Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Burning Flame 3: Favorite Character Poll

The first poll is up, so come cast your vote! Who's your favorite character in Burning Flame 3? My vote here goes to Ah Nam (Stephen Wong). Not because of his relationship with Ah Man (Elaine Yiu), but because I liked his character growth. At first I hated his Ah Nam. He was a lazy, slack and impolite bum with a bad attitude. Later though, he matured after witnessing (and thinking he was to blame for) his grandma's death. I thought it was smart of him to clear out the sidewalk for the ambulance carrying Ah Shing to pass through. Since then he's become an ambitious person and has learned the importance of saving a life. It's too bad that as of now Elaine is only in love with Benny/Ruco Chan, because I'm falling in love with him!

On a side note, I think Stephen has improved on his acting. He's not as wooden as he was before.

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