Saturday, October 24, 2009

Randomness (1)

There have been many things I wanted to say about TVB that I felt didn't fit into any specific post. That's why I was inspired by MetalAZNWarrior's 'randomness' posts. Remember reading those? So here we go...

Beyond the Realm of Conscience and Born Rich are out!

Initially the wait for these two grand productions felt endless. Now that it's finally here, it feels like just yesterday when we first watched the sales presentation clips for the two series! I know that I'll get addicted to these two series. I also like to watch a lot in one sitting as opposed to an episode or two a night. That's why, I'm going to wait another week or two before I start to watch. That is...if I manage to wait that long.

During the time Beyond and Born Rich were filming, I felt myself anticipate Beyond more. I couldn't wait to watch Tavia portray a villain for the first time, and I loved the female cast. As to Born Rich, I was simply looking forward to it as it was a grand production with a great cast. In the couple weeks before the release though, I felt myself anticipating Born Rich more. I don't know why, I just did. Was it the intense looking trailers? Or the addictive theme song?

Almost Done With Watching The Stew of Life

Recently, the only series I've been watching properly is The Stew of Life. It's a mediocre series and something you'd watch to past the time. I found myself enjoying it though. The first episode is very boring, as it is too 'simple.' Eventually though, I started to chuckle. Cheung King Fai is hilarious with all of his amusing lines! Lee Sze Kei's character is very different from that of Hor Ma from Moonlight Resonance. She is much more 'loose' and sweet in this series, making her enjoyable to watch. I'm still not convinced of her versatility though. 30 episodes is too long for a series like this though. It started to drag towards the middle, and at that point, I was only interested in Fala and Timmy's storyline. Ah, Fala and Timmy! They seem like a random couple, but it turns out they have great chemistry! They make the cutest couple, and I loved the development of their relationship as it's different from the usual 'rival haters' plot. I love Fala more with each series I watch. She has great potential, and I'm so glad she's been given a lead role. Christine looks great in this series! While her character is another example of the 'HK material girl,' she is still fun to watch. However, I felt myself getting annoyed at her for her superficiality at times. Her plot with Ken Wong was boring too.

The Stew of Life is getting pushed down my playlist though. One, I haven't finished downloading it. Silly me. Two, like I said, it's getting draggy. I'll definitely finish it sometime though, because I hear Timmy proposes to Fala!

Fala's 'Bra' Scene

Lately, there's been a lot of discussion over Fala's 'bra' scene. Actually, it's more of a bunch of unreasonable angry viewers complaining again. As usual, I think they're overexaggerating something that's not a big deal. The 'bra' scene ties into the plot of Fala thinking Timmy is gay, meaning he wouldn't care if she changed in front of him. It is part of the plot, as well as part of generating laughter. It really isn't that big of a deal. If the viewers think so, then obviously they haven't been watching American primetime TV.

Ella Koon's Performance of 'Endless Love'

Lately, Ella's been gaining attention and praise for her amazing performance of 'Endless Love.' I couldn't be more happier for her. I've always thought she was a great singer with a beautiful voice. Unfortunately, her chance of getting majorly popular was blocked by all the rumors around her. Ella has everything it takes to be an entertainment queen: She's beautiful, she can act, and she can sing. All to a high degree too! She is a very beautiful model. Despite being a singer turned actress, she can act better than half of today's pageant winners. As for her voice, it's a great thing to listen to. She's had more than her fair share of rumors though. The TVB sexual harassment case that surrounded TVB a couple months ago also affected her. Quite frankly, I'm by her side on this. She had said everything she said not because she was a big mouth, but because she wanted to raise awareness. Also, she's had that incident where she was taken advantage of when a fan grabbed her and kissed her at an event. It's no surprise that she's sensitive and outspoken on the subject of sexual harassment. Best wishes to Ella and I hope she'll gain success!

Sammul Chan and Natalie Tong--The Next Cute Couple?

About a week ago, this picture surfaced on the web accompanied by a short article, and I am officially in love with it. The picture is from the filming of The Comeback Family. Initially, I wasn't looking forward to the series except to see Sammul again. (By the way, I miss him dearly!) Now, I can't wait to see it. Sammul will be paired with Natalie Tong in the series. They sound like another 'random' couple, and their outer appearances don't match that well. However, I get this 'sweet' feeling from them. Also, they seem to have a good friendship off screen. Natalie complains that Sammul always tries to prank her, such as one time where he didn't like her hair and go up to her and say 'your hair....' then run off in a flash. Aw, that sounds adorable! Speaking of which, Sammul looks adorable in that bunny suit! Can't wait to see their relationship!

So that's my first 'randomness' post. Haha, that was a fun way to get out all my thoughts! I'll probably use this method a lot in the future. :) Hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I did writing it!

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