Friday, December 9, 2011

Message From Iris: Comeback and Thank You's

I've been trying to stage a comeback for TVB Interaction for nearly a year, but was never able to successfully do so.  There were a couple attempts here and there, but they were all quickly run into the ground after one or two posts.  Thanks to the TVB anniversary spirit, I was finally able to make a comeback and rekindle my interest in this blog last month.

I'd update regardless of how many people read it as long as I was still passionate about it.  However, I was worried that after being in hibernation and barely updating for months, I lost all or most of my readers.  To my complete surprise, my comeback outperformed my expectations.  While playing around with Blogger's new interface, I looked at my site statistics.  I was surprised to see that TVB Interaction received more page views in November than any other month in the last year.  It was more than double the number of views I usually get in a month!  Of course, that's probably mostly because of the anniversary awards, but I'm still pleased.  I'm also happy to see that my previously most loyal readers are still here and supporting me by regularly commenting.  Especially big thank you Chriselle, Queen_Owl, LynneD., Krystal, and Nancy for being TVB Interaction's top commenters and overall most loyal supporters!

This message is simply to officially announce my comeback to the TVB blogging world and thank everyone for continuously supporting this blog!  Also,  I will still be updating Beauty of Critique from time to time.  Hope everyone keeps supporting TVB Interaction!



  1. aw You're so sweet :) I think we should all thank you instead, for re-opening this great site and sharing your thoughts with us ;) Hehe keep it going!!! Won't forgive you if you disappear again xP

  2. LynneD. - Thank you Lynne! Haha, ok, I'll try my best to not disappear again. xD