Thursday, October 22, 2009

TVB 42nd Anniversary Awards: My Choice, The Right Choice, and TVB's Choice

TVB's 42nd Anniversary is just around the corner, but the nominations list has yet to be released. 2009 has been a pretty weak year for TVB, with some highlights though. This post predicts who will win this year, and get into the top 5. After I watch the awards show, I will go back to reflect on whether I was wrong or right. I'll also express who I want to win as well as who deserves to win.

Best Series

Predicted Top 5: E.U., Rosy Business, You're Hired, Beyond the Realm of Conscience, and Born Rich.
What I Want to Win: You're Hired
While it doesn't have the best script, You're Hired is the most enjoyable and unique comedy of the year. It is my choice for best series. However, my vote may shift to either Beyond or Born Rich as I start to watch it in the next couple weeks.
What Should Win: You're Hired, Beyond, or Born Rich
You're Hired deserves to win, but Beyond and Born Rich deserve to win if it turns out that both series are as good as it was hyped up to be.
What Will Win: Beyond or Born Rich
So much promotion was given to these two grand productions, it's obvious TVB has faith in them. I have a gut feeling that Beyond will take home the award though.
Additional Comments: It's a battle between Beyond and Born Rich this year! :)

Best Actor

Predicted Top 5: Dayo Wong for You're Hired, Wayne Lai for Rosy Business, Gallen Lo for Born Rich (I'm coming up blank for the last two finalists though...I hope Moses and Kevin don't get into the top 5 for Beyond though.)
Who I Want to Win: Dayo Wong
Truly the comedy king, he brings Mak Tai Song to life. He portrays the many sides of the character flawlessly. Since he's not contracted to TVB though, he doesn't have a chance of winning. Hope he gets into the top 5 though!
Who Should Win: Wayne Lai
Wayne has been working hard for over 20 years, and finally recieved recognition last year by taking home the Best Supporting Actor award. I believe that no one else could've played the role of Chai Kau, a stubborn man who started from the bottom to the top so well.
Who Will Win: ???
While Wayne is finally getting some second looks from TVB, it is still a question on whether TVB will agree to give him the Best Actor Award. Gallen, while he will most likely get into the top 5, will not win. He's won three times already and he's no longer contracted to TVB, so his chances are slim. Plus, it's time for someone else to win.
Additional Comments: I'm pretty sure Roger is being for The Threshold of a Persona. I would much prefer that he was nominated for D.I.E. Again this year and nominated last year for his villain role in Last One Standing as opposed to D.I.E.

Best Actress

Predicted Top 5: Sheren Tang for Rosy Business, Tavia Yeung for Beyond, Charmaine Sheh for Beyond, Kenix Kwok for Born Rich (I've got no 5th choice...I have a feeling Jamie and Anita won't get into the top for some reason.)
Who I Want to Win: Without any hesitation, Sheren Tang for Best Actress! She is the Fourth Mistress inside and out with her amazing and realistic portrayal. She deserved this award many years ago!
Who Should Win: Sheren Tang! Reason above!
Who Will Win: Tavia Yeung for Beyond
Two years ago, TVB didn't give a second glance at Tavia. Since winning best supporting actress, she has been promoted a lot. They are even overdoing it at this point, as they're pushing her to be the next TV Queen with her villain role.
Additional Comments: As much as I love Tavia, I don't believe it's her time yet. It also feels ridiculous that Tavia would recieve the award before Sheren. I believe that she will win the Best Actress award eventually, just not one year after winning Best Supporting.

Best Supporting Actor

Predicted Top 5: Michael Tse in E.U., Derek Kwok in D.I.E. Again, Pierre Ngo in Rosy Business, N/A, N/A
Who I Want to Win: Derek Kwok in D.I.E. Again
I know I'll go nuts when I see that Derek doesn't win this award. He is more than just a supporting actor, he's amazing! He can portray any emotion and any expression. Cheung Ching Yee was such a sweet and cute character as well. Derek should've won long ago! What a joke he was nominated for Most Improved Actor last year!
Who Should Win: Derek Kwok in D.I.E. Again
Who Will Win: Michael Tse in E.U.
I still don't get the hype over Laughing Gor, but I have to admit Michael's performance in the series was superb. TVB is definitely standing by his side too since Laughing Gor was the first positive thing to happen to TVB in the horrid year of 2009.
Additional Comments: It's funny how just in February, everyone was already placing Michael in the Best Supporting section of the 'Who I Want to Win in This Year's Anniversary Awards' list in their heads. I'd still prefer much more for Derek to win.

Best Supporting Actress

This year has been a weak one for all the supporting actresses. There is no one in particular that I actually want to win. Instead, I just have a list of ladies I don't mind winning.
Predicted Top 5: Linda Chung in The Gem of Life, Elanne Kong in E.U., Nancy Wu in D.I.E. Again, Selena Li in Beyond, ---Insert possible supporting actress from Born Rich here---
Who I Don't Mind Winning: Natalie Tong in The Threshold of a Persona, Nancy Wu in D.I.E. Again, Selena Li in Beyond
Natalie's refreshing role as the smart and headstrong single mother On-Yee was one of the few merits of Threshold. She has improved immensly and I like her even more than before after watching. Nancy was adorable in D.I.E. Again and her chemistry with Derek was sweet, so I don't mind either of these two winning. It's too early to judge Selena's performance in Beyond, as we don't even know about her character yet. However, Selena is definitely becoming Best Supporting material.
Who Should Win: N/A
Who Will Win: N/A
Additional Comments: This award is definitely leaving me puzzled. I wonder who will win?

My Favorite Male Character

Predicted Top 5: Dayo Wong's Mak Tai Song in You're Hired, Michael Tse's Laughing Gor in E.U., Wayne Lai's Chai Kau in Rosy Business, Derek Kwok's Cheung Ching Yee in D.I.E. Again, ---Insert male character from Born Rich here---
Who I Want to Win:
Mak Tai Song
Such a witty, intelligent, and unique character!
Who Should Win:
Mak Tai Song
Who Will Win:
Laughing Gor
I don't believe there's an explaination needed. See above.
Additional Comments: If Michael doesn't win Best Supporting, which I find unlikely, he's almost guaranteed to win this award. Mak Tai Song please!

My Favorite Female Character

Predicted Top 5:
Charmaine Sheh's Lam Miu Miu/Lau Sam Ho in You're Hired/Beyond, Jessie Shum's Icy in D.I.E. Again, Sheren Tang's Fourth Mistress in Rosy Business, --Insert Beyond or Born Rich female character here--
Who I Want to Win: Charmaine Sheh's
Lam Miu Miu
Lam Miu Miu
is representative of the material girl. However, she is adorable and you will quickly grow to love her. You'll fall in love with her tough attitude and soft interior. She soon becomes a caring and intelligent person thanks to her lover Mak Tai Song.
Who Should Win: Charmaine Sheh's
Lam Miu Miu
Who Will Win: Charmaine Sheh's
Lau Sam Ho
TVB is most likely going to hand Charmaine this award for her character in Beyond. I feel that Lau Sam Ho is going to turn out to be an unreastically good character so while I'll probably enjoy watching her, I'm shying away from her being my favorite character. I don't mind her winning though.
Additional Comments: Charmaine vs. Charmaine? LOL! I couldn't help including Icy from D.I.E. Again feels so right! :)

Most Improved Actor

Predicted Top 5:
Patrick Tang, Him Law, Raymond Wong, Chan Chin Pang, Edwin Siu
Who I Want to Win: All five guys above have improved this year and I like them a lot. It's a hard decision. My vote would have to go to Raymond Wong. He did an amazing job in Sweetness in the Salt and was cute in A Great Way to Care. With A Great Way to Care being warehoused and Sweetness in the Salt doing only a mediocre job after being released from the warehouse though, Raymond has next to no chance of winning.
Who Should Win: Raymond Wong
Who Will Win: Patrick Tang
I don't mind Patrick winning if that's what decided. He has had improvements and different characters this year. However, I'd prefer for him to not win since I know that people will complain and hate Patrick even more. I can tell he's put in a lot of effort this year and doesn't need the hatred. Personally, I wish Patrick would just focus on his music career.
Additional Comments: I would love Chan Chin Pang to win as well as he's portrayed such different roles in one year. Then again, he just returned to TVB so they probably don't want him to win yet. Actually, Chin Pang is beyond 'Most Improved' and more like 'Best Supporting' being in the entertainment industry for over 10 years. Him Law is one of my favorite newcomers but since he only has one series under his belt this year, his chances of winning are slim as well. Oddly enough, this is one of the awards I'm most anxious to see the results of.

Most Improved Actress

Predicted Top 5: Selena Li, Aimee Chan, Mandy Cho, Natalie Tong, Toby Leung
Who I Want to Win: Selena Li
She deserved this award years ago. Selena has quickly become one of my favorites with her beauty and sweet image. She has portrayed various roles very well and has what it takes to be a future fa dan.
Who Should Win: Selena Li
Who Will Win: ???
Additional Comments: By the way, just because I've put people into my top 5 doesn't mean I like them or think they deserve to win. I think Aimee is a great newcommer with a lot of potential, she just needs to improve her fluency in Cantonese. While Mandy has supposedly improved, I hope she doesn't win. Natalie Tong should've won this award by now, I love watching her. The only reason Toby is here because I feel like she's nominated every single year despite having little improvement.

So that's TVB 42nd Anniversary Awards: My Choice, The Right Choice, and TVB's Choice. What are your predictions? Who do you want to win? Who do you think deserves to win? Are there anyone you think should win but I didn't include? Please feel free to comment or leave a message on the tagboard telling me your thoughts!


  1. My predictions for Best Supporting Actress: Susan Tse.

    Ngo Ka Nin also have a good shot at Most Improved Male artist, though I'd personally prefer Raymond Wong.

    I'd really wish for Dayo and Charmaine to win Fav Character for You're Hired, but chances are quite slim... sigh...

  2. Hi sehseh! Thanks for leaving a comment! You're the first person to do so in a long time. :)

    Oh, Susan didn't even cross my mind. Such a big female cast Beyond has that she slipped my mind. I just kept thinking about all the younger artistes.

    I forgot about Pierre Ngo being nominated for Most Improved. I actually think he's beyond that, he was a totally convincing villain in Rosy Business. Really hopes Raymond gets it...

    Me too! Hope Dayo and Charmaine win!

  3. thanks for this post Iris! i really enjoyed reading it (:

    having not watched the latest TVB series, my comments might be a bit limited to the shows i've seen, namely The Gem of Life, E.U., Rosy Business, The King of Snooker, Man in Charge, Sweetness in the Salt...

    however, i'd like to make my own predictions, or rather, my choices (:

    Best Series -- i think your list of Top 5 is very apt; from the reviews i've been reading and what i've watched, those series totally deserve to be there. i loved E.U. and Rosy; though i've not yet watched BR & BTROC. it's a very tough category, so i think i shall give it a miss since i've only watched 2/5 of the shows listed!

    Best Actor -- hands down Wayne Lai! he was brilliant!!
    Best Actress -- Sheren was great; it's definitely between her and Tavia this year though i think Sheren deserves it much much more (: she already missed it in 2004 for War and Beauty, so i'd really like her to get it this time round!!

    Best Supporting Actor & Actress -- i have close to no comments for these. Derek Kwok is great, if his performance in D.I.E. Again is like D.I.E., he'll totally deserve it; i agree with Sehseh for Susan Tse - she really gave me the creeps in Rosy (:

    no comment for Favourite Male & Female characters. i don't think i've watched enough series for the year.

    Most Improved Actor - i'm a big fan of Benjamin Yuen, though he doesn't have many series under his belt, so chances of him winning are zero. LOL :D maybe someone from Burning Flame III -- Matthew Ko; Stephen Wong?
    Most Improved Actress - i'm rooting for Natalie; she's convincing no matter what role she's given (:


  4. @krystal
    Wayne and Sheren for Best Actor and Actress! :D

    Derek is even better in D.I.E. Again than D.I.E., if that's even possible. :D

    Hm, yeah, Susan was awesome in Rosy Business! In that case, she's the right choice for Best Supporting Actress!

    I was actually thinking of putting Stephen in my predicted top 5. He lost out back in 2007 and his role in Burning Flame III, despite being the best in my opinion, was too small. So I think he won't be in the top 5, even if he's nominated...

    Thanks for leaving a comment! :)

  5. thanks for replying Iris!
    haha, ok, i'll be looking forward to Derek in D.I.E. Again, which i'm gonna start watching soon :)
    actually i just read that Stephen's role is pretty crucial in BF3, haven't seen it yet; it's on my to-watch-next list :)

    official list out on Nov 5th! looking forward to that!!! :)


  6. I wouldn't say it's crucial, he doesn't have that much screentime. His character is technically not needed, but good thing he was. He's most dynamic and likable character after he changes. :) it's a small role but he's one of my fav characters.

    Btw, you might want to think again about watching BF3 next? It's honestly a time waster and rather irritating to watch. Have you watched Threshold of a Persona? BF3's worse than that. But hey, just my opinion. XD

  7. i'm a pretty big fan of Stephen's, so i was really looking forward to him in BF3 :)

    oh? thanks for your opinion!! well... i've got a whole list of shows i'm gonna watch soon, like Threshold, BF3, D.I.E. Again, You're Hired, In the Chamber of Bliss, The Stew of Life.

    looks like i should watch it in the order of BF3 1st; then Threshold, D.I.E. Again then You're Hired, based on what i've read! save the best for last right!! :)
    i think i'll give A Bride for a Ride and A Great Way to Care a miss, 'cos they don't really appeal to me :) the reviews aren't good either.

    any advice on my "watching strategy"? :D
    i'm unsure where The Stew of Life and In the Chamber of Bliss should come. hehheehhh :D


  8. oh gosh, sorry for being impatient and commenting another comment even before you've seen and replied my previous one!

    i just thought of somemore stuff and wanna write it down quickly if not i might just forget! :D hope you don't mind!!!

    just thought of 3 more possible candidates for Best Supporting Actor -- Raymond Cho & David Chiang from Threshold; and Kenny Wong from The Gem of Life... but of course there's Michael Tse's Laughing-gor; and Derek, and Pierre Ngo from Rosy, so if we add these, it'll turn out to be quite a battle!!!

    Most Improved Actor - Joel Chan? i think he's a good actor; though his roles are usually those evil idiots~ LOL :D i think he'd make a better choice than Stephen or Matthew, and i'm totally not a fan of Raymond Wong's (no offence!!).

    on a side note, IF Wayne wins Best Actor; and Tavia Best Actress, it'll be rather amusing, 'cos last year, they won Best Supporting Actor and Actress respectively!! :)

    oh gosh, sorry, i look like i'm spamming!
    looking forward to your reply! :)


  9. Haha, that's ok! You're not spamming, I love comments, they make me smile. :) Oh, gosh! I have a fan! Or maybe someone who just likes to express their opinion on other people's pages...xD Of course, this will probably be a long comment since I have to reply to two long comments. :D

    Wow, that's a pretty long 'to watch' list you got there! How long does it take for you to watch a series usually? Are Beyond and Born Rich anywhere in that list? Wha, you haven't watched You're Hired yet? Hands down, the best series this year! Honestly, BF3 and Threshold aren't really series I'd spend time on if I had known they were so mediocre. HOWEVER, both series definitely have their merits.

    BF3 - Stephen's awesome character! BTW, if you do decide to watch it, note that Stephen's character isn't great from the start. He'll probably annoy you in the beginning cuz he's one of those characters that 'wake up' and turn awesome. His love line with Elaine is also really sweet but undeveloped. Oh! I loved the scenes were the firefighters like Sam Chan, Matthew, and Eddie were talking with each other, those were humorous. Lastly, the fire rescue scenes were very well done and intense. Unfortunately the bad outdos the good cuz Wong He's character is very irritating and the storyline feels like it goes nowhere. Hm..I've got so much to say for this series! Maybe I shall write a review for it later? :)

    Threshold - Natalie is amazing in this series! She's so natural and sweet and her character is very different from others. Patrick's character is likable. Chan Chin Pang's performance was the best! The character is immature though. The plot of the series though goes nowhere and it isn't exactly an 'action' series until the last 3 episodes.

    I was initally going to watch A Bride for a Ride for Sammul, but eventually I skipped it. I skimmed the first episode and it just felt too ridiculous. Surprisingly, A Great Way to Care is quite good! The psychology is interesting, and I actually think it's better than Threshold.

    Regarding the Anniversary Awards, yes, Raymond is a great choice for Best Supporting! He was so convincing as evil! But I'm still all for Derek to win! That award has his name on it!

    Really anticipating who'll be nominated and who'll win Most Improved Actor. Joel's actually not that bad, but I'll doubt he be nominated. I think he was in only two series this year, and it was a very minor role in EU and guest appearance in YH. Aw you don't like Raymond Wong? :( Haha, that's ok, we all have different opinions. I recall Matthew only has Man in Charge and BF3? Don't think those are series anyone cares about...How was Man in Charge anyway, and what did you think of his performance?

    Haha, it would be amusing if Wayne and Tavia won. But I'd still prefer Sheren to win, despite loving Tavia to death. :P

    Oh, and about your watching list, I'd say watch You're Hired first! Or maybe build up with a mediocre series up to a good one? I don't know, it's up to you. :)

  10. wow! so much to reply!! LOL :D

    yeaa, it is a super long list, 'cos in Singapore we actually only get the TVB series 1 year later on cable, and thats when they start selling them at super ex prices! it's also super ex to rent the latest ones! it just happened that my Mum's friend lent us all her discs, and i was in Malaysia recently, so i managed to stock up on a few more, since they sell the latest series there; so... (mann, what a long story LOL) i'm able to watch them! :)

    if i'm super free on the weekends, i can finish a 20ep series then; if not, it'll take a few days; but not more than a week if i have all the discs on hand :D
    i've not got the discs of Beyond or BR; and i don't think i'll be able to watch them anytime soon, considering what i've lined up already!

    oh yes please! it'll be great if you could write a review for BF3!! no action for Threshold? thats rather disappointing; i had high hopes that it'll be an engaging series!
    i think i'll be skipping A Bride for a Ride, even though Sammul is inside, and i'm a total fan! i also didn't wanna watch A Great Way to Care 'cos i'm not a fan of Alex Fong or Kate Tsui. and i browsed through a few eps, and it doesn't seem that engaging. nevertheless, i'll give it a try; since my Mum is gonna watch all the shows anyway :D

    i can't wait for Nov 5th! but i read that a portion of the list is out already - the 9 candidates for Best Actor and Best Actress! apparently there will be 15 candidates.

    Joel was in Sweetness in the Salt; but yeaa, his roles are nothing new anymore. Man in Charge was not worth the time; it was OK. if you haven't already, do watch The Greatness of a Hero -- that was a series i enjoyed thoroughly! :D Matthew was super stiff in Man in Charge; and believe it or not -- he was evil! super not convincing~~ hhahahahah :D

    same here. i'd really prefer Sheren to win; she totally deserves it; it's time for her to be recognised; although i'm also a big fan of Tavia :)

    haha, thanks for your suggestion! maybe i'll leave the best for last! i remember i was totally addicted to Sweetness, and the last few eps just lost their direction and spoilt the whole essence of the show; after that disappointment, i watched The King of Snooker, and it was pretty engaging :) then i stopped watching dramas for a while.
    later on, i watched some parts of Man in Charge; then thoroughly enjoyed The Greatness of a Hero; and that's the last TVB drama in Canto i've watched. think i'll really save the best for last; it makes it more satisfying that way! :D

    i think my comment is gonna be longer than yours! gosh, too much "grandmother stories" inside! XD


  11. That's why downloading is such a great thing. :D

    Wow, never more than a week?! I don't really know how long it takes me to finish a series anymore cuz I download the latest series which means I have to wait for the series to come out in HK. I hate waiting for the next ep, but I also hate waiting till the whole series is out. xD I usually watch another older series on the side of the latest series though. During the summer I finished so many series. I finished 'The White Flame' in like 4 days! Watch that one before? It takes me about a week if I have time, 2-3 weeks if I'm busy or going to school.

    Watching more than one series at a time can be confusing sometimes. I watched Threshold and A Great Way to Care at the same time, and at times I got confused cuz they had such a similar supporting cast! I dislike Alex and Kate too, which was why I didn't want to watch. My mom watched it though, so I watched it too. Surprisingly, they weren't all that bad. Their characters are likable enough, and Kate improved a bit. I loved her wardrobe in the series. xD I never watched the whole series though, I just watched with my mom sometimes. My mom didn't want me to watch cuz she said there were some very freaky/scary cases with blood. LOL.

    Big fan of Sammul right here, but I don't plan on watching Bride. Personally, I feel his talent is wasted on that silly series! Want him to get an interesting role in a well written series!

    Haha, ok, I'll write a BF3 review when I have time. Just for you. :)Yeah, I was looking forward to Threshold cuz at the time I hadn't seen an action series since EU. Turned out to be draggy and rather boring...Read my Threshold review yet? It's a ridiculously long review cuz it was my first and I ranted, but it contains all my praises and complaints for the series. Oh, wait, maybe don't read it! Or just skip my comments about Claire and Raymond's performance, cuz those two sections contain spoilers about the end. You can just ask for my opinion on their performance if you want. ^_^

    I really enjoyed Sweetness at first and thought it was refreshing. The focus on salt was actually pretty interesting, I never thought it was so valuable! But the last few episodes were draggy and disappointing. I stopped at episode 18, and haven't picked it up since. I was actually watching Your Class or Mine at the same time, and I ditched Sweetness to watch that instead. Your Class or Mine felt so light hearted and funny compared to the past 18 eps of endless drama. I ended up finishing that series in a couple days before even touching Sweetness again.

    Snooker wasn't all that bad, it just wasn't memorable. The snooker theme was pretty fun. The highlight of that series has to be Joyce! I think she looks prettiest in that series and her character/performance was awesome!

    Hm...just curious. Have you watched Catch Me Now yet? What do you think about that series? It's one of my favs. :)

  12. sorry for this late reply!

    nope, i've not seen "The White Flame" before... is it good?

    oh wow, that's amusing! but i do find the styles of Threshold and A Great Way to Care similar. LOL, bloody scenes? ok, i'll watch to see how bloody it can get; 'cos the Korean drama my Mum was watching, General Hospital 2 was extremely graphic and gory. LOL :D

    high5! i totally LOVE Sammul, and i'm really disappointed he doesn't film much TVB series. i'm going to start watching The Four soon when it is on TV, so i hope he doesn't disappoint there :)

    oh wow, thanks! that is super nice of you! :) looking forward to it! and i'll read your Threshold review real soon!

    yes, Sweetness in the Salt kept me glued for about 21 episodes. the last few episodes just didn't sync with the whole series anymore; i felt lost watching it and it was as if the whole plot just withered away - so anti-climax! that was so disappointing!!
    yes, i really really enjoyed Your Class or Mine! it was a refreshing concept and TVB writers did a very good job; including adding MK Sun in! i'm still very amused by that :D

    Joyce Tang was great in Snooker! i think she and Derek Kwok had the best roles in the series! i enjoyed that series! sometimes i think we need the light-hearted-ness to counter the extreme drama of shows like Sweetness and The Greatness of a Hero :) have you seen Greatness? Wayne Lai was awesome there!

    yup i have! when i first attempted to watch it, i actually found it draggy and boring, so i gave up after 6 episodes. but when it came to TV, my whole family was addicted - the whole series was so slick and very exciting :D Damien and Joe are a great team onscreen!

    btw, i read your twitter and understand you speak Teochew? that's really cool, and super coincidental 'cos i'm Teochew, although i'm not very fluent, i speak to my maternal grandparents in that dialect.

    i've been inspired by TVB dramas to learn Cantonese, and i can understand with English or Chinese subs. most of the time though, if the series is being aired on TV we can only hear the Mandarin-dubbed version 'cos in Singapore, everything on TV cannot be in dialect, so everything is dubbed in Mandarin. if we get the discs, we choose to listen to it in Cantonese - it's the best to hear the dialogue in its original language! :D

    another long comment!
    looking forward to your reply :)


  13. Haha, not a very late reply, it just wasn't in the same day that's all. That's ok, it's not a homework assignment turned in late. ^_^ I'm already very happy getting comments and talking with another TVB fan and blogger. :)

    The White Flame's a cute series. It's a lighthearted drama but it has that 'warm' feeling that older series have. There are many funny parts, and Kingdom Yuen's character is so enjoyable and sweet to watch. It's from 2001 though, so Charmaine and Sammul's acting isn't as good as it is now. I think it's the only series about nurses in training. You should give it a try. :D

    I recall there only being one bloody case and that's it. None of the other cases (that I've seen) are anything too bloody. TVB's never gory these days either. That case was guest starring Pierre Ngo who killed his twin. Speaking of which, A Great Way to Care has several popular guest stars like Natalie Tong, Oscar Leung, Raymond Cho, Stephen Wong, Pierre Ngo, and June Chan.

    Oh, I just remembered that Sweetness was humorous and witty at times too. The relationship between Ting-Hin and his father was touching, and his father was hilarious! Too bad it went downhill...Haha, I find it so creative and cute to add the character MK Sun in Your Class or Mine! I didn't really like Survivor's Law II (I thought the original was much better and memorable, I loved it!) but I loved MK Sun and his relationship with Lilly. Kenneth and Ella make the cutest couple, they're truly the highlight of the series!

    Joyce and Derek were the best! What a shame they didn't end up together. :( Yeah, I like watching a lighthearted series between every few dramas. However, I still think TVB went overboard with the lighthearted series this year. The only true 'drama' series were Rosy Business, Beyond, and Born Rich. I haven't watched Greatness, I didn't hear many good reviews. I heard about the death factor of the series too. Haha, we all know Wayne's a fantastic actor! I don't have to prove myself that by watching him act as a villain, I'm sure he nailed it!

    You are! That's awesome! I haven't run into any Teochew people in my life, except for my best friend's father and grandpa. I'm actually fluent, I can talk smoothly without an accent. It's just that while I speak fluently, my vocabulary isn't very broad. It's more of everyday phrases. :D

    I started watching TVB dramas to learn Cantonese cuz I found it a more fun way. ^_^ My whole familiy is Teochew, but almost my whole family can speak Cantonese from school or such. My mom and grandma actually learned from watching TVB and now they can understand and speak it fluently. :D To understand a series fully I need English subs though...haha if you find any downloading sites with Eng Sub give me the link!

    Hmm...I read on your blog that you have a gmail right? I prefer long messages than short/restricted tweets considering we have such a big time difference between us. How bout we email each other? My email that I created especially for my blog, questions, and comments is Hope you drop me a message! :)

  14. LOL :D yes, i'm very glad to talk exchange thoughts and comments with a TVB fan and blogger! :)

    now that you mention it, i've seen the wiki entry of The White Flame; i think i'll give it a try -- there's Sammul!! :D

    the guest stars in A Great Way Care make me want to give it a try! haha, i think i'll let my Mum watch it; then let's see if i get addicted! XD

    other than Kwok Fung being utterly hillarious as Ting-hin's father, i thought the other really cute character was Yiu Shao-ching; he was so funny, the screen lit up when he appeared! yes, it's so disappointing that it went downhill, if not it would've been a really great series~

    awww, you didn't like Survivor's Law II? i loved it the 1st time i watched it; when i watched it again, it wasn't as good; but i still enjoyed it! i like it better than Part I, which i also watched twice~

    haha, Derek was really quite cool in Snooker :) hmmm... i thought E.U. was really "drama" too :) death factor of Greatness? well i thought it was very good; you should give it a try... maybe while waiting for more eps of Beyond and BR to come out~ heheehhh :D i think it's a good costume drama to watch in anticipation of Beyond, 'cos they're both set in the Tang Dynasty~ Greatness was set in the early Tang Dynasty; Beyond is in the later Tang Dynasty :D

    wow, that's amazing! i'm not fluent at all~ end up adding Mandarin phrases and sometimes English terms that it gets super mixed up already~

    yes, learning Cantonese via TVB dramas is really quite fun :) i've also been addicted to CantoPop :) i'll keep an eye out for you, 'cos i usually stream the videos with English subs, and download the .flv files; then convert to .avi -- very tedious, but it's ok i guess~~

    ok, sure! i'll drop you an email if I can figure out what else to say... hehehehhh :D seem to have said everything i want here already~


  15. Let me know if you start watching The White Flame or A Great Way to Care then!

    I loved Yiu Shao Ching! He was so cute/funny! While the ending was bad, I thought the relationship with him and Halina Tam was sweet. ^_^ Actually, I love watching Ram Tseung. He's such a comedic actor. :)

    Derek was awesome in Snooker. :D Hm, yeah E.U. was also drama, but at the same time I also think of it as an action series. Speaking of which, E.U. is the only action series this year. :( Threshold I think started off being action-oriented with all the immigration missions.

    Hm, now that I think more about it Threshold definitely had a couple merits. Immigration was actually a refreshing theme (and quite informational too). Some of the missions were interesting, but they overdid it later making it boring. I think that's what happened with Always Ready? The missions were interesting at first but got boring and repetitive later? I don't know, I haven't watched that.

    Haha! That's what happens to me a lot, I mix in English words. That's what I meant by not knowing most of the language, just common terms. I'm just glad I can speak it with proper tongue (fluently). xD

    I'm addicted to Cantopop too! (Even though I can't understand at all. I understand some in dramas but songs make me go blank) Who do you like listening to? Some of my favorites include GEM and Kary Ng. :)

    About converting, I don't do that. What kind of converter do you use? When you convert, does the quality of the video stay the same or better? I used to stream videos a lot. Initally when I first started watching TVB I just watched from mysoju and video4asian cuz I wasn't really aware of what was the latest airing series yet.

    Haha, I'll be checking my email time and again then. Just a simple hello is ok, and we can see where to go from there. Besides, I think Cantopop might end up giving us a whole new topic to talk about. xD And who your favorite TVB artistes are too!