Miu and Lau Sam Ho), Teresa Mo, and Sheren Tang

Although I would've prefered for Charmaine's Lam Miu Miu to win, watching Tavia accept the award was so sweet. While this award seems to be crap to the artistes who win it (Think Charmaine in 2006 and Raymond in 2008), Tavia was so sincere and thankful. She literally broke into tears and asked Charmaine to come up and gave her a hug. It was also very cute when Felix presented the award. He took Tavia's hand and led her to the stage telling her she won instead of presenting it. It's reactions like Tavia's that make me smile. :D

My Favorite Male Character

Winner: Wayne Lai

Top 5: Wayne Lai, Dayo Wong, Michael Tse, Kevin Cheng, Moses Chan

If it was anyone who was going to win this award, I thought it was going to be Michael Tse's Laughing Gor. He and Chau Kau are the most hyped up characters this year, and honestly, I don't know what the hype's about. If I were to pick one of the two though, I'd choose Chau Kau simply because he was more well written and complex. However, I'm a Mak Tai Song fan. It's obvious that he wouldn't win though, but I'm happy he made it into the top 5. Of course, overlooking the prejudice TVB has against artistes who aren't contracted to them, Wayne will always be one of my fav veterans and I have no problem with him winning this award.

Best Supporting Actress

Winner: Susan Tse

Top 5: Susan Tse, Linda Chung, Fala Chen, Susanna Kwan, and Michelle Yim

With two fantastic villain roles in Rosy Business and Beyond, Susan's portrayals are flawless. The best female performance in the disappointing Beyond was hands down Susan's short appearance as the empress. She has the amazing way of communicating her eyes, making chills go down our spine. The expressions she gives are haunting. Being the weakest category this year (other than Most Improved Actress), I can't think of anyone else who I'd like to win this award.

Best Supporting Actor

Winner: Michael Tse

Top 5: Michael Tse, Ngo Wah, Lee Kwok Lun, Ngo Ka Nin, and Kenneth Ma

Again, I will never understand the hype of Laughing Gor. I have to hand it to Michael though because he gave an awesome performance. He's always been a good actor, and if it has to be an overhyped character that gets him noticed, then so be it! But now I'm thinking...when will it be Derek's time to shine?

Best Actress

Winner: Sheren Tang

Top 5: Sheren Tang, Ada Choi, Teresa Mo, Tavia Yeung, and Charmaine Sheh

I couldn't be anymore happier that this award finally falls into the exquisete Sheren's hands! It may be 5 years late, but after much waiting Sheren at last gets the title 'TV Queen.' She was so sweet during her acceptance speech! You could tell that she was so happy and nervous at the same time as her acceptance speech was the longest of all. She couldn't stop talking and even went on to say that it'd be perfect if Wayne won Beset Actor. Congratulations Sheren, we all love you!

Best Actor

Winner: Wayne Lai

Top 5: Wayne Lai, Dayo Wong, Steven Ma, Moses Chan, and Bosco Wong

You know that Wayne was definitely going to get this award, not just because other than the non-contracted Dayo the top 5 nominees stink, but because of his perfect performance. I believe that he is the only person who could've portrayed the stubborn and complex Chai Kau as well as he did. Congratulations, Wayne, you've made Sheren's Best Actress win complete! :D

Best Series

Winner: Rosy Business!

Top 5: Rosy Business, E.U., Burning Flame 3, You're Hired, and Beyond the Realm of Conscience

The most pleasant surprise of the evening! With me being my critical self, I did not enjoy Beyond as much as I hoped and was disappointed for the most part. I wasn't pleased to hear that the finale of the series recieved almost record breaking ratings of 50 points, which made us all believe that it'd take home this award. Well, I was wrong and I've never been more happy to! Rosy Business has the best script for a series in years as well as a great cast. It deserves this award every bit.

Lifetime Achievement Award

Winner: Lee Tim Sing

First we thought it'd be Lee Heung Kam. After Chan Hung Lit's death we thought it'd be him. Surprise, surprise, it turns out to be Lee Tim Sing! Another surprise but also pleasant. Lee Tim Sing is now my favorite producer and I never would've thought this award would be handed to him! Now I feel rather dumb because it was the perfect timing. With Rosy Business being such a hit, of course this award should be given to him! We're happy for you Lee Tim Sing!

Random Top 5 Nominees?

Before ending this post I'd like to add that this year's top 5 nominees are so random.

Best Actor: Steven and Bosco? Steven's a great actor but his performance in Sweetness in the Salt wasn't any more special than his usual productions. Plus, TVB's wish to release the series from the warehouse to create more success only ended in failure/mediocre ratings. And Bosco?! He wasn't even supposed to be in this category!

Best Supporting Actor: I'm pleased to see that Kenneth made it into the top 5! I'm even more proud of the adorable 'big kid' that he is the only one from Born Rich to make it into the top 5. Where did Ngo Wah come from? He was so just someone to fill up the space! Why isn't Derek even in the top 5???

Best Supporting Actress: What a shame Nancy and/or Selena didn't make it into the top 5! Where did Fala come from? I don't think it's fair she was nominated for this category in the first place, as she was clearly lead.

On the other hand, I'd like to thank TVB to recognize our 'black horse' candidates Dayo Wong, Linda Chung, and Teresa Mo. :)

Congratulations to this year's winners!


  1. You've finally posted up your thoughts! I've been waiting for it! Actually, Wayne has made it to top 10 at In fact, I recall seeing him at number 1 as well. It's quite sad that Sharon didn't win Most Improved since she was really deserving. I also feel sorry for Aimee since a lot of people didn't think she deserved the award, including myself. But after watching Off Pedder, I think she's somewhat deserving of it. It's just that a lot of people don't watch sitcoms so they miss out on some of her better works. Plus, this award is not about improving in dramas alone.

    I guess you're with me in terms of Laughing. I don't really understand the hype either. But he did do a good job in his performance. Other than that, I agree with you on pretty much everything. It seems as though there's not much to discuss about since all the awards pretty much went to Wayne.

  2. LOL, you seem to always think I'll be the first one to post up my thoughts. I've been pretty busy lately. I was working on a project all weekend but finally had a chance to finish it and write up this post last night. :)

    Oh, he has? I must've missed it then, cuz I've only seen Yoyo in the #1 spot. The problem with Aimee winning this award is that she's still too new. Being in the industry for just a little over a year (or two?) I still consider her a newcomer. If she were to win a few years from now, I wouldn't mind as much. Sharon has so much more experience and has improved so much more. Although seeing Aimee's sweet and surprised reaction made it better, it still didn't cut it. Sharon should've won this year, and Aimee should win it a few years from now. I do pity her though because this win is going to hurt her more than anything.

    I wanted Derek to win, or at least get into the top 5. Imagine my anger when I saw he wasn't in the top 5. I would prefer him to win over Michael, but the Laughing gor netizens worshippers would go nuts. :P