Sunday, December 18, 2011

"Aqua Heroes" Review

Tired of the conventional TVB series, I decided to watch something a little different. I just wanted to watch something fun and light. "Aqua Heroes" was the perfect treat. It is cute, funny, sweet, and relaxing to watch. Surprisingly, it wasn't lame of over the top. It is definitely a bit cheesy and silly, but in a good hearted instead of a cringe worthy way. Acceptable performances from a group of fresh faced youngsters, humor, and the swimming theme created a very enjoyable series that makes you recall those wonderful summer days of hanging out with good friends.

Cast Performances

Bobo Chan - Although she appeared rather clumsy and was unnatural, she was likable enough as the kind and good hearted "Busy".

Leila Tong - Being the only experienced actress in a cast full of newbies (except for Sheren and Ai Wai), Leila delivered the best performance of all the youngsters hands down. Her rebellious character would've been irritating and annoying if played by someone else. However, Leila makes "Rain" a lovable character that is competitive to a fault. It was not until the last few episodes when Rain's jealousy hit an all time high that even Leila couldn't save her from being annoying.

Edwin Siu - For his debut performance, Edwin didn't too bad. He has definitely improved heaps since though. However, the character's indecisiveness later on made me want to punch him in his cute little face. On a side note, his oversized sweater vests he always wore in the beginning were ugly and unfitting, considering the series took place in the summer. I was relieved when he started wearing casual clothes (ironically, after he got an office job).

Bosco Wong - A very strong debut performance! Bosco was hilarious though a bit exaggerated. Nevertheless, he was funny and lively.

Sheren Tang - Sheren looks so youthful and pretty here! Along with Ai Wai, she was funny and fun to watch. While I still don't know why she did it, it cracked me up whenever she put on her sunglasses infront of Ai Wai, even at night.

Ai Wai - A solid performance from a veteran actor who usually doesn't have much to do. He worked well with both the swim team and Sheren. They made a great comedic pair!

Stephy Tang was decent and likable but had very little to do. I was fond of Theresa Fu and her quirky character. From accidentally swallowing her hum, to getting afraid of ghosts, and her father and daughter-like relationship with Ai Wai, Theresa was cute and fun to watch. Matt Yeung and Lai Lok Yi did what they could with what they were given. Lai Lok Yi's doggie swim had me laughing so hard!

My only major complaint about the series was the swimming featured. All of it was ridiculous, impossible, or against the rules! You're not allowed to leave the surface of the water nor is it safe to do so. Also, whoever heard of swimming like a screwdriver? I also found it odd the girls always trained so hard for meets while the guys were usually just hanging around.

The theme song by Bobo and Edwin was catchy and their individual subthemes were very nice. I loved all three songs.

Overall, I highly enjoyed "Aqua Heroes". It was full of (good) fluff, smiles, and laughs. Edwin and Leila's characters became irritating near the end but that didn't stop it from being entertaining as a whole. If you're looking for something fun and don't mind a cast full of newbies and some silliness, I recommend "Aqua Heroes"!

Rating: 4 stars


  1. Haha reading your review make me really want to re-watch this drama :D Cute series.

    What other old series are you thinking of re-watching/watching next? Have you watch Shades of Truth? :D

  2. awww i remember this series, i recently rewatched it this past summer! it's such a cute lively drama :) heheh

  3. LynneD. - It really is a cute series. Hm, I'm not sure what old series to watch next. Any recommendations? Is Shades of Truth good? :)

    Rachel - Watching it made me wish it was summer again. :) Yes, a very cute and lively drama!

  4. Yes, definitely would recommend Shades of Truth :D
    One of my favs.

    Better Halves ft Maggie Cheung and Steven Ma was also a good series. They made such a great comedic pair :D Also The Bitter Bitten was an enjoyable watch :)

  5. Hi everyone, I'm from Vietnam. I've just watched this series and I really love it, love it very much. It's romantic, light, pure, funny. After finishing it, I wish it will never end. I love all the characters, you know, the nature of the characters is not important, but the important thing is that they played their roles very well. Some may think that they were awkward, but it's the very thing that makes the film natural and real, because they were about teenagers then, they could not behave as correctly as adults. The series touch my heart and make me respect and remind me of beautiful moments in life. My favourite