Saturday, October 10, 2009

Bye Bye TJ

The two reasons I wanted to go to TJ were selfish reasons. One reason was that I wanted it to look good on my college application. The other reason was that I was trying to run away. TJ is a school of science, and a genuine interest in science and desire to pursue a career in the science field was absent from my list of why I wanted to go to TJ. That's why, I've decided not to apply for Thomas Jefferson School of Science and Technology.

Two Selfish Reasons

I always thought that going to TJ would make me noticed right away, and it would 'stand out' on my college application. Of course there are other ways to get noticed. I'd rather prove my own ability and talent now. It may be harder, but I'm willing to put in the extra effort.

'Running away' refers to my social personality. While I'm not an outcast or 'outsider' in school, I'm not the most social person ever. Unfortunately, I can be quite biased and close minded at times. Certain types of people get under my skin. I've always hated the stereotypical aspect of going to school. I hated those who didn't care about school or anything. One of my biggest pet peeves is someone who usually talk and gossip nonstop in class. Then, when they teacher asks them a question, they're all silent and confused. They shut up immediately, because they have no clue. My wish was that I could run away from the aggravation of that and go to a school where people actually cared. I realized though, that running away never helps. I'll never get anywhere in my life if I constantly try to run away. My best way of reassuring myself and keep myself from yelling at those types of people: I remind myself that in 10 years from now, if I keep putting my best effort into everything, I'll be a successful person. Meanwhile, the people who don't care now will be nowhere and stuck with some dead end job 10 years from now.

Little Interest in Science

Science is more important than anything in TJ. When reading the booklet, I was disappointed to see that English was so unimportant in compassion, and is integrated with Social Studies. While I'm ok with science, it's not my favorite. I honestly don't have that much interest in science itself. I still don't know what I wish to be when I grow up, but I do have a couple ideas. Going to TJ wouldn't really help me reach those aspirations because the jobs I wish to be do not have much to do with science.

I hope everybody knows where I'm coming from with this and think I made the right decision.

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