Monday, August 17, 2009

D.I.E. Again Early Anticipation and Disappointments/Theme Video

After watching D.I.E. last year, I was happy to hear that there would be a sequel, one which had Roger alive. It's finally time for the sequel to release, so I should be happy, right?

My anticipation slowly decreases...

From the costume fitting to the articles, I read anything about the upcoming sequel when it was still in pre-production/filming. What disappointed and confused me was the cast: Margie Tsang and Kenneth Ma weren't part of it. It is understandable that Kenneth wouldn't be part of it. Considering that he is the 'ex-boyfriend,' there is no need for him to return, though it'd be nice. Margie Tsang however plays a big part to D.I.E. She is Roger's older sister as well as Derek's girlfriend! I was even more shocked that Derek would be paired up with Nancy Wu. I loved the original cast, and to see that Margie and Kenneth would not return made me seriously think that D.I.E Again would be another disappointing sequel.

Excited for the new additions...

I was very happy to hear though that Macy Chan would join the cast of the sequel as the daughter of the D.I.E. lead investigator. She pulled off a great performance as "Kelly" in Last One Standing and I think she is very talented and has an immense amount of potential. To see her again in the sequel for one of my favorites of 2008 made me very excited.

Him Law, whom I saw last in Your Class or Mine would be joining the cast too. I think he is playing Macy's love interest. It'll be great to see him again too. I think he's good looking and he gave a good performance for someone still relatively new.

Appalled by the Theme Video... (Watch it here:

Anticipating for the release of the theme video, I finally was able to watch it on YouTube just a while ago. I was horrified. It was so cheesy! The animated versions of Roger and Sonija were extremely cute though. The theme video is terrible. As for the sequel itself also looks extremely cheesy and goofy. Either they just choosed bad scenes for the theme video or the whole thing is bad. As usual though, it seems as the theme video has once again spoiled too much. Judging from the theme video...

-Sonija is once again trying to catch the triad leader she failed to catch in the original amusingly enough
-Roger will be hit by a car AGAIN?! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?
-Siu Yee (the ghost) will be back! :) That'll be cute.
-Sonija and Roger are being hanged? What?!
-Derek will suffer a gun shot
-Macy and Him will be playing love interests

I'll watch the sequel, because I've been waiting so long for it. I'll watch the sequel because it can't possibly be worse than Burning Flame 3. I'll watch the sequel to see if it is as bad as it looks, or will turn out to be decent. I know that this will definitely not be as good as the original, but it may surprise me. TVB, please don't let me down.

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