Monday, August 10, 2009

[Message From Iris] Thank You! :)

Looking back...

TVB Interaction first opened it's doors back in June. During that time, there was practically no web traffic at all on my site, and the only ones who were visiting were me, and MetalAZNWarrior. (If you're a TVB blogger yourself and read other blogs, he does not need any introduction.) My blog was absolutely empty and plain, with the exception of my few posts. I had 'blogger's block' and was too lazy to do update. However, in the last week, I've gained back the interest and free time that allowed me to work on my blog. Having already been blogging on and off again since July 2007, and moving from the "Free Webs" host to "Blogger," I dare to say that I do know a thing or two about blogging. As for customizing my blog's layout? Not so much. In the last month, TVB Interaction has gone under a complete makeover. Gone with that dreadful default layout and in with the new and improved, customized site. Slowly, my blog 'upgraded' itself. Bye bye went the default banner that I been so scared would be there forever, as a wonderful Stephen Wong & Elaine Yiu banner that I created myself took it's place. From observing other people's blogs, I decided what I wanted to add to my layout and learned how to add it. Since then, I've added a C-Box which I'm pleased to see visitors leaving me messages on, a poll, and a hit counter which I can keep track of my page hits and visitors.

Why bother making a pretty blog if there's no one to see it?

Something was still missing though: Readers. Ok, I didn't mind (at all) that my blog wouldn't become one of the top TVB blogs. My blog will most likely never achieve that kind of accomplishment. However, I still wanted people to SEE my blog. After all, wouldn't it be a waste to spend all that time customizing and posting on my blog if no one but myself read it? Of course I would be reading it, but how about some showing off? Haha, just kidding. I started linking many other sites (and if you'd like me to link you, just ask! :D). This is where a majority of my readers come from. Notifying that particular blog admin on their C-Box that I've linked them helped even more. Curious readers of that particular blog have been sneaking onto mine when seeing the message I've left there. That was my idea of 'promoting' my site, and getting some web traffic that was hopefully past single digits.

Web Traffic Booms...

I started using the Bravenet hit counter to keep track of my page views. That hit counter was added not long after starting to link others and notifying them. I started learning my way around Bravenet and taking advantage of the little gadgets it came with. I was pleased to see all the ways I could look at my web traffic. What I didn't expect? To actually have web traffic to examine. In just five days after adding my hit counter (last Wednesday), I reached over 100 views. I checked my web traffic this morning, and saw that TVB Interaction had about 170 page views. I figured that by Wednesday, it would reach 200. However, after coming home to my computer and checking my page views again, I was shocked to find out that I had already reached over 200 views! I've created around 3 blogs/websites before this, and never had I've had so many viewers in all those blogs put together. My first website had taken probably 4 months to reach 100 views. Which is why these days, checking my web traffic is like getting high for me these days! To see my hit counts after a long day just makes me hyper! Whee!

I owe it all to you guys!

I am not the one who got me all these hit counts. If it weren't for everyone who has exchanged links with me, TVB Interaction would just be another one of my blogs who nobody reads. That's why, I can't thank you guys enough. THANK YOU! Thank you K for TVB, hyn5, Annisa, TkN, and everyone else who has exchanged links with me! Without all of you, I would be nothing but a bunch of words unread!

Most of all, Thank you, MetalAZNWarrior!

Shortly after gaining a love for TVB, I started reading TVB blogs. I loved reading other people's thoughts. The first blog I ever read was TVB Musings, which has been the blog I visit the most ever since. After being a silent reader for over half a year, I finally spoke my first words on his comments page. I shared my thoughts of TVB to him, as well as expressed to him I was planning on maybe creating a TVB blog myself. In the end I decided to do so, and Metal was the first one to visit it. He was the first one to view it, comment on it, and exchange links with me. To this day, his blog attracts the most readers for me. MetalAZNWarrior has earned the title of the most popular TVB blogger ever, and he most definitely deserves it. He has a unique writing style that I love reading. The end of August is nearing though, and when it does, it will be Metal's turn to say goodbye, and to retire from his TVB blogging 'legacy.' When the time comes, I will certainly miss him, along with his amusing writing, and the comments that he leaves me and others that bring a smile to my face. Metal, if you're reading this ( which I hope you will soon because you promised you'd visit my blog every once in a while..*brings out a whip* Hehe, just kidding. :D), thank you. Thanks for entertaining all of us in the time you've spent blogging, thank you for helping me and guiding me with my own blog, and thank you for bringing a smile to my face with everything you have written.

Still can't believe it...

I think I'm becoming too cheesy in this post, but that's me, cheesy and silly. :D I still can't believe though, that in just one week, my blog has become a moderately visited TVB blog. I can't believe how I'm having all the most popular TVB bloggers leave me messages, as well as compliments too. In just one week, I have upgraded my blog, gained readers, as well as realizing I want to secure my position in the TVB online world. I want to blog, post, and communicate with all of you guys. The 'high' I feel after posting or customizing something and having someone compliment me about it is just awesome. Once again, thanks everyone! :)


  1. Aww!!! This post is so touching. Your words are too kind!

    I'm happy for you. :) Hope you blog continues to improve and reach new heights! Add oil!

  2. Oh, lol, that was me: Annisa.

  3. Iris, you are too kind. Thank you for mentioning me. I didn't do anything at all. You owe it to your time and effort! Exchanging links is but a method to keep the TVB community intact (I think). Keep up the good work. Hope to see more thoughtful posts from you. =)

  4. Thanks for the comments Metal and Annisa. Ha! I finally found a way for people to comment! Making thoughtful/cheesy posts! :D

  5. LOL! You're going to copy TVB and "milk" our tears? :P

  6. Pff. Hold on now, I said I know the 'formula' to getting comments. I never said I'd use it did I? :D

  7. So great to hear of the success of your blog, I look forward to your future posts =D