Monday, December 19, 2011

1st TVB Interaction Awards

Introducing, the first ever TVB Interaction Awards!  The TVB Interaction Awards will take place after the TVB Anniversary Awards each year.  Your typical honors will be given out (Best Actor, Actress, etc) as well as "just for fun" awards (such as "Most Disappointing Series" and "Most Surprising Series").

TVB often awards people for their overall hard work in their career as opposed to the performance they were nominated for itself.  While I'm not against the system as it has awarded deserving people, but the TVB Interaction Awards will award solely on the merit of that specific performance from an actor and/or quality of a series.  These are TVB Interaction's/my own choices, and will usually be different from the winners of the Anniversary Awards.  If there is more than one deserving winner, one honorable mention will be chosen.

Best Actor: Ruco Chan for "The Other Truth"
Ruco finally got the chance to be first lead in "The Other Truth", which has garnered him critical acclaim and millions of new fans. For good reason too! He not only brings justice to the most well-written character of the year, but makes him come alive. He portrayed "Keith" with charisma and subtlety, coming off as natural and near flawless. He brought out all the character traits Keith was supposed to have, including his rebelliousness, righteous, intelligence, playfulness, wittiness, and more. Based on acting alone, Ruco Chan is definitely Best Actor of 2011.

Honorable Mention: Roger Kwok for "Wax and Wane"
Roger Kwok has given me many reasons to dislike him as an actor recently, from his boring character in "Threshold of a Persona" and exaggerated comedy roles. However, his performance in "Wax and Wane" not only redeems my impression of him, but also makes me a new fan. Roger's true specialty is definitely in drama. Roger brought out the tough exterior and soft interior of "Yee Chun" and was very charming. He portrayed everything well, including professional working side, his love for his mother, and his steady fall for Peace. His crying scene at his mother's grave had me misty eyed and his scenes with Kate Tsui made me smile sweetly. Roger gives his best and most charming performance in years, and it was a shame so many people couldn't recognize it.

Best Actress: Myolie Wu for "Ghetto Justice"
What can I say? Myolie could be professional, she could be witty, and she could be adorable. While the performance itself is solid, it's not necessarily Best Actress solid. However, there weren't any exceptional lead female performances this year.

Honorable Mention: N/A
Not many strong or memorable lead female performances this year.

Best Supporting Actor: Patrick Tang for "7 Days in Life"
Patrick pleasantly surprised audiences with his unexpected comedic talent and timing.  Both his character and performance were extremely endearing and fun to watch.  He never failed to make me laugh and smile.  I've always defended him as a decent but unfairly criticized actor, but the superb performance and comedic talent he showed here was beyond even my expectations.

Honorable Mention: Damien Lau for "The Rippling Blossom"
Although he played a significantly smaller role than usual, Damien also showed some amazing and surprising comedic talent and timing.  He was hilarious as the gruff and grumpy man.  He also had great chemistry with Myolie and Chilam.  The trio were so fun to watch together!  Despite that, he didn't even receive a nomination.  What an insult to the actor!

Best Supporting Actress: Nancy Wu for "Forensic Heroes III"
As "Eva Chow", Nancy was able to portray her most professional and different role yet, and she did a fantastic job.  She solidly portrayed the character's driven and overly competitive side as well as her more vulnerable side.  The video she filmed for Wayne and her tears after saying goodbye to her family were very realistic and misty eyed.

Honorable Mention: Elena Kong for "River of Wine"
Elena consistently delivers as a supporting actress.  I didn't watch "River of Wine", but was told she was the best part about it and that her emotional scenes were captivating.  I'm not surprised at all, as Elena is a wonderful and underrated actress.  Along with Nancy, I believe she will win Best Supporting Actress...someday.

My Favorite Male Character: Ruco Chan for "The Other Truth", "Lau Sze Kit/Keith"
The best grey character TVB scriptwriters has written in a while.  Keith is a righteous and unconventional lawyer who believes in justice, and comes as close to the steel lines as he can to achieve it.  He is also charming, sweet, intelligent, and rebellious.  I don't feel the need to iterate Keith's characterization any more.

Honorable Mention: Roger Kwok for "Wax and Wane", "Yung Yee Chun/Eugene"
The classic tough exterior and soft interior character, only done right.  Yee Chun comes off as serious and cold, but is actually very caring and sweet to the people he loves, particularly his family.  Watching him slowly fall for Peace was also the most rewarding and enjoyable part of "Wax and Wane".

My Favorite Female Character: Myolie Wu for "Ghetto Justice"
Professional, witty, and endearing.  With her unique haircut and suits, she was also very stylish!  

Honorable Mention: Kate Tsui for "Wax and Wane", "Man Ka Fu/Peace"
Although Kate's performance could've been a lot better, Peace was so sweet, caring, and likable.  She was the person who got Yee Chun to open up, and the little notes she wrote to him were very cute.

Most Improved Actor: Edwin Siu
Edwin showed huge improvements in "Forensic Heroes 3".  He was much more natural, cute, and lively.  However, it was his emotional and crying scenes in the finale blew me away.  How he didn't even get a nomination for Most Improved and Best Supporting is beyond me.

Honorable Mention: Jazz Lam
Jazz surprised everyone by portraying a lawyer in "Ghetto Justice" with a lot of heart and humor.  In terms of acting, out of the actual nominees this year, Jazz definitely should've won.  Despite his short height and kid like appearance, he's shown to us that he is a valuable supporting actor.

Most Improved Actress: Mandy Wong
The true most improved actress of the year, Mandy has the most talent and potential out of the new generation.  She did well in all of the roles she received this year, especially "Home Troopers" and what I've seen of "Lives of Omission".  I can't wait to see her in more major roles. 

Honorable Mention: N/A
Mandy Wong is my first and only choice for Most Improved Actress this year.  I've been supporting her to win for the last three years.

Best Drama: "Ghetto Justice"
"Ghetto Justice" had everything to make a fantastic and memorable series.  Great cast, script, characters and just the right mix of comedy and drama.  It became a hit due to its own merit, and not promotion and hype.

Now for the original/just for fun awards.  There are three categories, "Series", "Characterization", and "Chemistry"...

Most Underrated Drama: "Wax and Wane"
Started off weak but was enjoyable afterwards, if only for Roger and Kate.  While not amazing, people bashed it for being terrible without giving it a real chance.

Best Comedy: "7 Days in Life"
Original, creative, and genuinely funny and sweet.  Steven and Sonija's storyline was disappointing, but the rest of the cast was colorful and each brought something special.

Most Overrated Drama: "Lives of Omission"
Since I didn't watch all of it, I won't call it a bad series that didn't deserve its popularity.  However, there are other series that deserved "Lives" success as well.

Most Disappointing Drama: "Men With No Shadows"
Like many TVB series, "Men" had a lot of potential but it was unfulfilled.  The plot twist resulted in a cliched, overdone, and irritating storyline with unlikable characters.

Worst Drama: "Links to Temptation"
A draggy, sloppy, and cliched storyline where every single character was stupid and/or annoying.

Best Cast Ensemble: "Ghetto Justice"
The cast of "Ghetto Justice" seemed a bit odd at first, but ended up being the one that worked the best with the most chemistry together.

Best Overall Characterization: "Ghetto Justice"
Each character was written well and were very likable!

Worst Overall Characteriation: "Links to Temptation"
Once again, every last character was stupid and/or annoying.  Even the ones that started out likable became stupid.

Most Tragically Undeveloped Character: Ron Ng, "Forensic Heroes", "Wind"
Second male lead?  Yeah right.  With Wind's [lack of] characterization, Ron Ng was merely a background character and love interest for Kate.  At least Wind was more likable than Ron's character in "Wax and Wane".

Most Well-Written Character: Ruco Chan, "The Other Truth", "Keith"
A grey character done right.  Not a goody two shoes or unrealistically kind, not unreasonably evil.

Best Comedic Duo: Patrick Tang and Mimi Lo in "7 Days in Life"
Who would've thought that these two would've had chemistry?  Don't let their appearance incompatibility fool you, these two were adorable and hilarious together!

Most Surprising Chemistry: Roger Kwok and Kate Tsui in "Wax and Wane"
Roger and Kate had more chemistry than Ron and Kate in "Wax".  Again, who would've thought?  Their storyline was the highlight of the series.  The two were so sweet together, but sadly were never meant to be.

Cutest Couple: Chilam Cheung and Myolie Wu in "The Rippling Blossom"
Appearance wise and chemistry wise, these two were very cute and fun to watch together!

Best Chemistry (On and Off Screen): Ruco Chan and Tavia Yeung in "The Other Truth"
Ruco and Tavia had a lot of chemistry in "The Other Truth", but it is their off screen chemistry that makes them such a cute TVB couple.  The two get along so well and always make fun of each other.  Watch their Fan and Kam interview and you'll know what I mean!

Most Passionate and Groundbreaking Couple: Bosco Wong and Kate Tsui in "Lives of Omission"
Bosco and Kate had the most passionate and intense love scenes probably ever in a TVB series!

That wraps up the first TVB Interaction Awards!  Hope you enjoyed this post!  What are your favorites this year?


  1. you're a little too biased towards ruco. while he certainly did excellent, no mention towards Kevin cheng"s law ba?

    1. I'm sorry if I came off as too biased. This is my personal "awards" though, a chance to reward anyone I want, including the ones I think weren't properly recognized (Patrick, Damien, Roger, etc). By no means do I think Kevin did not deserve his win for Best Actor, but he's received many accolades for his role as "Law Ba" already. He's gotten all the success he deserves. :) I could've gone on and given commentary about who won and who should've, but didn't want to ramble or repeat myself, so I stuck to making this all about what I think. With the little series I watch these days, I can see why my winners lack variety.

  2. I agree with Chilam and Myolie being awarded the cutest couple award! If they weren't in The Rippling Blossom, I wouldn't have watched it at all. They just fit perfectly into the roles of 至赢 and 姜羌! :) I also find it super cute that they call each other 畸形 and 孖姜... Ah... It's too bad Michael and Tavia kind of spoilt the show with their sad past and all... But I guess the story would work better that way 

  3. I totally agree with you, En Ling (Sorry, there's no chinese characters on my laptop.) Chilam and Myolie really brighten up the series and TRB would be nothing without them. I even heard that they won Most Sparks Award (Or something like that) at the Starhub TVB Awards Ceremony. Both also won My Favourite Male/Female Character respectively. But what I want to know is this : Why did people say that the ending was terrible? I thought it was pretty good myself. It is far better and more romantic than those cliché TVB endings where they fast-forward 2 to 5 years and everyone has a great big reunion. And hey, surprise surprise! Everyone's married (or in a relationship) and (those who are married) has kids! Hooray! And like 2 seconds before it ends, everyone like yells, "Yay!" and throws something in the air (e.g. Their hands) Ugh. But whatever. No offence to people who like THAT kind of ending.

  4. ya... if on ly tvb would
    Do more drmas lyk tat but if all d dramas r lyk tat den de ripplin blossom wouldnt stnd out!

  5. Also, I didn't mind Myolie losing her memory, but all around the net, people were kicking up a big fuss over it. Sheesh.