Monday, December 14, 2009

Which Grand Production? Beyond or Born Rich? Poll Results

2009's two grand productions Beyond the Realm of Conscience and Born Rich have finally finished airing. I've put up a poll asking readers which series they've enjoyed more the whole time they were both airing. It's time I put up the results...

What series are you enjoying more?

Beyond the Realm of Conscience --> 55% (16 Votes) ***WINNER***

Born Rich --> 45% (13 Votes)

My Opinion

Honestly, both grand productions disappointed me. I can't pick which one I liked more. Born Rich started off great, but it got to the point where it was draggy, boring, and cliched. Beyond started off slow, and gradually got better. Unfortunately, it still did not live up to my high expectations. In the end, both are mediocre series. I can almost guarantee I will enjoy The Beauty of the Game more.


  1. Hey Iris! I have to agree with what you said about Beyond the Realm of Conscience. It was indeed disappointing but I did enjoy scenes with Tavia and Selena. That was pretty much the only good thing about it. As for Born Rich, I didn't watch it. Was it that bad? I just know I won't be able to stand Nancy's character lols. Oh yeah, Beauty of the Game is quite good! I'm already liking it more than the 2 grand productions after watching like 1 episode haha. Going to watch the 2nd episode soon!

    Oh, HK people complain about everything. Maybe it's like a hobby to them but I guess it does help TVB improve. Or maybe TVB just throws them out lols. And yeah, everyone has their own opinions which should be respected.

  2. Vivien - Tavia and Selena's scenes were indeed one of the best parts of the series! Don't forget Susan Tse though, she was awesome as the evil empress! I don't think I will ever forget the line 'Mui Mui, I want to borrow something, your head'! LOL, Nancy's character actually gets a lot better in the second half. She's almost unbearable before, but she becomes the caring mother figure that she's famous for playing. :) The first 10-15 episodes are great, with a perfect mix of drama and comedy! The episodes onwards are very boring and draggy though. The mistake was the focus on Marcus and Angie. I'm sorry, I can't stand love triangles, especially if they involve a third party. I can't wait to watch The Beauty of the Game!

    LOL, I'm pretty sure TVB just throws them out. I wouldn't listen to them either though, they're so ridiculous.