Thursday, May 27, 2010

New Feature: Analyzing Articles - "Kevin Cheng: From Leading Actor to Supporting Actor"

A new feature is finally here! You can find out what this new feature is about by simply reading the article: Analyzing Articles. Nowadays, it's hard for you to believe anything you read. It's up to you to think what is true and what is trash. Like the title says, I will be picking articles I read that I find interesting and posting them on my blog. I will analyze which parts I think are pure gossip, partly right and wrong, or nothing but the truth.


Words in blue = Fact
Words in green = Gossip
Words in pink = May be true, may be false
Words in
purple = General Opinion

*Credits: Thanks hyn5 for the translation of this article! To read her translation straight from her awesome blog, click here. Original article by Sudden Weekly.

Kevin Cheng: To Leading Role to Supporting Role

Originally, Kenneth Ma was supposed to be the second male lead. Whether it is liking from the audience or acting ability, Kenneth Ma exceeds Kevin Cheng by a mile. Logically, he moved from second lead to first lead. The ratings for "A Fistful of Stances" have been steadily increasing. TVB has arranged for the finale (two episodes) of the series to air (April 18th 8:30pm) after "Super Trio Game Master" to go up against "The Hong Kong Film Awards Presentation", which will be airing on ATV.

The writer has been watching this series every night. The partnership of producer Lee Tim Sing and screenwriter Cheung Wah Biu didn't disappoint, as the plot is well-paced. On the contrary, as the male lead, Kevin Cheng's screen time and limelight are inferior to Kenneth's. It seems as though he had been moved from a leading role to a supporting role. Why is that so? A TVB snitch revealed that someone was always sick, and would only do three moves at most while filming fight scenes. [This person] would not be able to remember long lines of dialogue. Thus, action choreographers gave [this person] the nickname 'Three Moves'. Screenwriters gave his screen time to Kenneth Ma.

Kevin Cheng's smoothest fight scenes were with Yuen Chau and Ram Tseung.

Netizens Greatly Criticize Kevin Cheng
It was rumoured that Kevin Cheng obtained his leading role from complaining to executives, but what about it? He can't fight, he can't speak, and he is greatly criticized by netizens.

The writer asked the crew of "A Fistful of Stances", but they were unwilling to respond to the rumours. However, the truth is in front of us!

  1. Kenneth Ma was originally second male lead of A Fistful of Stances. Kevin Cheng was clearly stated male lead (and was also positioned at the front of the poster).

  2. If you've watched A Fistful of Stances, it becomes clear to you that the plot is more focused on Kenneth and he has a significant increase in screen time.

Pure Gossip

  1. I'm not a fan of Kevin, but people still shouldn't talk about him that way. This piece of the article was clearly exaggerated to make Kevin look bad. Everyone messes up their lines occasionally and longer lines are harder to memorize. Plus, if Kevin was truly "always" sick then we probably would've heard news that filming of the series was taking longer than planned with the [at the time] lead actor not feeling well. Normally, when an artiste is sick, there will be news about it. It's never a big cover story, but a short paragraph and picture tend to be leaked. Remember that article about Raymond getting food poisoning? Also, I highly doubt that Kevin refused to do more than three moves at a time while filming fight scenes. The 'Three Moves' nickname I think is something the paparazzi made up to make the article more juicy. I also find it rude they refer to him as [this/that person].

Might Be True, Might Be False

  1. Kevin is one of TVB's "biological" sons. It may be true that Kevin used his connections to ask for a leading role. I wouldn't be surprised. Perhaps he even complained (but I hope an artiste would not be so vain and immature to do so). However, the latter part just seems like the paparazzi exaggerating things a bit, as usual.

General Opinion

  1. When writing articles, people (such as the paparazzi) like to include the general opinion people have of someone or something. I was about to put this in the "fact" section, but this is an opinion. In most people's opinions, Kenneth performed better than Kevin.

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