Sunday, October 25, 2009

Banner #3: Featuring Macy Chan

The new banner is HERE! This time, featuring Macy Chan. I've always hated looking for pictures, it's so hard to look for the right one. Then comes picking the pictures that look good together. While searching around on Google Images though, I found some pretty pictures of Macy Chan. The backgrounds were just a simple white and gray, making them match well. Out of the four pictures, Macy is wearing two white outfits and two black outfits. I thought these four pictures of her were beautiful and would go together nicely.

Macy Chan is quickly becoming one of my favorite newcomers. She is a much better actress than the pageant participants. She proved to us she can take on a mature role in Last One Standing and a youthful role in D.I.E. Again. I hope to see more of Macy soon!

First blue, then pink, now a fresh and sunny yellow! I made the tabs yellow to match as well. Recently, I've started to really like the color yellow. It feels like such a happy and optimistic color.

You probably noticed that this banner is a lot smaller this time too. Haha, that wasn't intentional, it just turned out small. I decided against making it larger since I knew it'd affect the quality of the pictures. As it was, the pictures were already a small size.

I didn't spend too much time on this banner. I tend to get tired of looking at things, so I wanted a banner change. I did the banner completely on Picnik this time, and I think it looks nice. Nothing complicated, since I don't have the time to learn to use Photoshop. Maybe when winter vacation comes around?

I like the yellow of my banner and tabs. :)

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