Friday, December 9, 2011

TVB 44th Anniversary Awards: Red Carpet Fashion Critique

The red carpet is where you'll find the best and most noteworthy fashion.  This year, many different colors, styles, and designs once again graced the red carpet at this year's TVB Anniversary Awards...

Dressed to Impress: Myolie Wu and Kevin Cheng
It seems to be an unwritten rule that if you expect to win an award, you have to dress to stand out.  In other words, you have to dress to win!  Myolie's combed back hair and long black feathery dress made her look confident and distinct.  Kevin does not fail to get stares with this red ensemble.  A red suit is something nobody should wear, but Kevin manages to pull it off while looking sharp!  Of course, that doesn't mean he could've easily looked more handsome in something else.

Coordinated Couple: Fala Chen and Michael Tse
Fala and Michael matched very well in their mostly coordinated outfits.  It would've been more fitting for Michael to wear cream colored slacks instead though.  Fala's dress and hair was simple but pretty, much like her own fashion sense.  However, the fact that the dress wasn't full length made it seem less formal.  V-necks are sexy, but her v-neck was a bit too deep.

Daring and Sexy: Sharon Chan
Sharon looked absolutely gorgeous and stunning, particularly as she accepted her award.  She seems to become more beautiful as time goes by!  It's no surprise she once again decided to flaunt her best feature: her 43-inch legs.  Instead of a high leg lit, Sharon opted to be a little different and even more daring by wearing a dress with a very high hemline in the front with a long train in the back.  Once again, she successfully accessorizes simply yet smartly.  The necklace adds just the right touch and the heels are killer!

Unconventional (and a little odd): Kate Tsui and Bosco Wong
Bosco isn't always the best dressed, but you have to admit he definitely has the most unique fashion sense.  However, his ensemble looks unfitting for any occasion.  It looks like he's wearing a bathrobe!  The shoes/ridiculously tall boots were also too much.  Kate normally has an amazing sense of style, but something seems to happen during the grand TVB anniversary events.  Not a fan of the gelled back hair.  While the white cutting is a bit more different, Kate's dress manages to be both plain yet awkward.

The Prom Queen and the Bad Boy: Kenneth Ma and Linda Chung
It's reassuring to see that Linda isn't pulling anymore outrageous fashion stunts like at the anniversary awards two years ago.  Feminine and sweet is the style that works best for her. Her long dress with a glittery top is very pretty. She accessorized appropriately, simply, and elegantly with matching earrings.  It looks like something a prom queen would wear!  Her slightly curly hair put to one side is fitting too.  Meanwhile, Kenneth looks like the bad boy who would go with the prom queen.  He looked very handsome at the gala in his suit, and while Kenneth does something different here, it doesn't work for him.  The skinny leather pants do not flatter him!

Simplicity and Elegance: Moses Chan and Tavia Yeung
Tavia finally gets it right at this year's anniversary awards!  At the last few anniversary events, she either tried too hard or looked too plain.  Here, she has a elegant and unique dress to compliment her natural elegance and maturity.  She also finally decided to not do anything to extreme with her short hair too, by leaving it natural and to the side.  I was never fond of those blown out straight bangs!  The color and design of the dress looks so delicate and lovely.  As much as I hate Moses' current hairstyle and think it makes him look older than he is, he sported a simple suit that made him look handsome and clean cut.

The Swan and the Prince: Nancy Wu and Ruco Chan
The bottom of Nancy's dress makes her look like a swan!  She looks so graceful and poised.  The red lipstick offers a great contrast.  I'm not too fond of the top of her dress though, and for some reason they remind me of tassels.  Her hairstyle is interesting and fits with the feel of her ensemble.  Ruco looks handsome as always.  If you look closely, his suit is actually complete with sparkles.  The sparkles don't pop and distract too much but are unique, adding a special touch to his classic suit. 

Selena Li: Sexy and Sweet 
Raymond Wong: Dorky Yet Cute
Love Selena's whole ensemble!  The hair, necklace, and the dress.  She looks sexy but still retains her natural sweetness.  The leg slit allows her to be sexy without being too much.  The top is nicely detailed and the waist nicely cinched.  Really like the accents on it!  My only complaint is that the top looks slightly poofy/loose, which clashes with her thin figure and small shoulders.  Raymond Wong once again comes to the awards show looking dorky, but he always manages to look dorky yet cute.  I wonder if his bow tie was also made by his wife.  What he got wrong here though is his pants.  Is he just wearing dark jeans?  He seems to be a fan of the "dorky style", but it'd be nice to see him looking handsome in a classic black suit.

Aimee Chan: Neither Here Nor There
Ron Ng: Handsome in Black
Aimee's fashion choices are almost always misses.  She almost always manages to be too plain and/or awkward.  The overall design of the dress is unflattering and doesn't look grand or formal enough for the red carpet.  Ron looks handsome in his all black suit but it is a bit plain. Perhaps a tie would've been a nice touch, but it'd probably clash with the black shirt.

Glowing and Feminine: Natalie Tong
Natalie looks gorgeous and feminine in her soft pink strapless dress!  It gives off a princess feel which matches her youthfulness and innocence.  I like how she paired her necklace with a bracelet too.  Her make up and long flowing hair compliment her outfit.  She's practically glowing!  My one major problem though: her push up bra is way too obvious and unnecessary.

Trying Too Hard: Liza Wang
Dear Liza Jeh, we already know you're youthful appearance and spirit wise.  You do not need to try so hard to prove something you've already proven!  She seems to be in a competition with herself to be even more outrageous than the last.  She looks like a golden space alien in this gold colored get up and the leggings are a huge no no.

Overall, there were a lot of interesting and flattering fashions at this year's anniversary awards.  Of course, there were a lot of misses too.  For the females, Sharon is my vote for Best Dressed as well as Most Daring and Sexy, like I said in my caption for her.  My other favorites are Selena, Tavia, and Natalie. Overall, almost all the girls looked gorgeous! For the guys, I liked Ruco's softly glittering suit and Moses' simple suit most.

I hope you enjoyed this fashion post!  This is my first fashion post for a TVB event and it was fun to write.  What did you think of what everyone wore?  What is your choice for Best Dressed and Worst Dressed?


  1. Comparing your fashion posts to your series posts, i think you have much more impressive depths for the latter. Still, your fashion posts are fun too, so as your 'loyal supporter' i'm commenting on this too. ;D

    I don't see the award ceremony as a strictly grand / formal event, unlike the anniversary show. if u check out the anniversary fashion, i think u can see the difference. the award ceremony to me, seem to be more glamorous rock than formally grand. which is probably why some celebrities choose to be more avant-garde in their outfits / overall look.

    for the guys, if going by this 'glamorous rock' dress code, then i think people like moses and ron are boring boring boring. kevin dressed to stand out. bosco? what can i say? he's dressed not just to stand out, but more shock rocker more than glamorous rock. u know, kinda like the milder male lady gaga. kenneth ma put in a good effort. but my fav choice is Ruco. the black bow tie to fit the glamorous theme, yet, going sockless, for the fashion forward statement. I love how the Korean heart throb Lee Min-Ho rocking this sockless look.

    by the way, I can only make my choices based on those that you post here, because I have forgotten what most of them was dressed in already. u know my memory. sigh.

    for the girls, i'd go with selena, as i love the slight hint of the roman toga in her dress. but to fit the glamorous rock theme best, it has to be sharon chan. i'm just wondering, why did fala dressed the way she did? her dress was nude. her makeup & lipstick was nude. and her neck/ears/hands were nude, ie no jewelries. maybe that was her intended theme, nude. but i thought she was just too 'nude' that night for the event.

    Worst dressed female: who else but Liza Wang?
    Worst dressed male: you would think i'll choose Bosco, right? WRONG! haha. for a glamorous rock theme, he's far from worst dressed. i'd choose all the men who chose to wear boring that night, like moses etc. ;)

  2. queen_owl - Thanks for being such a loyal reader. ;) Yeah, it makes sense my series posts are more in-depth than my fashion posts. You can comment on many factors for a series post while fashion is more materialistic. Plus, I'm no fashion expert. Not aware of the latest trends and so on. :P

    Hm, you make a good point about the awards show and gala. I never looked at it that way.

    Ron actually wasn't that boring, if you go to look at a picture showing his whole body. Instead, just out of place. He once again folded up his pant legs and wore shoes that didn't match at all. Not fond of the style at all. :/ Didn't even notice Ruco was sockless! I was paying more attention to the sparkles, hehe.

    Fala has a tendency to be very simplistic. But this was extremely simplistic, even for her.

    I'd say another worst dressed was Cilla Lok. I can't remember where I saw the pic of her tho. Her dress was horrendous.

    Now that I look at it again, Moses is too simple/boring. :P