Monday, August 3, 2009

Banner #1: Stephen Wong & Elaine Yiu - Love Can't Always Be Simple

TVB Interaction presents our first banner ever! Yay! :)
Click on the picture to see it in its full size, it looks best that way.

If you've been reading my updates on Twitter, you probably know that I have become a fan of the Stephen Wong and Elaine Yiu pairing. They're the only reason I'm not dropping Burning Flame 3. They are a new and fresh couple. I've heard Elaine was Stephen's love interest in A Journey Called Life, which I've yet to watch. However, their love line ended sadly with Elaine dying, and the two never got together. That's why I still consider them a 'new and fresh' couple. They share sweet chemistry, and is the first on-screen couple I've liked in a while. These days the on-screen pairs are either overused (Rayda and Boscolie are great, but it's time for other people to make 'sparks' together) or they just don't have chemistry.

In Burning Flame 3, the two get themselves in a love triangle with Ruco Chan. Stephen has a crush on Elaine, who is interested in Benny/Ruco. It turns out, that Ruco is married.

Out of habit, I check AsianEU frequently to see entertainment news (not that I always believe them), ratings reports, and etc. I look through the site for a couple minutes and leave. An article about Stephen Wong and Elaine Yiu was posted on July 31st, but I never read it until yesterday. I don't know how it slipped my eye.

The article, in summary, tells how both Stephen and Elaine have been previously hurt by two timers, just like in Burning Flame 3. Elaine had a boyfriend who she didn't know was already married, and she broke up with him because she did not want to be a third person that ruins someone's family. Stephen had his girlfriend cheat on him, and even had her say that he did not meet her requirements. I feel sorry for both of them, but I can tell the experience has made them both more mature and stronger. On the other hand...who were the two stupid people who cheated on these great two? Anyway..

The story behind the banner....
When I saw the pictures in the article, I started liking Stephen+Elaine even more. The pictures are beautiful. Elaine is prettier than ever, and Stephen looks pretty good. What I loved about these pictures was how it made them really look like an actual couple, especially the first picture. They look very cute and compatiable together. After looking at these pictures, I finally had an inspiration for a banner. I thought these pictures would look very nice in a banner. I used the line 'Love can't always be simple" in it, because I think it matches perfectly with their situation in Burning Flame 3 and the personal experiences they had. Stephen quoted in the article that "In the past I thought love was something very simple."

It's not very special or complex banner. Unlike love, it's 'simple.' I did not use Photshop or any other premium photo editing program. I created the banner entirely in Paint and added the text in Picnik. (Boy, those are a lot of P's...xD) However, I really like it. I think the quote was the perfect touch, too. It's not very impressive, but it's my first banner. Also, I think it's pretty good for a banner that was made entirely in a free program that has been around since Windows XP. What do you think of the banner? Of Stephen and Elaine? Constructive criticsim, compliments, and tips on how to make better banners will be great!

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  1. i told you journey called life was good
    and not just cuz fala was in it :D