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'D.I.E. Again' Review

When first hearing news about a sequel D.I.E. last year, I was thrilled. I enjoyed the original and the sequel became one of my most anticipated series of 2009. A couple weeks before airing though, I started to doubt the sequel's quality. I was disappointed with the departure of Margie and Kenneth's characters and was turned off by the theme video. The theme video made me start to dread how it would turn out, because it looked extremely cheesy. After finishing though, I can say I was pleasantly surprised. As far as sequels go, D.I.E. Again is an above average one. I can't judge on whether or not I like the original or the sequel better though, because I hardly remember anything about the first one. I can say that D.I.E. Again is enjoyable and addicting though. While the series had many unrealistic and silly elements, it was still something you could sit back and smile while watching.

Cast Performances

Roger Kwok - After a disappointing performance/character from Roger Kwok in Threshold, it's great to see him back as the witty and intelligent guy. Roger has managed to make me his fan again with the sweet and amusing 'Chi-Long.'

Sonija Kwok - While Sonija has definitely improved, I felt as though this specific performance was below average. She was often stiff. Sonija speaks her lines nicely, but her body just seems to stay there. She stood like a piece of wood sometimes although she delivered her lines decently. I think Sonija is really pretty, but she didn't look very attractive here. I do have to give Sonija some credit though as she doesn't look all that bad for someone who is somewhat of a 'tomboy.'

Derek Kwok - What a shame that 2009 has Michael Tse's Laughing Gor so Derek's chances of winning 'Best Supporting Actor' are slim. While I liked 'Ching-Yee' in D.I.E., the sequel made me love him even more. Ching Yee is such a sweet and caring person, and Derek portrays him perfectly. I've always loved Derek. Whenever I think of him, I immediately think about all the facial expressions he makes. From heartbroken to creeped out, Derek can act out any emotion flawlessly. Also, despite the age difference, he makes the sweetest couple with Nancy. I liked Derek/Margie, but I think I like him with Nancy even more.

Nancy Wu - The not very flattering mushroom hair Nancy had to sport managed to not hurt her cuteness one bit. Nancy was adorable in the role of Pui Pui. The spirit and youthfulness of her character was enjoyable watching. She and Derek are the only couple of TVB that can pull off great chemistry despite an age gap.

Macy Chan - She's been catching every one's eyes ever since Forensic Heroes II. She caught my eye in her mature yet geeky role in Last One Standing. Macy once again catches our attention with D.I.E. Again. Macy was convincing and cute as Pat. Not to mention, she looks adorable with braids.

Him Law - I already felt potential in Him when I saw him in Your Class Or Mine with all his emotional scenes. He proves here though that he can be funny and hilarious as well. From his obsession with X-Files and anything supernatural to his suspicions of Law Sir, 'Jim Shu Bong/James Bond' is sure to make you laugh.

Zac Kao - Normally, I hate arrogant characters, but Ko Choi Sang was just too hilarious to hate. Zac portrays him perfectly, proving he's one talented comedic actor. I especially loved the scenes where he was taking people's statements and how he'd always start an argument with them.

Mimi Lo - She was hilarious and entertaining to watch as 'Beauty.' The facial expressions she made were priceless and made me laugh out loud, particularly the scene where she was watching Icy pole dance.

Stephen Huynh- How he always starts talking in French is rather amusing, especially when it starts driving Yue Sir nuts. Despite his influency in Cantonese, he gave a good performance. Pierre is the best character Stephen has been able to play so far.

Samuel Kwok - I warmed up to this hilarious boss with his cute interactions with Silly B and how he eventually started to care for the D.I.E. team. It was amusing to then look back at how he used to hate working with D.I.E. and thought that they brought him down.

Rain Lau - I always enjoy watching Rain since she's so hilarious to watch, not to mention cute. It was great to see 'SaYi' finally get a better job than working at the matchmaking company. What kind of job is that anyway?

Jessie Shum - Jessie certainly caught people's attention with her role 'Icy.' Cool at work, and yet wild outside, the name 'Icy' is definitely symbolic of her. I was surprised that Icy never eventually developed a crush on Chi Long. I hope to see more of Jessie soon.

Kitty Yuen - Most of us were tricked into thinking that So Bik was a reincarnated version of Siu Yee, but it turned out the two characters had no relation whatsoever. Whoever said that you don't realize how much you love something until they're gone was right. I never realized how much I had grown to love Siu Yee until the scene of her saying goodbye to Chi Long kept replaying. Siu Yee's intentions were all innocent and kind because they had all been done for her love for Long Long. Meanwhile, So Bik usually did things for herself or for money. I still enjoyed watching Kitty though, as I always do.

The Cases (For Info such as episodes and list of guest stars go to, Liling's site)

The Case of the Missing Corpse: A strong start to the series as this was one of the more unpredictable cases. The wig Stephen Wong wore look horrible however, but I see why he had to wear it. Stephen's appearance doesn't make him look 'bad boy' like his character is supposed to be.

The Case of the Cat Demon: While initially interesting, the case ended on an unexciting note. The murderer turned out to be a disappointment as well. The case can be remembered though since it was the case Him made his hilarious first appearance.

The Case of the Dream: Unrealistic, yet interesting. I really hope no one actually does that in real life though. It is true about not being able to recollect a dream after you woke up though.

The Case of the Threatening Letter: Probably my favorite case. Anything revolving around the entertainment circle is interesting, as well as how everyone views it. The reason for the murder was definitely a surprise. Griselda looked very pretty here by the way.

The Case of the Fruit Murders: This has got to be the most bizarre case ever. Do fruits really have the capability to kill when frozen? A durian maybe, considering it's so sharp, but a banana?

The Case of the Abusing Husband: This case wasn't the best, nor does it leave an impact. The reason for killing was reasonable though, and she was pitiable. Boy, would you hate to find out that your first love/good friend grows up to be a murderer though.

The Case of the Flying Ghost: All I have to say is....what a cruel and unusual way to kill someone.

The Case of the Multiple Personality Disorder Patient: Jose ended up becoming a character I pitied. It was funny when Siu Fung had asked which side of Jose would have to appear in court. It's too bad the mental state of Jose was so bad, because I actually thought he would've made a cute couple with Anastasia despite the age gap.

The Case of the Anti-social Dissociative Disorder Patient: A good way to end the series. Even with his mental disorder, some of the things Yan Heung Wah surprised me. He must've felt terrible after finding out he took revenge for the wrong person though. I'd like to see Eric in a good role though because he's a pretty good actor.


D.I.E. Again is a great sequel. It is probably the only sequel where it's new cast members (Macy, Him, Samuel, Zac, etc) steal the spotlight away from the leads. Without them, I wouldn't have enjoyed the sequel nearly as much. Approach with an open mind and realize it's in the supernatural drama, and you should have a good time watching the series.

Rating: 4 stars

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