Tuesday, May 25, 2010

OL Supreme is coming to an end...

OL Supreme is coming to an end very soon. The finale will be aired on June 11. I am not kidding when I say I am probably the fan most in denial and disappointed by the ending coming near. The sitcom first started airing back in February, which strangely doesn't feel like that long ago. It feels so sudden that it's coming to an end.

I love OL Supreme. I've fallen in love with all the characters. I've become accustomed to seeing the faces of Liza Wang, Denise Ho, Chapman To, Ron Ng, and the rest of the cast almost every day. Watching the theme video and listening to the theme song never fail to make me smile. Every time the theme video starts, I feel at home. In fact, watching the latest episode has become the highlight of my day for everyday I watch it.

The last few months have been rough on me. I've become stressed with everything from school work, friends, the thought of finishing middle school and starting high school very soon, and other personal issues. OL Supreme is a major stress reliever for me. It relaxes me. Everytime I watch an episode, I manage to forget all my troubles for a limited amount of time. As a result, I now consider it one of my fav series.

80 episodes is relatively short for a TVB sitcom. Practically every sitcom nowadays are extended. There doesn't even have to be a reason either. Off Peddar was initially around 260 episodes, but an additional hundred were ordered despite it getting mediocre ratings its whole run. At first, I hoped TVB would decide not to do so with OL Supreme. I thought that extending it would make the quality of the series go downhill. As time past and OL became more part of my every day life, I sincerely hoped that TVB would extend it. I realized that the quality of OL does not go downhill. Instead, I noticed the quality simply fluctuates depending on the character and subplot they're focusing on. I wanted it to become at least 100 episodes.

I was disappointed. The sitcom is truly coming to an end. There have been no news of TVB planning to extend the number of episodes. After the 80th episode of OL Supreme airs, it's all over. The new sitcom Sunny Every Day will start airing. When that happens, my interest in TVB will start to die again.

I really do think that after OL Supreme, I will never be so addicted to a sitcom again. I will no longer feel the need to chase one and download the latest episode everyday as soon as I come home from school.

The cast and chemistry of OL is amazing. Liza Wang, Denise Ho, and Chapman To are just awesome. For a sitcom, the cast is very small. However, that made the atmosphere more 'at home' and sweet. The interactions between all the characters are spectacular. I love each and every one of them.

I do not hesitate to say that this sitcom is what has kept me together the last three months. It got me through all the hard times, but it will sadly not be able to get me through the stress of starting high school. It puzzles me why OL Supreme never experienced higher ratings or any promotion or exposure. It is certainly the best sitcom TVB has put out since the good ol days of A Kindred Spirit, War of the Genders, and Virtues of Harmony.

Goodbye, OL Supreme. Thanks for all the enjoyment, laughs, and relaxation. I will hope that you will get an appropiate finale.


  1. this sitcom is TOO short!!! like u i'm missing it already! this is a sitcom with a fantastic cast! there's one more character besides the few u mentioned that i really like too and that's "su-san". this guy's acting is great and he tickles me too.

  2. Personally, I enjoyed the earlier episodes of O.L. more and I totally agree w/ you that the quality of the series really depends on the characters and subplots. I absolutely loved Denise's character in the beginning when she was always at odds with Queen and when her ex returned from the states to make life difficult for her. Slowly, her character sank into the background and the more minor characters began to surface. I thought I'll really enjoy watching Chor Man, but her relationship w/ Lui Yu just comes off as annoying and immature. I expected more from Koni than from Sire, but I received the opposite effect.

    From our msn chats, I learned that you enjoyed this series so much and I was so glad that there is a series that actually interests you. O.L. was indeed entertaining, fun, and relaxing to watch, but I didn't feel that it stood out that much to me. I was more excited in its earlier episodes. Also, I knew you were going through a tough stage of transitioning out of middle school and into high school, but I wasn't aware that life was that tough for you. What a bad friend I am. :( I was way too absorbed into my own issues and right now, I feel like I wasn't the friend to provide you all the unconditional support I wished I had in the past few weeks. Yet you were always there to give me emotional back up.

    On a side note, how O.L. had lived through you really reminds me of how Virtues had helped Metal go through some of his tough stages in life. Both of you guys were influenced heavily by a comedic sitcom.

  3. queen_owl - What ep are you on currently? ;) I love "Su-san" (or as Music calls him, Susan) too! Cheung Kwok Keung's a great actor. I'm still crossing my fingers he gets together w/ Queen. Susan obviously has a crush on her. :)

    Liling - I enjoyed the earlier episodes too. I also noticed that Music sank into the background and didn't have nearly as much screen time after the second half. It was no longer as clear that Denise was the female lead (after Liza). Totally agree! Chor Man and Lui Yu are too immature. I should've known that the only reason the two could possibly get together was if Chor Man accidentally got pregnant w/ his baby while drunk, lol. Like Lui Yu said, they're both 'losers.' And in this incase, unlike in math, two negatives does NOT equal a positive.

    Nah, that's ok. You're still an awesome friend. :) Plus, whenever I start chatting w/ you, I tend to forget everything. Simply chatting w/ you on msn puts me in a better mood. Even if I've had a rough day, seeing you online always made me feel better. Whether it's talking about issues or simply talking randomly, chatting w/ you always brightened my mood. :)

    I noticed that too, but Metal obviously went through a much tougher time. He lost his father while I'm simply having typical school trouble.

  4. i'm up-to-date, at 65, going on 66. ;)

  5. i love this sitcom, but this sitcom was all filmed before it aired, so i always knew that there will b no chance for an extension~ and also with casts like denise, chapman and liza, its really difficult for OL supreme to be a few hundred epis long~

    but i really hope that the cast can get together again and film another sitcom :D