Sunday, December 25, 2011

New Fan Fiction: "Finding Life's Sweetness" Forewords

This lovely poster was made by Lynne from TVB Horizon!
Synopsis: Three women, all want different things in life.  One wants perfection, one wants money, one just wants to live a happy life.  What happens when these three women’s lives intertwine?  This is the story of three young women’s journey in facing friendship, love, and the struggles of life itself.
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance
Ella Yeung - Tavia Yeung
Kristy Wong - Mandy Wong
Quinn Tong - Leila Tong
Ethan Chan - Ruco Chan
Simon Ng - Ron Ng
Vince Wong - Bosco Wong
Character Descriptions
Ella Yeung - Manager of Starry Marketing Agency.  She is a hardworking and for the most part, independent young woman who strives for control and perfection in her life.  Tired of taking care of herself her whole life, she has a soft side and secretly wishes for someone to look out for her.
Kristy Wong - Assistant manager of Starry Marketing Agency.  She is an ambitious, confidant, demanding, and slightly greedy individual feared by her subordinates.  She is blunt and sarcastic in her words and does not show much compassion.  
Quinn Tong - A quirky, independent, and free-spirited individual who has trouble keeping a job due to her outspokenness.  She finds a job as the O.A. at the marketing agency.  Her wish is to live a happy and carefree life.
Ethan Chan - A charming, slightly rebellious, and laid back businessman.  He can be a bit lazy and unconventional, but gets things done when they have to be.
Simon Ng - The son of Marcus Ng, the owner of Starry Marketing Agency.  He runs his own bar, Simon's Bar.  He is attractive, flirty, and playful, but can be caring and thoughtful as well.  He is the only one who isn't scared of Kristy, and finds himself bothering and challenging her at work.
Vince Wong - Real estate agent.  He is funny, sweet, a bit silly, and has been Quinn's best friend since high school.  Although a self-proclaimed ladies' man, he secretly loves Quinn and is very protective of her, often helping her out of trouble.

Comments: This is my second attempt at writing fan fiction, after having written my first [very rushed, very shoddy] fan fic "Deceiving Assumptions" for TVB Central.  Although I won't be using the actual script format, this may end up playing out like a screenplay for a drama.
Inspired by dramas revolving around women like "La Femme Desperado" and "Beauty Knows No Pain", I decided to put my own spin on this type of series with my own characters and cast.

Just a bit of extra information, but I wrote Tavia, Mandy, and Ruco's characters with them in mind.  Tavia is in desperate need of a meaty character, even if it's just on paper.  Kristy Wong is a character I'd love Mandy to play.  Quin, Ethan, Simon, and Vince were written first, and I picked the actors I thought would be perfect for the role.

I hope everyone will enjoy reading "Finding Life's Sweetness"!  Hopefully, my fiction writing skills will develop and improve, and fan fiction will become a new part of TVB Interaction!  Merry Christmas, everyone! :D

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