Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Drama Focus: The Drama Community!

Lately, the newest friend I've made in the TVB blogging community is qingling. You may know her from various old blogs such as qingling, the girl who reviews! After an exchange of emails, I learned that she has launched a new site: Drama Focus: The Drama Community.

Now, what's the purpose of this site? For everyone to write reviews of the dramas they watch! If you do not have your own blog or site, then you can submit reviews to the site's admin qingling and she'll let you know when she publishes it onto the site. In other words, you can be a guest reviewer. Of course, if you wish to submit reviews from your own site/blog, no problem! Just give qinglingl permission, and she'll publish it and link you back to give you proper credit. :)

Top 5 Reasons to Contribute to Drama Focus: The Drama Community

  • You don't need to have your own site or blog

  • It is a site dedicated to all types of Asian dramas: HK, SG, TW, KR, JP, and more

  • If you submit a review from your own site or blog, you may attract more readers to it. :)

  • It's a convenient, one stop place for all reviews

  • The admin is a very friendly, sweet, and nice person. :D

I hope you guys decide to submit your own reviews! To help my new friend qingling make her wish of making her site the one stop place for reviews, I will be submitting some of my own reviews. Make sure to look out for Iris from TVB Interaction on Drama Focus!

Visit Drama Focus --> http://blog.dramafocus.co.cc/

***UPDATE 11/6/09***

I'm so happy to hear that some of you guys are interested in submitting reviews to Drama Focus! I know you're also a bit confused about the submission process so let me clear it up:

You send your review in an email to the admin. You can email her at qing-ling@live.com. She will then proofread and notify you if she decides to put the review up. Hope that clears up anymore confusion and I'm looking forward to seeing everyone's reviews there!

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